[2021 UPDATED] 5 Best Smart Doorbell for Apartments!


Everyone wants the best for their house, and we are sure that you do too. Whether it may be for additional security or convenience reasons, the idea of the best smart doorbell for apartments sounds far better than a traditional doorbell. You can have all the features that come with a smart doorbell, like watching and talking to the guests before even letting them in the house.

If you have your own home, a smart doorbell is easy to install, but it becomes a little more complicated if you’re living in a rental home or an apartment where you can’t install things like this due to property damage.

Well, you don’t have to miss out on these tremendous smart doorbells anymore because we have listed all smart doorbells best suited for apartments. These devices are compatible with your residence and ensure that you enjoy the intelligent experience which you deserve.

Ring Peephole Cam Smart Doorbell – Best for Apartments

“I feel relaxed even if I am away because this camera alerts me about everything that is going on in my apartment!”

– Home Rook

Ring Peephole is your best shot at a smart apartment doorbell because it is a damage-free smart appliance; it has a simple no-drill installation. At the same time, you can control your house with your smartphone; thus, your home security is in the palm of your hand.

You get instant alerts whenever someone is near your door, and you can even see videos from when you are not home. Not only is Ring Peephole the best security update doorbell, but also it is easily compatible with any kind of apartment you can imagine yourself living in.

So, stop contemplating it’s worth and invest in a smart and safe future. Hit the link and visit Amazon for more details about the product.

Security features and benefits of Ring Peephole

There are several reasons that we put Ring peephole on top of our list because it goes so well with apartments like steak goes with fries. Unlike most surveillance cameras, the Ring peephole is a supreme exception because of the 1080p HD capture quality that gives you clean pictures and videos of the people visiting your apartment thus enabling you to recognize them quickly. Nothing can escapes this eye!

You might hesitate because you live in an apartment, and you do not want to drill or install something that would require a lot of wiring, but we promise you, Ring peephole is nothing of that sort. You can install it in under 5 minutes without any drilling; it’s simpler than hanging a poster; thus, best for your rental place or apartment.

One of the reasons that the Ring peephole doorbell is one of the most reliable smart doorbells is its features, like connecting to your smart devices quickly and the compatibility it has with intelligent home networks like Alexa, Google home, etc.

A selling feature of this tremendous smart doorbell is the ‘advanced motion detection,’ which can alert you whenever someone is around your door, which is very convenient for your safety. Other than that, a Ring peephole is ideal for alerting you about your packages as well. Last but not least, with an additional ring protection plan, you can get recorded photos and videos of up to 60 days, even when you are not in the house. This smart doorbell for apartments is super convenient and amazingly secure!

No need to drill while installationYou need to pay addition fee for watching recorded videos
Two-audio noise cancellationA little buggy while capturing sound
Works great with Alexa and Google Home
Package and visitor alerts
1080p video capture quality

Ring Peephole Cam With Rechargeable Battery!

“Smallest camera but better quality than any other security cameras. If you want a hassle-free system, this is what you should go for!”

– Home Rook

Looking for something easy to install, doesn’t make any permanent modifications, and works better than any other smart doorbell? Well, you should look at Ring Peephole’s new edition. You can quickly hook it to your smart system and start enjoying a reliable and secure apartment today.

Features of Ring Peephole

Ring doorbell allows you to view the front of your house at all times in 1080p quality, and you can talk to your visitors or even use your smart home systems like Alexa to speak to it. It includes a unique ‘knock’ detection feature as well. You get all your alerts on your smart device, whether its regarding your packages or your visitors.

What is more convenient than the barely visible device which is always keeping track of your apartment’s front door? Moreover, you can even customize the motion-sensitive area for a more comfortable experience. In this pack, you can even charge the battery without removing the device. It gives you security at all times, even when setting.

Instant notifications whenever the camera detects movementSubscriptions for video recordings
Knock detection, and customizable motion sensing
Easily connect it with smart home hubs

Eufy Smart Doorbell with Easy Installation in Apartments

“No wires, no problems. Easy Wi-Fi set up under a minute, and I can fully customize it according to myself.”

– Home Rook

Is living in an apartment holding you back from trying one of the best smart doorbells out in the market? If so, try Eufy.

You would need absolutely no installation requiring wires and drilling—just your Wi-Fi connection, which will connect you to the Eufy system. You will feel an instant sense of security because of the 2K camera quality, which will be always guarding your front door while your customized plan will alert you about all your visitors.

Eufy is one of the cleanest doorbell systems in the market, so you need to try this out before dismissing the idea because of living in an apartment.

Features that will blow your mind!

Just as advertised, you get a 2K and WDR quality, which lightens the image so you can view your visitor even in the dark; all your videos are recorded and stored in this smart doorbell’s storage, which you can access at any time. Unlike other smart doorbell systems, you won’t need to pay extra for access to your videos or any other recordings as your safety is the primary concern of this smart appliance.

You can also wire it for a power supply if you don’t like batteries, but it is better for you, as a resident in an apartment, to lean towards a non-wire system.

Eufy understands the love for animals, and they might go in and out of the house; for this reason, it has a human detection system, so each time your dog hops out the doggy door, you aren’t alerted and alarmed. Besides these fantastic features, Eufy can be connected to a smart home system and is compatible with your smart devices. You can view your front door activity on these devices as well. It is a pretty sweet deal for a very affordable price.

2K video capture Viewing angle is different for wire and wireless mode
Double power supply, no power out delaysThe size is relatively larger than competing appliances
Customize motion detection
Easily compatible with smart home appliances
No subscription for recording
Package delivery and visitor alerts

Ring Video Doorbell 3 with Echo Show – Affordable and high-end for apartment owners!

“The best video quality I’ve ever seen in a smart doorbell, it doesn’t get better than this!”

– Home Rook

If you are familiar with Ring products, you know the update just specifies and gives you a more customizable experience; the ring echo show is the best upgrade you can have when it comes to smart doorbell cameras. You wouldn’t require any troubling installation, and you get a perfect camera, which is excellent even in the dark. You get every alert, and you can customize your sensitive motion area, isn’t that great? Head on over to Amazon to get your hands on the best security update right now!

What’s unique in Ring 3?

Ring Doorbell 3 is a breeze to install in your apartment. The set up takes less than five minutes, and once you hook it up to your Wi-Fi, you are good to go. You can even connect it to your smart home system and let it answer the door for you or let you know who is there at the door. The best thing about this great doorbell is the camera quality; you get 1080p quality live video, and even in the dark or at night, you can see whoever is at your door and easily talk to them.

Besides the exceptional camera quality, you also get 24/7 alerts of all the activity around your door. However, it requires your device to be in sync with your smart devices.

The previous models also had similar features, but they didn’t have the super-specific and customizable options like this one. Now you can choose which areas you want to keep under surveillance. The sites you select for sensitive motion sensing would be highly active, and you won’t need to view footage from the neighborhood or the road. It has a rechargeable battery, which is removable, but you can also hardwire it to your previous doorbell, whichever way suits your apartment’s situation. Again, Ring Doorbell offers you a protection plan under which you can view and download your videos through an additional subscription.

Effortless installation Monthly fee for the Ring protection plan
Dual power inputThere might be little delay in notifications
1080p camera recording with night vision
Easily configurable with smart home devices
Weather resistant
Two way audio recording with noise-cancellation

Arlo Essential Doorbell

“No sudden shutdowns, consistent performance with ideal video and audio quality.”

– Home Rook

Do you ever get worried about your security systems not being good enough? Is privacy a severe concern for you? If yes, then Arlo is the best smart doorbell for apartments out there to cater to your security concerns; not only will you get high-quality video monitoring of your doorstep. You will also feel extra secure because of a loud siren if someone tries to force themselves inside the house. You can always plan one step with Arlo; why not upgrade your security system with something smart and innovative? Head over to Amazon right now for your best safety system yet.

Features that caught my eye!

Arlo has one of the best camera quality out there. Along with the perfect 180-degree angle, you get to see your visitor from head to toe in ideal lighting, day or night, due to HD and HDR quality. You can hook it to your house in under half an hour. Just connect it with your old doorbell, and you are good to go. Then if you want, you can join it to your smart home system, whether it is Alexa or google home, or you can monitor your door with your smart device.

You will get constant notifications if you have visitors and you will be able to video call them from your phone as well. It also notifies you beforehand one the motion sensor detects movement, so you know who your visitors are before they get too close. Of course, you will get alerts about your packages as well. You don’t need any hub to connect Arlo, and it relates to the Wi-Fi, which saves excellent time and effort. Arlo has many security features, such as the siren whenever you have a forced entry, so you are always ready. Along with that, it is water-resistant and compatible with all weathers for efficient functioning.

HD and HDR video qualityMounting bracket is weak
180-degree camera for head-to-toe view Monthly subscription of protection plan
Siren for unwanted guests
Weather resistant

Best Smart Doorbell for Apartments Buyer’s Guide

Choosing for yourself the perfect or rather best smart doorbell for apartments can be very tough. It is challenging because there are many options to choose from; they are exceptional at specific attributes. Humans tend to have different needs regardless of the same object or other, making the earlier discussed variety both a good and bad thing. It is challenging to choose the perfect smart doorbell for you because of a lack of knowledge regarding the subject. It would be either that or complete disregard of it entirely.

Besides a shallow margin of learned people who are one step ahead of everyone, most people do not see the need to research every possible aspect of something infrequently used as a doorbell. Thus, when those same people want to upgrade or get themselves these up and coming products, they tend to be disillusioned by the final product as they either do not buy what they want or buy something that underwhelmed them. Thus, You need all the information to avoid any issues and concerns in the future. Besides not messing up, you would also be able to pick the doorbell you want based on your needs, You might even call it tailored to your exact tastes, but it is not custom made and would more or less match your ideal image the product.

Which one is better? Wired Video Doorbell or Wireless Video Doorbell

Like the not so far away cousin of a smart doorbell, also referred to as home security systems, you can find many intelligent doorbells in both wireless and wired configurations. What is the deciding factor for which one to buy boils down to your home’s layout as we as your current doorbell system? Other key features to note are what type of climate you live in and whether you want to do the job yourself or leave it to the professionals to install your video doorbell. All in all, it can be challenging for everyone who wants an upgrade to deal with all these routines. If you put effort into all of this work and decide intelligently, you will make your investment twice as profitable as before.

Both wired and wireless smart doorbells are excellent choices for any person, but each provides with them a different set of pros and cons. As discussed before, everyone has different tastes, and with that, other needs are directly affected by the way they live and the place they live. Although it may be tough to choose between both options as they both are very appealing, through this section, we will discuss what you are expecting from a smart doorbell system and then likewise, choose the ideal doorbell configuration for you. Not only will this help you in choosing, but it will allow you to make a worthwhile investment in the up and coming smart era without losing face.

What is a wired video doorbell?

Wired video doorbells usually run on the power supplied to them through the wires that connect the doorbell to your chime box. The majority of houses in almost any country will already have a wired doorbell system in place. You can utilize this wiring for replacing it with your preferred video/smart doorbell system. Installation would be relatively easy, but it will require a bit more effort to install a wired video doorbell than its latter alternative, the wireless video doorbell.

Why should you buy yourself a wired smart doorbell?

Unlike its alternative, with a wired smart doorbell, you would never need to replace the batteries. Another significant aspect of the wired smart doorbell is that it is more challenging to compromise due to its wired nature and thus makes the job of intruders much harder than it is for them to hack the system. With a smart doorbell, you would rest assured of any range limited restricting your comfort. Due courtesy of its wired nature, it allows it to be operable anywhere in the house without any disconnection or latency issue, provided you have a stable connection to match it up with your device.

Besides never having to care about the smart doorbell’s battery supply, you will also rest assured of its operation. The smart doorbell for apartment will only go dark if the whole house loses power, so unless you live in an area with volatile electricity, you will be glad to know your doorbell remains operational 24/7 without any issue. It is also due courtesy of its wired nature. Lastly, like previously discussed, the installation is relatively easy even for a new person to such things as most houses already have a wired doorbell system.

What is a wireless video doorbell?

As the name suggests, wireless video doorbells are indeed wireless. The one edge that wireless video doorbells seriously have over their wired counterparts is that you do not need to worry about either drilling holes or to connect a transformer, or connecting any electrical wiring to it. It has a neat and tidy installation system, unlike its alternative. However, such convenience also comes with a fair share of inconvenience. Like any electrical appliance void of a direct power connection, they need to utilize batteries to keep themselves running.

Now, with the right brand of batteries, you can make use of these doorbells for either two months or even two years. However, the thing about batteries is that they tend to work a little erratically when extreme temperatures are involved in the equation. No matter what brand of batteries you have, you would need to change your batteries almost regularly on a monthly or weekly basis if you live somewhere cold or very hot, so consider your living situation before investing in such convenience. A dead battery at the wrong time can spell a recipe for disaster if a critical problem like a robbery arises. However, the convenience of a wireless video doorbell is no short of its inconvenience. It has a very great synergy with renters as you can opt-out of both the additional fees of drilling holes in your wall and upsetting your landlord as with wired video doorbells.

Why should you buy yourself a wireless smart doorbell?

Unlike the many conveniences a wired doorbell provides, wireless doorbells have smaller yet more practical amenities for people in particular conditions. Due to its installation’s simplistic nature, referring to the no drilling, no wiring, no wired electrical input, it is effortless to install even for someone relatively new to the Do it Yourself scene. That makes wireless best smart doorbells for apartments an ideal choice for anyone who wants to install an intelligent doorbell.

Another significant aspect about wireless doorbells is that due to the fact you do not need to drill holes for installation, you relieve both yourself of any permanent damage as well as additional costs that come with drilling. It is handy if you live on someone else’s property on a rent basis and disapprove of long-term modeling such as drilling. It would save you from their wrath as well as keep your wallet loaded. Furthermore, due to its nature as a wireless doorbell, renters avoid the hassle of removing it from a rented place with relative ease when they are moving to another apartment. The unlimited features make the wireless smart doorbell system ideal for any person who drives a lot or is renters with quick-changing tastes or hauling jobs.

What resolution do you need, and do you want it to have night vision?

Now for all those who aren’t good with technology, the resolution is how clear you can see images or videos. The smart video doorbell would be how you can see the video stream on your linked device to the doorbell. While most people would be ok with a low-quality one, some, or like more than most people, tend to have eyesight problems, and choosing the perfect resolution for you is essential since that is like half of the doorbell’s job. If you have money to spend or fancy a transparent image over a blurry one to witness burglars in all their glory, get yourself a 1080p, which is the maximum resolution for video doorbells.

If you are like me and do fancy the right image but do not have the money for it, you can get a 480p, which is the lowest resolution for a video doorbell. Now, 480p is no 1080p. I will be the first to admit that it is also not bad as I made it up. It is more than enough for you to see someone who is standing against your door. Suffice to say, and the 480p is a great option as well if watching people walk far away from your house is not your hobby.

You should also consider seeing if the video cam of your choice has night vision. Night vision is basically what its name implies, and it allows the cam to see clearly in the night or dark environment. It can be instrumental as video tends to not act as well at night as it does in the day, and even a 1080p may show the faces a little blurrier than usual. It is also super helpful if you want to have eyes on your house both in the break of day or the night’s coming.

Does it include two-way communication?

Now, we have all seen those classy movies where the people talk to an outside person right through their home’s comfort. What if I tell you, you can do that in real life? This technique of communication is known as two-way communication. Some doorbell cameras have this feature, and this allows you, the homeowner, to communicate with someone on the other side of the door whether you are in your home or outside your home, provided you have a connection to the doorbell in question. To recognize a doorbell having this feature, you will find it to have a doorbell microphone through you the person at the door will speak.

Likewise, you can then respond to them through your handy handheld device through your respective doorbell application. However, some doorbells with integrations with Amazon Alexa or other smart home devices will have you first open your intelligent home application to allow communication. First, check if your doorbell of choice has two-way communication and check to see if it is in sync with smart home devices. This all being an optional choice if you the money to afford it.

What is the field of view of the camera, and does it have cloud storage?

Coming back to how you can see something, another aspect you should note is your camera’s field of view. The field of view defines how much you can from your respective camera. The best area of view that you can get is 180 degrees. It is usually more than enough for you to grasp what is on the screen. Not only that, but you would be able to cover a lot of ground with 180 degrees allowing you to both keep an eye over your doorstep and the rest of the immediate environment near it. It provides that little bit of extra security and keeps vigilance over your property.

Besides 180 degrees, you also choose 90 degrees available to you if you are looking for either a cheaper doorbell or do not see the need to keep an over the door’s surroundings. Unlike 180 degrees, which can cover both the door and the sides fully, a 90 degree would only cover the entrance, and  Besides the door, it would also cover, ever so slightly, the sides but not as much as the 180 does. So to top it off, if you want to not only record or keep an eye over both your front porch as well as the rest of its surroundings, get a cam with 180 fields of view. If not, or feel a little loose in your wallet, get yourself a 90-degree area of view cam. Both are an excellent choice and work well for anyone needing them.

Another aspect you should check out if you are buying a smart cam is that it has cloud storage available. Most smart video doorbells do come with cloud storage, and some are allowing the service to be free for some time, i.e., 30 days free. You will need to see if your smart doorbell of choice supports the feature in question. Furthermore, if you want to have additional cloud storage to review any footage beyond the limit you have access to, you would need to pay an additional fee to the monthly service you would have already applied to for the cloud in question.

How much does your ideal video doorbell cost?

Like any other purchase, getting yourself a product that does not strain your budget too much is essential to any person, be it rich or poor. Technology has certainly come a long way, and with modern science developing every day, the possibilities for features just grow and grow. However, if a product is too high quality or has a plethora of features, you can bet it will be equally expensive as well. Meanwhile, any product with a decent amount of features and decent quality will be less costly but too lackluster for the pleasure enthusiasts out there.

To help you find yourself the perfect smart doorbell for your apartment, you would need to realize why you are buying the doorbell in the first place. As discussed before, every other person has different needs and wants from a product. Suppose you live in a neighborhood where crime has recently soared and want to protect yourself and your property from uninvited guests or trespassers. Spending a little more money on the doorbell would benefit you a lot. You would need to see the people in question identify and possibly report them to the nearest authorities. However, if you are only looking for a doorbell to monitor your package drop-offs or respond to people at the door, a cheap video doorbell with a lower resolution may suit your palate. Remember, expensive is not always better. Get yourself the smart doorbell you need, not the one that is the most jacked up with features.

FAQ’s to help you buy better

Is there a chance that my smart doorbell can get stolen?

As the doorbell is outside, there is a chance someone can steal it, but most doorbells are manufactured in small peephole shapes to hide their presence.

Are there any cameras that don’t require a regular subscription?

Yes, of course, you can invest in ‘Eufy smart doorbell’ from our list, which has no extra payments or subscriptions.

Is my smart doorbell recording all day and night?

No, that would require a lot of camera storage and battery, so therefore, as of current, most smart doorbells record when someone is in motion sensing range.

Can I install a smart doorbell in my rental apartment?

Yes, you certainly can because most of the smart doorbells on our list are no wires, no drills when it comes to installation, so you can easily install them without permanent alteration to the property.

Final impressions regarding the best smart doorbell for apartments

We have gathered a few of our picks for the best smart doorbells for apartments. These are all catering to your residential situation, whether it be installation or motion-sensing or any other feature you want. You can decide what suits your apartment best and install it quickly for a more reliable and secure experience. Safety should always be a priority above everything, so make the right choice and upgrade with these tremendous smart doorbells.

Immad Amir

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