Is It Possible to Connect Amazon Echo Studio and Apple TV?

Is It Possible to Connect Amazon Echo Studio and Apple TV

When you buy products from different companies, usually, compatibility issues arise. Companies prefer designing devices that are compatible with like-brand products to increase sales. Keeping this in mind, you must be wondering whether Amazon’s Echo Studio and Apple TV can be connected together or not?

Yes! Echo Studio and Apple TV can easily be connected. You can either connect them using Bluetooth wirelessly or even connect them through a wire. Both options will yield more or less the same results.

If you haven’t set up your Echo Studio or Apple TV, then go through the sections below. If you’ve already done that, then skip ahead to connecting Echo Studio with Apple TV.

How to set up Amazon Echo Studio

It is quite easy to set up your Amazon Echo Studio. You just need to plugin your Echo Studio to a power source. Once you are done doing this now, it is time to turn your Echo Studio on. After a few minutes, the Echo Studio will respond with “Setup is complete”.

But what if Echo Studio does not respond? Then you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. First, you need to connect the Echo Studios to an AC power source.
  2. Now you need to go to the Setup mode of the speaker.
  3. Here, run the Alexa application.
  4. When you visit the Alexa Application, here you need to enter your Amazon Account ID and Password (if asked).
  5. If the prompt message shows that Add A New Device, then there’s no need to follow the steps below; just jump to step 12. But if you don’t see this message, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below.
  6. Visit the application home screen and click on the More menu item.
  7. Here, you will see an option of Add a New Device.
  8. Now, you need to select a device type—select Amazon Echo.
  9. Select the Echo Studio device item.
  10. Now press Yes.
  11. Here you need to select Echo Studio.
  12. Choose your desired Wi-Fi network you want to connect your Echo Studios with.
  13. Here you will be asked to enter your Wi-Fi password.
  14. Wait for a couple of minutes so that a connection is built between your Echo Studios and Wi-Fi network.
  15. Click on the Continue bar shown on the screen
  16. Select your desired room where you want to put your Echo Studios.
  17. Enter your street address where you will be placing your Echo Studios.
  18. Click on the Continue button.
  19. And then click on Done.
  20. Here, you can test your Echo Studios.

How to set up Apple TV 4K

Bought a new Apple TV 4K? Not able to set it up? Then here is a quick solution for this problem. Listed below are the steps that you can follow to set up your Apple TV 4K:

  1. Firstly, you need to connect your Apple TV 4K with the AC Power and then connect it with your TV through an HDMI port
  2. Then, choose your language and turn Siri ON.
  3. Now, you can set up the TV with an iOS device, or you can set it up manually if you don’t have an iOS device.
  4. Then, you have to sign in with your TV provider. In some countries, you might be able to sign in with your TV/cable provider onto your Apple TV to watch movies and show in your subscription plus the cable.
  5. Navigate to the settings. Here you need to turn on the One Home Screen so that you can keep the same home screen and applications available across all Apple TVs.
  6. Add a user to the Apple TV or choose the room where your Apple TV already is to automatically add it to your Home app or iOS device.
  7. Once the setup is complete, you will be able to see the Home screen. You can then watch your favorite TV shows, movies and download apps and games from the App Store!

How can you connect Echo Studio to Apple TV?

You can connect Echo Studio and Apple TV through two methods:

  1. Wired Connection 
  2. Bluetooth Connection 

Requirements for the connection

Listed below is the equipment you will need for building a connection between Apple TV and Echo Studio:

  • Apple TV 4K
  • Amazon Echo Studio
  • TV having an Optical or Digital Audio Out port
  • Optical cable Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK
  • Before setting up the connection, you need to make sure that you have gone through the setup process of both Apple TV and Echo Studio (detailed above)

Both of the methods are explained below step-by-step. Let’s dive into them!

Wired connection between Echo Studio and Apple TV via cable

Follow the steps below to create a wired connection between Echo Studio and Apple TV 4K:

  1. In your Apple TV, go to the settings under Audio and Video.
  2. Then, click on the Default Audio Option and check whether the default is set as TV speakers.
  3. After that, you need to connect the Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK cable with your Echo Studio and to the TV port saying Optical/Digital Audio Out.
  4. Then, find the audio settings in your TV to turn the TV’s speakers off. For this, you can consult your TV manual as it varies from brand to brand.
  5. Make sure that the Bluetooth of your TV is not connected to Echo Studio because that might disrupt the wired connection.

Wireless connection between Echo Studio and Apple TV via Bluetooth

Apple TV comes with Bluetooth compatibility that allows the TV to wirelessly connect to other devices. Moreover, Apple TV supports more than one Bluetooth connection at a time!

Here are the steps that will help you connect Apple TV with Echo Studio via Bluetooth:

  1. Go to the Apple TV settings and click on Remotes and Devices. Then, select Bluetooth.
  2. In your mobile device, open the Alexa application and go through the following steps to ensure that Echo Studio is in pairing mode.
    • Navigate to Devices
    • Choose All Devices
    • Locate the Echo Studio you want to pair and click on it
    • Choose the Bluetooth Devices and tap on Pair and New Device
  3. Once the Echo Studios is in the pairing mode, go to your Apple TV and select Echo Studio from the Bluetooth screen to connect the two devices wirelessly.

Important points to keep in mind

You might experience latency upon connecting your devices together. To solve this, Apple has a built-in setting that allows audio calibration from different audio sources. To do this, go to the Settings in your Apple TV, select Audio and Video, then follow the steps detailed in the Wireless Audio Sync option.

Once you’ve connected Echo Studio and Apple TV, you won’t be able to use Apple TV’s remote to adjust the volume. You would have to adjust the volume using the Echo Studio device, Alexa voice commands, or the Alexa app.

Wrapping up my thoughts on connecting Echo Studio to Apple TV!

Connecting Echo Studio and Apple TV is 100% possible and through two different methods! Choose the one that is easier for you and utilize both these amazing devices together. I hope I was able to answer all your questions and detail the steps for you thoroughly. Happy watching!

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