Alexa Won’t Add Songs to My Playlist

Alexa Won’t Add Songs to My Playlist

Over the years, Alexa has become a permanent fixture in millions of homes. In fact, its popularity is still experiencing a rising trend as more and more users seem to shift towards voice assistants to play music.

Perhaps the best thing about Alexa is that it can play our favorite tunes and even search them from a host of popular streaming services without any hassle. However, some users have often complained that Alexa won’t add songs to their playlists.

You can fix this issue by going to the music settings and tapping “Refresh my music”. You can also try reinstalling the Amazon Music App. Lastly, if the song you’re trying to add is grayed out, then it is no longer available on Amazon Music and, therefore, cannot be added.

Let’s discuss some other related issues and methods to solve them!

What to do if Alexa can’t find music in the library

Alexa is designed to do wonders for its users. It is a simple tech that, in most cases, works perfectly fine for everyone. However, there are some times when Alexa can have trouble adding songs to playlists simply because it cannot find music in the user’s library.

So, the first thing you can do to solve the problem is to vocalize the name of your playlist/library. When you request Alexa to make a new playlist/library, you should mention the name of the playlist/library clearly. At the same time, you should also mention the name of the song you wish to play.

On occasion, Alexa may fail to recognize the song you want to be played, and in this case, it is suggested to name your library or playlist something definite.

Secondly, Alexa may also have a problem finding music in your library if the user has linked their Amazon account to a location that has nothing to do with them. This means that your music apps and Alexa should be linked to the same location.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty complicated problem to fix, and some users have even created a whole new account to solve the issue.

Why won’t Alexa play certain songs on Spotify?

If you are using Spotify to listen to your favorite songs, it might be that Alexa struggles to play them due to several different reasons.

To begin with, it might be that your Spotify account is not linked to Alexa. Secondly, your Spotify subscription might have expired, or Spotify itself might’ve removed the song due to some reason. Moreover, it could also be that you are using VPN to bypass certain regions.

Some songs are only available or made for particular regions. Therefore, using a VPN might prevent adding or listening to songs. Try disconnecting your VPN to see if the problem is fixed.

Final thoughts on Alexa not adding songs to a playlist

Adding songs to your playlist via Alexa can sometimes be frustrating. However, you can try the above-mentioned fixes to help solve the issue. If the problem persists, you may try creating a new account to see if it works out. I hope the solutions above work out for you!

Immad Amir

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