Using Echo Dot Without Alexa! All About Alexa & Echo Dot!

Using Echo Dot Without Alexa! All About Alexa & Echo Dot!

In the smart world that we live in, there are so many home accessories that we can enjoy, from speakers to security systems. Echo dot has definitely caught the eye of so many consumers like you who really enjoy managing their activities, making requests, and playing several games on it. The Echo Dot is compatible with Alexa, and both work great, like a symphony. But can Echo Dot be used without Alexa?

Can Echo dot be used without Alexa?

Yes! You can use echo dot without Alexa, but only as a Bluetooth speaker. If you want to use your echo dot to play games, make requests and manage activities, then you will need its partner Alexa.

Although, make sure to download the Alexa app in your phone or tab even if you don’t have or intend to use Alexa.

How to use Echo Dot without Alexa?

You can gain the full advantage of the Echo Dot with Alexa, but if you decide to go the other way, you can still use it as a Bluetooth speaker. First, make sure to download the Alexa app from Play Store or App Store. Now get ready to use it:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the device you are using.
  2. Go to the Alexa App
  3. Tap on Devices, then tap on Echo and Alexa
  4. Now, choose your device, which will be visible by now
  5. Tap on Pair a new device from Bluetooth devices

Echo Dot should be ready to use and enjoy.

How to use Echo Dot without Alexa App?

Gladly, you can set up your Echo Dot without the Alexa App as well. You do need to make sure that you connect your Echo Dot to your home network. Once you connect it to your home Wi-Fi, you can proceed with the other steps. An alternative to the app is setting up your Echo Dot with a Windows 10 device.

  1. Go to the relevant site, which is
  2. Now, log into your account or if you don’t have one, then click on the create a new account option.
  3. Once signed in, switch on your Echo Dot device. Wait for a little while until the ring light on your Echo Dot turns orange. Once it turns orange, your device will appear on the website you have logged into. The device gets attached to your Amazon account as soon as you purchase it, which is why it pops up on the website automatically.
  4. Now, press and hold the action button for approximately 5 seconds.
  5. On the website, click the Settings option.
  6. You should now have the option click to set up a new device.
  7. Once you have clicked on the option, it will now ask you to select the device type that you are using. The website will ask you to select what type of Echo device you are using specifically. Click on the Echo Dot option.
  8. Next, choose your home Wi-Fi and type in your password.
  9. Click on the connect option.
  10. After a little while, your Echo Dot will be done with its setup process.

How to use Echo Dot as an external speaker?

There are many devices by Amazon that work great as speakers, but the Echo Dot is the best speaker and performs amazingly. Alexa can power the Echo Dot, and that is what it is best known for, but you can also use Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker.

Listen and enjoy podcasts, music, and other types of audio by connecting Echo Dot to your smartphone or any other device with Bluetooth. Get amazing audio quality and use Apple Music and any famous podcast sites and apps.

To use your Echo Dot as an external speaker:

  1. Make sure your device is within range.
  2. Disconnect all other Bluetooth connections existing by using the command “Alexa Disconnect”.
  3. Set your device to the Bluetooth pairing mode.
  4. Do the same for your Echo Dot by saying “Alexa pair”, and this will be confirmed when it replies with “Searching”.
  5. Now, select Echo under the Bluetooth devices options on your device. Alexa will tell if the connection is successful.
  6. Once the connection is configured, you can connect the device whenever it is in range by using the commands “Alexa pair with Echo Dot” or “Alexa connect to Echo Dot”.

Can Amazon Echo Dot work without being connected to the charger?

No, the Echo Dot cannot work without being connected to a plug while using. If you don’t use it with power, you cannot give commands to Alexa. You also need to make sure that your device is near your Wi-Fi to make sure it is connected at all times.

Without power and a Wi-Fi connection, your device won’t be able to process any commands. Echo Dot will also lose its ability to communicate with Alexa. So without power, the Echo Dot loses touch with Amazon, and even its microphone turns off.

Can I use the Amazon Echo Dot without the big Echo?

You don’t necessarily need the big Echo in order to use the Echo Dot. Lucky for you, Echo Dot is a standalone device and can be used independently as an external speaker. So if that is your entire purpose, to use it as a speaker, then you don’t need the big Echo or Alexa.

Do you need a smartphone to use Amazon Echo Dot?

It’s not like you cannot use Amazon Echo Dot without a smartphone; it just makes it more convenient to set the device up. In order to enable the Echo Dot, you need to connect it to your home Wi-Fi, and that can be done using the Alexa’s website using your laptop.

The steps to do that are mentioned above.

Will Amazon Echo work without internet?

Sadly, no. There isn’t any option available to use Amazon Echo without any Wi-Fi connection. Such smart home devices need an internet connection to work to their fullest. Echo needs to be in constant contact with Amazon, and it can only do so with an internet connection.

Concluding my thoughts on using Echo Dot without Alexa!

Echo Dot is an independent invention by Amazon and doesn’t need Alexa to work as a speaker. Although, if you want to take advantage of all the other shenanigans it offers, such as requests, you need Alexa. To enable Echo Dot, you either need a smartphone, tab or even a laptop, depending on how you want to set it up.

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