Does Alexa Actually Fart?


Alexa, known for its artificial intelligence, can do all sorts of things but does Alexa actually fart? The thing is that when it comes to following voice commands, Alexa is perhaps the best product in the market, according to the users. However, Alexa can sometimes surprise its customers as well.

For instance, users have observed that Alexa can make several types of farting sounds.

So, yes, Alexa can fart, and the library of fart sounds isn’t small either, with 42 different kinds of farting sounds in the Big Fart skill. But the good news is that Alexa won’t make your life miserable in terms of smell every time it farts.

So, let’s take a look into why Alexa does this and how you can actually make it fart.

Enabling and playing Alexa’s farting sounds

It comes as a surprise to many users that Alexa is very talented when it comes to making fart sounds. There are long, silent, wet, muffled farts, etc.

The only thing one could assume is it is solely meant for entertainment purposes. If you have kids around the house or you want to entertain someone by making light-hearted jokes, this is how you can do it.

To activate the farting, just go to the Alexa app and enable the Big Fart skill. Then say, “Alexa, play big fart”. If you want a different type of fart, then name it, “Alexa, ask big fart for a wet fart”. Or, if you don’t want to say the command, you can just go to the Alexa app and tap the big fart button.

It might take a while or several attempts for Alexa to recognize your voice command, but it will do so eventually. At the same time, make sure that you do not leave it unsupervised in front of your kids. You never know when they could stumble on adult-themed content.

Getting Alexa to Fart with a timer

You can even ask Alexa to fart with a timer. This is a great way to surprise someone with a nasty fart sound. Just say, “Alexa set a fart time for 60 seconds” or specify any amount of time!

Just make sure that you do not overuse this skill, especially with the kids around.

Final thoughts on Alexa farting

So, there you have it. Alexa does make farting sounds, and you can command it to do so whenever you want. Plus, Alexa can make several other sounds as well, such as barking, meowing, etc. However, keep in mind that it is all just for occasional entertainment. You won’t want Alexa to play farting sounds if you are having meetings or have guests in the house because that would simply be embarrassing.

Immad Amir

Immad is a tech geek who loves the role of automation in his life. He believes that everyone should automate their roles in every part of their routine to spare some time for family and friends. Immad started HomeRook because he wants all the tech savvy individuals to automate their roles and focus on things that are significant in life.

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