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To what extent can you make security arrangements to ensure the safety of your loved ones and yourself? The answer is always NOT ENOUGH!

Our world is in a digital age where everything is on our touch screen, and the control lies in our palms. So why should you stay old fashioned when the matter is something as serious as your security? The new smart locks and doorbell combo have revolutionized the market and the standard of security completely. You are now able to rest more peacefully, knowing that every small and suspicious movement is an alert away from your phone. You can efficiently control your security by handing it to the digitalized smart locks’ that cater to your needs. These intelligent locks are entirely different from your typical locks.

That’s why you must consider buying one of these for your home!

What’s new in the best smart lock and doorbell combo?

You can control them from the convenience of your phone and smart devices while keeping them secure with passwords. You will never face a mechanical issue with your lock ever again; these smart locks have recently started incorporating the functions of ‘doorbells’ as well.

Now in one compact form, you get the tasks and efficiencies of two. You can monitor who walks in and out of your house and allow them permission of entrance no matter you are in or out of the house with your phone. Other smart lock and doorbell systems also include a video feature as well for you to know and see who is outside your door.

Elegant lock and doorbell combos are there to ensure your security with the highest precision. We have gathered some of our best picks of smart locks and doorbell combos for you, which will inspire you to upgrade your home security system right away.

August Smart Lock Pro – Best Smart Lock & Doorbell Combo!

“So glad I don’t have to use my keys and worry about misplacing them anymore; my phone controls it all!”

– Home Rook

Safety is above everything, and that is what you get with August Smart Pro. Are you concerned about the security of your loved ones? Are you satisfied with your regular door lock? Do you want a smart upgrade? If yes, then look no further than August Home as it keeps your door locked with a holding force of 600 pounds.

Moreover, with August Home you are always aware of your door and notified repeatedly. With the various password methods, you can form a system of security that is impossible to break. You wouldn’t want to compromise on your safety now, would you? So, head on over to Amazon and upgrade to a much smarter and better security system today!

What benefit rich features does August Home provide?

August Smart Lock Pro is our best smart lock and doorbell combo because it allows you to have a better security experience and ensure utmost convenience. From the ease of installation to the functionality, there is nothing better than this security system.

Of course, if you are hesitant when you install this system, you can still use your keys to get inside and then out of the house, but ultimately, we promise you will ditch it for this smart lock system. You get everything you require for installation in your pack, and if you have a deadbolt that is not connected or joined with the knob, then the lock pro is easy to install. Unlike other lock and security systems, you don’t have to worry about it not fitting with your deadbolt’s shape. The adapter plate is a universal model that is compatible with most systems.

Smart Pro has much to offer, like the DoorSense feature; yes, this feature is essential for your security. How does this work? Easy, you install The DoorSense module that comes with the Smart Lock Pro, and then you’ll always stay updated in case your door is unlocked after someone has left it open. Just imagine how many horrible scenarios you can avoid with this security feature. Every time you leave the door open, you get notified on your smart device, and you can make sure to close it!

It is a system of the future; you no longer have to fight about who gets to open the door, press the open bottom on your door when you get notified that someone you know is on your doorstep, and Voila! With a click, the door opens itself. We understand that some people get intimidated by technology or are a bit technologically challenged, but no worries with the Smart Pro. It has a straightforward interface, with large cartoonish buttons of green and red like you usually get on your phone anyway. The best part about owning a Smart Pro is the listing feature.

With the listing feature, you can have two types of user settings, owners and guests. The owners can control the apps’ grounds, but the guests are only allowed the open and close door lock option. Now you would be wondering what type of settings do you get? Firstly, you can get alerts about who is at your door and if you should open or close. You can automatically lock and unlock the door based on the settings you prefer for yourself. Lastly, you can even play around with the DoorSense feature and see which location you like the best. If the automatic settings annoy you, you can also set timings on them; for instance, if you are out of your house for a couple of minutes and you need the door open, the door will be on away mode. It will remain available for you to come back when it detects your phone in the area.

How to Install the August Home Smart Pro?

The installation process is quite simple; all you have to do split your deadbolt and connect half to your door and half to your adapter plate and extend it. Then once you have physically fitted it, you’ll need to put in batteries and then download the app on your phone for it to work. We know you probably have so much work to do all day, but you don’t have to delay it till the weekend to install it as it just takes about 10-20 minutes of your time to start working fully. Isn’t that great?

Works with smart homesThere is no alarm on this smart lock. You get notified on your mobile
Easy to install
Guest option
No need too change the old lock
DoorSense feature

Yale Assure Lock SL With Doorbell

“Keyless entry and compatibility with my Alexa, this smart lock and doorbell combo turned my normal house into a smart house.”

– Home Rook

You might want to re-check your security options after seeing how efficient the Yale Assure Lock SL is in its functionality. Ever fear or get frustrated after getting locked out of the house? Do you fear not having batteries in your smart security system? Well, Yale Lock SL has the solution to all your problems. A keyless system that is not only compatible with your intelligent home systems but also has all back-ups in case you get locked out of your house, and your batteries run out.

You get extra back from the 9V battery connected to the terminals, which allow you to unlock your door in ’emergency’ locked out situations. If you need a completely reliable security system for your house, look no further and click on the Amazon link for the best security investment.

What features does the Yale Smart Lock provide? How is it beneficial for you!

When you look at the Yale keyless design, it might make you fear a possibility of you locking out of your house with no way to get inside, especially in the case of your system’s batteries running out. But Yale has conquered all these hurdles by offering a (V battery growth) connected to your bolt terminals. In any extreme emergencies, you can get inside the house. The keyless system is very convenient and hassle-free. Even the design of the Yale Lock SL is different than most lock systems. Manual hacking is impossible when you have a smart lock. You will love the design as much as you love the features. Yale SL is famous for the sleek design; unlike other lock systems, it doesn’t have a thick frame that looks fashionable.

You will enjoy the customized experience that this lock’s app has to offer. After setting up your lock, firstly, you’ll get a master pin code through which you can customize your settings at any time you want. The Yale Lock SL offers up to 25 passwords, meaning that you can form a list of people you want to allow inside your house. There are various settings; for instance, you can turn on the instant lock option, so in cases if you leave the house in a rush and forget to lock the door, it will lock itself.

It can close instantly after 30 seconds if you are one of those people in your home who gets the damned door duty all the time, this features will eliminate all of your worries about opening the door. Just push the option on your smart device, and your door automatically unlocks, as well as closes itself. Isn’t that the coolest feature ever? Additional features such as “do not disturb” stops the entry access to other verified users if you want to block the entrance.

How to Install it?

If you are a part of those people who get bothered by lengthy installation procedures and are thus hesitant to get anything new installed in your house, then Yale lock SL is what you need. All you should do is get your lock removed and mount your Yale Lock SL. If you’re wondering about installing accessories, then ponder no more because you will get three pairs of bolts to fit your security lock; you can choose the one that best suits your door. There is also a protective layer of the rubber gasket that protects the lock system from unlikely weather, such as rainwater.

Easy installationRelatively expensive than the options available in the market
Sleek modern designNo backup physical key
Keyless entry
Weather protection
Instant lock with do not disturb function
9V additional power supply

MAXFREE Fingerprint Electronic Door Lock

“I love the touchscreen, and I am excited for the fingerprint function, which works surprisingly accurate!”

– Home Rook

We are all human; sometimes, you can forget to lock the door. But it doesn’t mean that we can afford to compromise on our security, even for a small moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system to rely on when you forget to lock your door? Well, now you can, MAX FEE has features that allow you to be stress-free even if you leave the door open or unlocked because it closes by itself. Now you can focus on more tedious tasks instead of worrying about small details that can put your security in jeopardy. If that is something that you want, get yourself MAXFREE from amazon right now to have a secure future.

Stunning features that MAXFEE offers

Sometimes we want a technologically advanced system, but we fear it might not be best compatible with our less technical lives. However, if you tend to forget passwords or get confused, you can benefit from MAX FREE because you get a fingerprint system. Just record it when you first install it, and you are good to go. Then you can quickly accumulate and out of your house with a top security system making sure of your safety. The device is weatherproof because of the stainless steel material, so you can rest without worrying that your lock will blow up in the rain.

But that’s not all, and if you don’t like the fingerprint idea, you can still switch to codes or passwords, even make e-keys for your guests and friends so they can have access to enter your home without you bothering to open the door, especially if you are not home. The key to safety when it comes to MAX FEE is the built-in security chip, which makes sure to store all your codes and passwords; thus, it knows that only specific people are granted entry and informs you whenever someone accesses.

The system is entirely keyless, making it so much hassle-free imagine losing your keys and getting locked outside of your house. Keyholes are also so easy to manually manipulate or pick with no problem. However, with a keyless system like MAXFREE, you get four hassle-free keyless options such as fingerprint, password, key, or the MAXFREE app, where you need a touch screen button to open and close it. If you have MAXFREE, you can forget about ever closing the door, and it will close in about 10-90 seconds right after you; besides that, you will receive a back-up battery in case of battery runs out.

4 methods to load your doorThe fingerprint scanner can act buggy sometimes
Automatically locks the door after 90 seconds
Keyless entry
Weather protection
Easily configures with smart home
Mobile app for monitoring

Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave

“Yale has never let us down, and as a longtime customer, I can say they don’t plan to anytime soon either!”

– Home Rook

Yale has once again outdone itself with the Z-Wave Yale Assure Lock. Providing safety with style, this Smart Lock assures you, as mentioned in the name, to give you the maximum level of safety and comfort you need in your home space. Not only does it keep unwanted people out, but it also keeps dedicated intruders outside and makes their job way harder, and keeps you way safer than you would be with any other possible conventional means available.

Check the Yale Assure Lock on Amazon and buy one for your home today!

Mind-blowing features of Yale security

Its inner working technology is the top quality feature of the Yale assure lock. Yale allows you to unlock your door without keys by entering your code on the waves backlit keypad. It will enable you to lock the door behind you by pressing any button or allowing the auto to relock feature. Another significant aspect of Yale is that you can unlock or lock your door from anywhere by adding the lock to a compatible Z-Wave smart home or alarm system. It also includes the application, for example, Samsung, SmartThings, Ring Alarm, Wink, etc. Another amazing feature is that it can replace your existing deadbolt in mere minutes on standard doors, 1-3/4 inches to 3-1/4 inches thick with only a screwdriver. No additional holes are needed, and mounting hardware and batteries come in the package, making this very renter-friendly.

Another significant aspect about the Yale Assure Lock is that it comes with two physical keys bringing ease to clumsy customers. Furthermore, the Yale Assure Lock has excellent compatibility with Alexa through the use of a compatible hub. Some features may differ based on the Z-Wave controller. To further add to the Yale Assure Lock’s unique features, Yale gives the smart lock all its support, the World’s favorite lock brand since the early 18th century, coming with a lifetime limited on both finish and mechanical hardware. Getting locked out due to dead batteries is also not a worry since the lock comes with two physical keys. The key is for back-up and helps in emergencies. You will be alerted when the batteries are getting low, highlighting the ingenuity of the product.

The lock also includes a rubber gasket to protect your door’s finish. Furthermore, it also consists of a BHMA Grade 2 certified deadbolt that is fully motorized and very quiet, making it one clean, effective, and sturdy smart lock.

What’s the wait, hop over to Amazon and buy this best smart lock and doorbell combo today!

Easy integration with Google Home, Alexa, and HomekitThe automatic unlock function of this smart lock can be unreliable sometimes
Easy installation process that requires a screwdriver onlyHard to configure with android devices
Video tutorial for installation

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lock Doorbell Combo

“Managing my lifestyle has become a lot easier when I don’t have to worry about losing my keys constantly!”

– Home Rook

The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi is another exceptional smart door lock for this list, and it is no surprise why. It is a very great stylish door lock due to its Deadbolt nature and WiFi capability, allowing you security and convenience.

Enjoy all the smart lock features at a great affordable price. Get your hands on this masterpiece today!

What jaw-dropping features does the Schlage offers?

The Schlage Encode includes many exciting and groundbreaking features. Firstly, it has built-in Wi-Fi adapter, which allows you to either lock or unlocks the door from anywhere while connected to the Wi-Fi. The best part? It requires no additional accessories, and you can even pair it with the Schlage Home app or key by Amazon app. You can create and manage up to 100 access codes for both trusted friends and family for either recurring, temporary, or permanent access. Another significant aspect of the Schlage is its compatibility with Alexa. You can look at the status of your lock and lock or unlock your door through Alexa. Furthermore, Alexa will also inform you when the battery is running low, or you can set up smart reorders through the Amazon Dash Replenishment.  Thus, it automatically restocks the replacement batteries without running out of functionality.

To further add to the Schlage Encode’s unique aspects, it is also fingerprint resistant and has a capacitive touchscreen. The screen in question is easy one-touch locking, and optional voice control also gives you an option to operate the smart lock. The Schlage has built-in alarm technology and can sense potential security breaches at the lock. It is relatively easy to install, only requiring a screwdriver, and has guaranteed to fit any standard door.

Works great with Google Home, Alexa, and HomekitRelatively expensive than other smart locks available
Great touchscreen interface for easy usabilityNeeds a 2.4GHz or more connection to connect
Built-in Wi-Fi adapter for quick internet connectivity

Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock Doorbell Combo

“Kwikset gives me that extra boost of confidence when I realize that I am safe thanks to their amazing smart lock.”

– Home Rook

The Kwikset 99390-001 Halo WiFi Smart Lock is another unique smart lock featured on our list. Like many others on this list, The Kwikset has a Deadbolt system with WiFi capabilities, making it both fantastic in security and convenience. It can prove to be very useful for you. For more details, visit Amazon now!

Features that fascinate us!

The most outstanding aspect of the Kwikset is that it has WiFi-enabled technology. The Halo smart lock is a Wi-Fi-connected door lock that connects directly to your home WiFi network and smartphones. It allows you to create up to 250 unique user codes for friends, family, or guests, which you can disable or delete from the Kwikset App anytime. You can also receive notifications of your lock activity and view the lock event history via your smartphone through the Kwikset app’s assistance. It also includes SmartKey security, which protects you against advanced break-in techniques and allows you to re-key your lock yourself in seconds.

Furthermore, the Kwikset also includes voice assistant, which includes Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Lastly, it has a patented security feature for Kwikset touchscreen deadbolts, which prevent on-screen fingerprint that can be used to identify user code using random digits entered earlier.

Works well with Google Home, Alexa, and HomekitRelatively expensive
Doesn’t require a professional to installLimited third party connection options
Built-in Wi-Fi adapter for quick internet connectivity

Best Smart Lock and Doorbell Combo Buyer’s Guide

Buying yourself the perfect smart lock can be challenging. With the dawn of invention, we have always sought to improve what we already have. Many people like you and me are delighted with our usual mechanical locks. They are cheap, easy to buy, and very difficult to break due to their sturdiness. They have been the reliable choice for many people worldwide, not because they have any unique attributes but because they are so widely available and easily accessible. However, with invention comes the possibility of foul play, and some innovations have made it easier for a robber to pick a mechanical lock.

Compared to the earlier days, smart locks are intelligent and safe to counter such vile mechanics’ progression. Besides this, everything nowadays is being connected to the World Wide Web and for a good reason. It is safer and more comfortable to access than other conventional means.

Why anti-theft smart door locks are useful as an alternative

Intruders have a more challenging time opening smart locks. The new technology has features that make it invulnerable to conventional brute force tactics.

Techniques include the lock bumping tactic, which is a popular intrusion method. This method opens the door by aggressively pushing or bumping against the door with force to open it. They include bump poof mechanics such as built-in small and sturdy bars to make the lock almost bump proof through smart locks’ aid. It will give any brutes using brute force not only a hard time but a guaranteed lousy time.

Smart locks that act as a deadbolt are also a very wise investment. Deadbolt door locks are very renowned for being studier than conventional locks with latches and springs. They also tend to extend the doorframe protection with the extra heavy metal built in it. Not only that, but deadbolts often require a key to unlock them; on the other hand, opening other locks using either a doorknob or sliding latch is not that hard.

All in all, if you want to install both a latch lock as well as a deadbolt on one door, intruders may be able to bypass the latch a little more comfortably than the deadbolt that also safeguards the door. The door will not open as the deadbolt lock will require a key on the outside for the intruder to unlock the door!

What is better? Bluetooth or Z-Wave smart locks?

We discussed how Smart Locks are a good alternative from our tried and true conventional locks, but there are various smart locks in the market. What smart locks with doorbell combo should you prefer?

Mainly, there are two major competitors with both sides having great points to them. You, the buyer, would need to choose between either Bluetooth Smart locks or Z-Wave smart locks.

Bluetooth smarts locks are often the best choice for low-power wireless connection options. There is a significant disadvantage to it as well. Bluetooth technology only works at a specific distance, and long-distance is prone to cause disconnection or total out of range connection. So the smart door lock will only work at a short distance before disconnecting.

The reason is that this Bluetooth Achilles heel also applies to smart door locks that have Bluetooth enabled. However, some companies have created a workaround by implementing a convenient remote control in a mobile app for the smart locks in question.

On the other hand, Z-Wave connected smart locks have a little more to bring to the table in new and intelligent technology features. Z-Wave intelligent locks require a hub, which is more often than not included with the smart lock.

For installation, you would want to place the hub close to the smart door in question inside your home. is to allow sending of Z-wave’s low-power radio waves, which can connect to your home internet. After that, it will enable the hub to transmit and convert the radio waves.

The best advantage of a Z-wave over Bluetooth is that it is specially designed to connect smart home devices and has excellent compatibility with them. In short, for intelligent door locks, a Z-wave hub will give you the remote access required to double-check your door and control other features using your smartphone on the mobile application.

What kind of property damage should you anticipate when installing a smart lock? (In a house or rented apartment)

Easy installation is crucial for a smart lock. The reason is that some smarts locks tend to require professional installation, which property owners dislike as this involves drilling and removing the original lock. No owner would willingly let his occupant damage the house permanently, which is understandable.

However, if you are renting a home, choose a deadbolt smart door lock as it works with any pre-existing locks attached to the door. It completely solves the issue of damaging the entry in question and quarreling with your renter. They are mostly battery operated and can be connected to the Wi-Fi, only requiring the aid of one screwdriver for a clean, non-damaging installation or removal. You can find viable options in our list mentioned above.

If you are not an occupant of someone else’s house, you, the homeowner, have many smart door lock options to choose from when selecting. Your choices include any style that will work best for either your home or your door. Don’t worry because your installation options are not limited, provided you want to change stuff permanently in your house. The process includes but is not limited to removing existing locks and mounting new smart locks of your choice. However, if you are looking for easy to install locks without removing your current locks, consider yourself a smart lock conversion kit. The process allows you to transform traditional locks into a smart door lock.  It also allows you to trade the interior of your lock for the converter smart locks design and continue smart lock set up as usual.

FAQ’s for you to can buy better

How likely is it for my smart door to be hacked?

Anything related to technology can be hacked into if tried. Still, with a smart lock, you have many advantages; additional security that manual locks can never offer and the convenience of working with them from anywhere using a smart device. Many features make a smart lock worth it compared to a physical manual lock.

Does my smart lock need Wi-Fi?

Most smart locks require Wi-Fi because using the internet can connect to all your smart devices from which you operate the safety; there are other ways to monitor your lock like Bluetooth or Z-Wave.

Do I need constant power for my smart lock?

Not at all; your smart locks can go a lot of time running on batteries. Just like your phone, your smart lock has a battery, which is in most cases is chargeable, but nowadays, most smart locks have a back-up battery as well to counter any emergencies.

How much money should I expect to invest in smart locks?

It depends on the smart locks’ features and what brand you want to buy, but mostly smart locks are around the cost of $200 to $400. It is the average cost for the best smart lock and doorbell combo.

Is getting a smart lock with doorbell worth it?

Yes, you should get a smart lock because it has many advantages when you compare it to conventional locks. For instance, you can monitor your door from your smartphone or smart devices; other than that, it locks by itself if you forget to close your door behind you. You get additional security features like alerts and multiple notifications such as automatic open/close or camera settings. All in all, it is a worthwhile investment in my opinion.

Final thoughts on the best smart lock doorbell combo reviews!

To summarize, although conventional locks are by far a relic of the past. However, due to their ease of use, availability, and familiarity with the general population, times have indeed changed. Again, it would be better if you were not alarmed and forced to choose a smart lock; having one is much safer and convenient through modern technology.

It never hurts to be safe, and with the best smart lock doorbell combo, you will feel secure as it will help keep unwanted guests or intruders away from your home. The actual intention was to both guide you and give you our top picks for smart door locks. Hopefully, not only will you be better informed regarding the topic, but you will also be able to spend your hard-earned money on something you deem to be worth your time and money.

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