Can You Dim Philips Hue Without Dimmer Switch?


In the world of lighting systems, Philips is well-known for its products that are not only interesting but also smart. That said, Hue bulbs offered by Philips are not an exception. While most people believe that the bulbs can only be controlled using a dimmer switch, there is something more to that.

You can dim the Philips Hue bulbs without using a dimmer switch. For instance, you can use voice assistants, Hue Tap Switch, Hue Motion Sensor, or the Hue app to do so. However, the downside to it is that you won’t be able to use all the features that come with a Dimmer Switch.

So, let’s take a look into the options other than using the Dimmer Switch to adjust the brightness of Philips Hue lights.

Using the Hue App to dim Hue Bulbs

There are two different Hue apps that you can use to dim your Huge bulbs. The regular Hue app and the Hue Bluetooth app. You can use either of the two to dim the lights. Just slide across the brightness bar to increase or decrease the brightness.

Moreover, you can even set schedules and routines on your Hue app according to which the lights will be dimmed.

Keep in mind that for the Hue app to work, you’ll need a Hue Bridge. Moreover, if your smartphone is not nearby, you wouldn’t be able to dim the lights. Therefore, you will have to look for other options, such as using the Hue Tap Switch.

Using the Hue Tap Switch to dim Philips Hue Lights

Using the Hue Tap Switch is another great option for dimming the Philips Hue lights. The Tap Switch is a touch-operated, portable, and wireless item. Plus, it also has a feature that allows the user to control the brightness of the lights.

However, you will need the Hue Bridge to use the Tap Switch. The tab features four buttons that enable the user to create their own decorative flair within a few seconds. This means that while the Tap Switch does not resemble the Dimmer Switch but can function like one to switch lights between different scenes.

Simply wall-mount the Switch and use it whenever you want to adjust or configure the brightness.

Using Smart Voice Assistants to dim Hue Lights

In addition to using the Tap Switch, you can also use smart voice assistants to dim hue lights. For instance, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant with Bluetooth-enabled voice control to control the lights in a single room.

However, this feature is only available for the newer generation of Hue bulbs. Furthermore, you can add or set up up to 50 lights by adding the Hue bridge both inside and outside your home. Instead of using Wi-Fi, this feature utilizes the ZigBee protocol between your Hue Bridge and Hue lights.

On the other hand, you can also use voice commands. This is very convenient if you are busy carrying out some chores and are not within reach of the lights.

Using Hue Motion Sensor to dim the Hue Bulbs

The Hue Motion Sensor can also be used to dim Hue lights. However, you will need the Hue Bridge App just like the Hue Tap Switch to utilize the motion sensor operation. The best thing about using the Hue Motion Sensor is that it can be installed anywhere in your house and will turn on the lights as soon as motion is detected.

Moreover, you can also make certain configurations that will automatically turn the lights on and off. This will help you conserve energy and reduce monthly energy bills as well.

Final thoughts on dimming Philips Hue without a Dimmer Switch

Philips Hue lights can be used in a variety of ways. Plus, you get so many options to dim them other than a Dimmer Switch. Talk about flexibility! So, try any of the methods mentioned above and easily dim your Hue lights to your liking.

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