Does MyQ Work with Alexa?


A smart home isn’t complete without a garage door opener. The ease and the convenience it brings are something that every homeowner wishes to enjoy. Suppose you’re getting late for work or some other event. What could be better than climbing right into your car’s seat and driving off without worrying about opening or closing your garage door manually? Those few minutes that you save can go a long way, just like those extra few minutes of sleep that one cherishes on lazy mornings.

The amazing MyQ and Alexa

MyQ by Chamberlain is a garage opener that is very famous in the market nowadays, almost the go-to garage opener for many homeowners out there. However, just like other smart home devices and services, compatibility can be a concern with MyQ.  Many Alexa users tend to face this issue. They may find themselves asking “Does MyQ work with Alexa?”.

Let’s dive deeper into the compatibility issues between MyQ and Alexa and give you our explanation behind the entire system. Keep reading to get effective tips to make your MyQ skill work with Alexa if you are not ready to replace either of them in your smart home.

What does MyQ mean?

MyQ is a garage opener by the Chamberlain group. This garage opener lets you close, open, and monitor your gate or garage door via MyQ’s App or its website. Upon your command, a signal is sent from your smartphone to the technology’s hub, which then triggers the sensors in your garage door.

The MyQ technology also offers other services but is commonly known for its garage openers.

Does MyQ work with Alexa?

No, and yes.  A “no” because the MyQ garage opening skill does not work with Alexa directly. A “yes” because there are certain steps you can follow to make Alexa compatible with this technology. An IFTTT subscription can help you integrate your Alexa skill with MyQ to open and close your garage door using easy commands.

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Why doesn’t MyQ work with Alexa?

The exact reason behind this is unknown as Chamberlain has not yet given an official statement regarding the matter. However, we have made the following inferences about Chamberlain not granting Alexa access to its MyQ garage door opener skill:

Security concerns regarding Alexa

It is presumed that Chamberlain is not supportive of the idea of Alexa users being able to open a garage door as it seems to pose a threat to the homeowner’s security. Such compatibility may lead to intruders entering the owner’s home by simply shouting out a command from outside the house or a glass window. It could translate into legal action against the company as well.

Monetary concerns for Chamberlain

It is an assumption that due to monetary concerns related to profits for the company, Alexa and other companies have been denied direct compatibility with Chamberlain’s products.

How do I open my garage door with Alexa?

The simplest way to get your MyQ to work with Alexa is by using IFTTT (If this, then that). It is actually the simplest trick; you don’t need to be tech-savvy for this. IFTTT allows you to interlink different apps and devices you use, making them ‘talk to each other.’ This process might require some patient effort from your side, but after putting in some time, you will be good to go and use your MyQ with Alexa any time you want.

Here is what you will need in order to set up your MyQ with Alexa using IFTTT:

  • Your MyQ account details
  • Your Amazon account details
  • Your Alexa-enabled device
  • An IFTTT account
  • A premium subscription for MyQ

Before starting, it is important that you create your IFTTT account and subscribe to MyQ for IFTTT. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Log in to, or sign up for an IFTTT account via their application or website
  • Open another tab and log in to your MyQ account
  • Tap Authenticate
  • Tap Add Subscription
  • Select IFTTT
  • Choose your payment plan and enter your billing details to complete the order.
  • Then open your MyQ application and tap Account Linking
  • Tap IFTTT here

Once you have fulfilled all of the requirements mentioned above, you need to follow a two-step method to complete the task.

  1. The first one connects MyQ to Alexa using IFTTT; you will add Alexa as the IFTTT trigger to have your commands followed.
  2. The second one lets you set your own Alexa routine for MyQ; this is optional, but we suggest you opt for it for convenience.

STEP 1: Connect MyQ to Alexa

IFTTT uses applets to connect devices, which is exactly what we will be doing. You will create an applet and use it to connect your MyQ garage door opener with your voice assistant. Here’s what you need to do:

Creating the IFTTT applet:

  • Access your IFTTT page
  • On the top right-hand corner, you will see the Explore icon, tap it
  • Select Create

Adding Alexa as the trigger:

  • Tap on the + icon next to IF
  • Browse your Alexa service
  • Choose Say a Specific Phrase
  • Type in a phrase of your choice, such as “Close my garage door” (You will use this phrase to activate the IFTTT trigger for your garage door)

Adding MyQ as the ‘Then’ action:

  • Tap on the + icon next to THEN
  • Browse your MyQ device
  • Choose “Close the garage door”
  • Select the garage door you wish to control with Alexa
  • Tap on Create Action

Naming your IFTTT applet:

  • Give your applet any name you wish and finish off by saving

After the completion of these steps, you will be successful in closing your garage door with Alexa, using the following command that we set up according to the phrase used above:

“Alexa. Trigger, close my garage door.”

STEP 2: Creating a customized Alexa routine

The applet you have created requires you to mention the word “trigger” as part of your command. We will now set up an Alexa routine to avoid using this word to add a touch of convenience. Here’s what you need to do:

Creating the new Alexa routine:

  • Open your Alexa App
  • Tap on the menu icon on the top left corner of your App
  • Tap on Routines
  • Tap on the + icon on the top right corner of your screen to add a routine

Now you must create this routine with MyQ.

  • Name your new Alexa routine: After tapping on the + icon, pick a name for your routine. It could be anything. For example: “Close Garage Door”.
  • Add the ‘When this happens’ command for Alexa: For this, tap on the + icon next to “when this happens” to start creating the routine. Select Voice and type any customized command you wish to associate with the action. For example: “Close my garage door”.
  • Add the IFTTT action: For this, tap on the + icon next to “add action”. Choose IFTTT and select the applet you created in the first step. Save the changes.

After following both the steps explained above, you have connected your MyQ garage door opener to Alexa and also set up a customized Alexa routine. You’re good to go! You can now successfully close your MyQ-enabled garage door by saying:

“Alexa, close my garage door.”

What is MyQ compatible with?

Other apps that MyQ works with include but are not limited to Google Assistant, Siri, Apple Home Kits, and Amazon Key. Except for Amazon Key, all of these can open and close your garage door using voice commands.

Amazon Key lets delivery riders open your garage door and place your parcels inside in order to prevent theft lest they had left them at the doorstep.

Can Alexa open MyQ garage door?

No, Alexa cannot open your MyQ garage door.

Even after you’ve connected your MyQ to Alexa using the IFTTT applet, MyQ only allows you to open your garage door using a voice command via Alexa.

Here is another useful article on Alexa’s red ring of death!

What garage doors work with Alexa?

Other garage door controllers that work with Alexa include Nexxa Garage 100, Meross Smart Garage Door Opener, and Senclo Fi Mini. These are three top picks after Chamberlain’s MyQ. All three of these work directly with Alexa.

So if you are looking to avoid putting in the effort for MyQ and Alexa’s compatibility, investing in one of these instead of MyQ would be a good decision. 

Some security and safety considerations for MyQ voice control

Security concerns for MyQ

When discussing security concerns, it is worth noting that when closing or opening your garage door by voice using MyQ, you are not asked for a voice PIN. The absence of a security PIN has the potential of putting your security at risk if you set up a voice command for opening your garage door. Anyone could gain access to your home via your garage if they simply yell a voice command for opening the door.

Safety concerns for MyQ

Considering safety concerns here is also essential. When you close your door using voice, you may not be aware of what is under the door, such as a parcel or even a car. When you control your MyQ garage door’s operations using voice, you will receive visual or audible alerts in the form of blinking lights and an alarm for a few seconds. However, you should always make sure that the path of your door is clear.

Final thoughts on MyQ and Alexa

You can operate your MyQ garage door using Alexa by following the steps we have mentioned above. If you don’t mind having “Trigger” as part of your command, the process will be even quicker as it would only involve the first step.

You could also choose to stick to a phrase with this word to make it difficult for strangers to guess your simple command(s). An example of a simple, easy-to-guess command could be “Alexa, close garage door”. On the other hand, a more secure option could be “Alexa, trigger close garage door”. Of course, you have other customization options if you choose to move forward with the second step. It’s entirely on you. We’ve resolved the issue of MyQ and Alexa compatibility for you; the rest is up to you now!

Note: Keep in mind that you can only close your MyQ garage door using Alexa voice commands.

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