What Chime Is Compatible with The Arlo Video Doorbell? [Full Guide]

What Chime Is Compatible with The Arlo Video Doorbell [Full Guide]

The Arlo video doorbell is your personal security guard. It keeps an eye on your surroundings and alerts you about visitors. A plus point is that the Arlo video doorbell is also compatible with many chimes.

Arlo video doorbell is compatible with AC-powered (digital and mechanical) chimes that operate between 8 to 24 volts. It is not compatible with chimes that use a DC transformer and wireless door chimes.

But what if your chime isn’t compatible with Arlo? Or you don’t have one already installed? What should you do then? I have all the answers right here! Let’s get into the article.

Utilizing your existing doorbell’s chime

If you have recently purchased an Arlo video doorbell, you necessarily do not have to spend on a brand new chime. You can use the chime of your previous doorbell for the Arlo video doorbell.

The Arlo video doorbells are mostly compatible with all sorts of chimes. If you are struggling to locate your previous chime, you can effortlessly find it somewhere near the wall your previous doorbell was mounted upon. The compatibility requirements are mentioned below:

Wired chimes

Almost all sorts of wired chimes are compatible with the Arlo video doorbells. However, they must have the power within the range of 16-24V alternating current.

Battery plus wired chimes

Chimes that use a battery and wires both for their functioning are generally compatible with the Arlo video doorbells.

Battery-operated chimes

I am sorry to break it down for you, but, unfortunately, battery-operated chimes are incompatible with the Arlo video doorbells. They do not seem to operate with these bells. However, you do not need to worry as there are a couple of alternates you can choose from.

One crucial point that you must keep in your mind at all times is that using a chime with a higher than mentioned-above voltage will adversely affect the working of your Arlo video doorbell in the long run.

Constant high voltages tend to increase the temperature of the Arlo video doorbell, and this raised temperature hinders its proper functioning. Hence, you are advised to ensure the voltage is within the recommended limit.

Installing the Arlo video doorbell with an existing chime

Installing the Arlo video doorbell with an existing chime is a pretty simple task; anyone can do it conveniently without any trouble.

You need to have the Arlo app installed and open on your phone, plus you need a screwdriver for opening up the chime box.

Once you have gathered all the tools mentioned above, you can move to the steps below.

  1. Cut off the power to the bell area with the help of a breaker.
  2. Next, locate your existing chime box. You will find it near the wall your previous doorbell was placed on.
  3. Then, remove the cover present on the backside of the chime and connect the appropriate wires.
  4. Open up the Arlo app already installed on your smartphone to help you proceed.
  5. Position the power kit in the chime box and fasten the chime’s cover back.
  6. Lastly, turn the power back on.

Congratulations, by following the instructions above step by step, you have successfully managed to install an Arlo video doorbell with an existing chime!

Replacing an incompatible chime or installing a brand new chime

If you come across an issue of incompatibility of your chime to an Arlo video doorbell, or you do not have a chime at all, there are other solutions. You can either utilize an Arlo chime or get the electrician to help you out.

What is an Arlo chime?

The Arlo chime is a secondary product that you can use to replace an old chime or install a new chime in your home. One major benefit of using an Arlo chime is that you no longer need to fret about having compatibility issues with the Arlo video doorbell.

An Arlo chime will enable you to hear when someone is at your door instead of merely receiving an alert on your smartphone. This feature comes in handy, especially in a situation when you are present in your house but you are far away from any of the devices you usually receive alerts on.

There are currently two infamous Arlo chimes present in the market, which are readily available to the public. The Arlo chime and the Arlo chime 2 both are wireless chimes, but surprisingly both are compatible with a wireless and even a wired Arlo video doorbell. These serve the purpose of providing you with a smooth user experience. Moreover, if you have a multi-story residence, you can place more than one Arlo chime.

How to install and connect an Arlo chime?

Installing an Arlo chime or an Arlo chime 2 is a piece of cake; you can do it very easily. You will require an Arlo Smart Hub for your home and an Arlo app installed on your smartphone. It is mandatory to connect the chime to the Smart hub as the video doorbell in order to operate it properly. As soon as you open the Arlo mobile app, follow the instructions given below!

  1. Firstly, go into Settings and then select My Devices.
  2. Choose Arlo video doorbell.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Add Chime.
  4. The app will then give you further instructions to set up your Arlo chime.

Calling an electrician to resolve the issue

It is always a wise decision to call a professional regarding any issue. Likewise, you can always call a familiar electrician to come and install an incompatible chime if you do not want to spend on an Arlo chime.

The electrician will safely install an incompatible chime and ensure that it is securely wired to your Arlo video doorbell to operate your Arlo doorbell appropriately.

Concluding my thoughts on what chime is compatible with Arlo video doorbell!

The ingenious Arlo video doorbells have proved to be a worthwhile replacement for traditional doorbells. Although not every other chime is compatible with the Arlo video doorbell, you still have a wide range of options to choose from. You can even choose to invest in an additional Arlo product known as Arlo chime, which ensures great compatibility.

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