Can Burglars Disable Ring Doorbell?


Today, technology lets us use digitization and software applications in almost every aspect of our daily lives. From keeping track of our running progress using a watch on our wrists to watering our gardens with automated sprinklers, you name it! Similar to all the unique advancements out there, the Ring Doorbell by Amazon is noteworthy too. This doorbell gives you a modern way of protecting your home by keeping a check on who comes knocking on your door via an application on your Android, iOS, or Windows gadgets. This seems to have made things very convenient and easy for most people as access to the data collected by the Ring Doorbell is available on the Ring app no matter where you are.

However, as with every technological security system in the market, regardless of the product’s advanced nature, the chances and possibilities of it being disabled or hacked into by intruders still exist. So, it might be helpful to wonder whether burglars can disable your Ring Doorbell before you invest in the product, thinking that it prevents every security threat targeted at you. Keep reading to find out more about how this can happen and possible ways of avoiding this intrusion.

Can burglars disable Ring Doorbell?

Yes, burglars can disable your Ring Doorbell. It is not intruder-proof, and specific ways can be used by the burglar to disable your Ring Doorbell and hamper the device’s ability to record data and send it to you through its server.

It is essential to be mindful of this information before deciding to trust this device completely as your home’s sole security system.

How can burglars disable Ring Doorbell?

Burglars can disable your Ring Doorbell by simply using wireless jammers. The wireless jammer disables the Ring Doorbell by interrupting your WiFi signal. This interruption does not allow the device’s signals to reach the receivers (the servers of the app). Hence, the data recorded during this time of disruption is lost.

The problem here lies in the Ring Doorbell’s inability to store data as it does not have any local storage. Due to this lack of local storage, the device immediately sends data after recording to the Ring app’s servers. A WiFi signal usually has radio waves with frequencies of either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. If the burglar creates enough radio ‘noise’ on the mentioned frequency bands, the WiFi signal can successfully be interrupted. So when this signal is interrupted, the Ring Doorbell fails to send the video being captured to its servers, and you will fail to have any footage of the burglar responsible for this incident. This is one way to sneak past a Ring doorbell!

How can I prevent a burglar from disabling my Ring Doorbell?

The flaw of being easily susceptible to interruption makes the Ring Doorbell very unreliable. This is especially true if it is the only home security system you have installed to protect your home and monitor any activities inside or outside it.

There exist some ways that can help you in preventing a burglar from disabling your Ring Doorbell. You can:

  • Buy a non-wireless device. The Elite version of the Ring Doorbell uses power and the internet via an Ethernet connection, which basically means that this device would allow your home security system to be safe from any threats of wireless jamming.

Note: This device is expensive, probably twice or thrice more pricey than the WiFi-only Ring Doorbell. You might want to keep your budget in mind.

  • Get protected management frames for your router. Enabling an 802.11w frame would provide more robust protection from WiFi jammers that work with disassociation attacks.

Note: Jamming devices that are more expensive can still work, and burglars can still use these to disable your Ring Doorbell.

  • Get a monitoring tool for your network. These devices operate by alerting you if someone tries to, or is successful in, disabling your network signals.

Note: Jamming WiFis is an illegal act. If you have knowledge of an intruder, you can start an investigation to file a report with the relevant authorities who can take necessary action to deal with those at fault.

Can burglars hack Ring Doorbell?

Yes, burglars can hack into Ring Doorbell. This is possible because the data that is being transferred between the Ring application and its servers is not encrypted. Hence, the hacker can quickly gain access to your network, enter the devices associated with your Ring application, and gain access to your data.

By hacking into your Ring Doorbell, the hacker can look into the data captured and sent to the server’s clouds and steal the password to your WiFi connection. Many incidents have been reported regarding this security threat associated with the application. One such incident involved a hacker hacking into a home’s indoor security device, gaining access to the camera, and using its microphone to speak to an eight-year-old child.

How do you prevent a burglar from hacking Ring Doorbell?

Devices like Ring Doorbell can prove to be very useful in terms of security. However, they pose specific threats in case a hacker is successful in hacking into these. Prevention measures exist to help you protect your Ring Doorbell from being hacked. You should try to:

  • Use antivirus software and firewall to guard your network.
  • Put up a strong password on your WiFi connection and keep well-customized settings in place for your WiFi network (e.g., disabling SSID broadcasting and not sharing your WiFi publicly).
  • Put up unique and strong passwords on your security devices and enable two-factor authentication to build up an even more robust protection system.
  • Secure your network with a reliable VPN. This can hide your IP address and encrypt the data that is sent and received through it.
  • Keep your software updated on the device as well as the Ring application. Companies introduce updates with added security tools, which makes it crucial to install any updates as soon as possible.

Can Ring Doorbell be stolen?

Yes, your Ring Doorbell can be stolen if the thief manages to detach the device successfully without alerting any other alarming system in your house. However, the device would capture the thief’s video while they would be engaged in this act.

Many amateur intruders and burglars do not realize that devices like the Ring Doorbell come with cameras. Hence, they would most likely approach the device without the caution of being watched. The video captured could be used as evidence to investigate the theft and even help you get a replacement of the stolen device from Ring.

How do you keep a Ring Doorbell from being stolen?

Different ways can be used to help you keep your device from being stolen, depending on what is more feasible for your doorstep. You can:

  • Attach the device directly to your wall. Usually, the Ring Doorbell is attached to your doorframe or wall with some screws that can be broken away somewhat easily. Instead, you can use substances like cement, plaster, or stucco to attach the device directly and firmly to your wall. Detaching this would be time-consuming and challenging for the thief, which is something every thief wants to avoid.
  • Get a protective frame. Placing your device in some anti-theft protective casing is a good idea. You have the option of using metal-locking plates, grid boxes, or stainless steel boxes as well.

Just make sure that these frames do not block the vision of your doorbell’s camera.

  • Keep an extra camera in place. Having an extra pair of eyes can help you monitor the activities that take place in front of your house better and take any necessary action timely.
  • Keep track of your Ring notifications. Ensure that your notifications are turned on and that you keep checking the app from time to time. The app notifies you whenever its motion sensors detect any movement. Do not make the mistake of ignoring any of these notifications.
  • Use a sign. Sometimes, this can be the easiest and cheapest option that could do the trick to protect your Ring Doorbell against theft. Spotting a sign that reads “a camera is watching you”, or anything similar for that matter can make thieves cautious in your space. They then may decide to retreat due to fear of being caught on camera.

Is it worth getting a Ring Doorbell?

Yes, it could be said that the peace of mind and the sense of control you get with your ability to see what is going on outside your house is worth the money you pay for the device. The ease of doing all of this from your handy gadgets (your smartphone or laptop) makes the device a convenient option. Ring gives you several devices priced at different amounts that you can choose from according to your own budget.

Final thoughts on burglars disabling my Ring doorbell

If the question, ‘Can burglars disable Ring Doorbell?‘ often comes into your mind when you think about your current device or about the device you are planning to get, you might want to be mindful of the prevention techniques mentioned above. Be careful, cautious and do not rely entirely on the company to handle everything for you!

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