Can Firestick Connect to Bluetooth Speakers?

Can Firestick Connect to Bluetooth Speakers

The Firestick is a revolutionary device that converts any TV into a smart one. You will discover many things as you make use of your Firestick. If you want to take your home theatre experience to a whole other level, you must be wondering, “Can my Firestick connect to Bluetooth speakers?”.

Yes! Firestick, with its new update, can connect to Bluetooth speakers easily.

This article will walk you through all the necessary steps you need to take to establish a connection between Firestick and Bluetooth speakers. Let’s dive in!

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my Firestick?

To connect Bluetooth speakers to your Firestick, you first need to understand how to turn on the Bluetooth feature in your Firestick. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Turn on your TV and connect the Firestick to the TV via an HDMI port. 
  2. ‌Next, go into Settings.  
  3. From the Settings, select Controller & Bluetooth Device.
  4. ‌Choose Other Bluetooth Device, then select Add Bluetooth Device. This will turn the Bluetooth ON, and your Firestick will begin searching for nearby devices.

How do you connect Firestick to Bluetooth speakers?

Now, after you’re done with turning on the Bluetooth on your Firestick, it’s time to connect the Firestick to your Bluetooth speakers. The steps for this are listed as follows:  

  1. Put the Bluetooth speakers in pairing mode

Note: Most of the speakers already have a separate button, specifically for Bluetooth connectivity. You either hold the button down for a while or just hit the button once, and it should be ready to pair with new devices. This varies from one speaker brand to another.

  1. Then, go back to the Add Bluetooth Device option on your Firestick and click on it.
  2. Select your Bluetooth speakers from the list of devices available for pairing in the Discovered Devices list.

Your Firestick and Bluetooth speakers should be connected now.

Can we connect multiple Bluetooth devices to Firestick?

Yes, you can. The Firestick is created to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at a single time, but you can’t stream audio to all of them simultaneously.

Concluding my thoughts on connecting Firestick with Bluetooth speakers!

Firestick is a versatile technology that is capable of connecting to many other devices through the amazing Bluetooth feature. All you need to do to make the connection is just follow simple steps as explained below, and you’re done. I hope this article guided you well. Now, enjoy your Firestick to the fullest!

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