Can Firestick Use Ethernet? We Tried And…

Can Firestick Use Ethernet We Tried And…

If you own an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you must be aware that it connects to the internet through Wi-Fi. This precise feature is what makes the product so unique and handy. However, a problem might arise if your Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough or fast enough. In such a case, your only other option is to use Ethernet, but the question arises: Can fire stick use Ethernet?

Yes, fire stick can use Ethernet despite the fact that it does not have an Ethernet port. You can just replace the micro-USB cable for power with an adapter with built-in Ethernet.

How to connect Firestick to Ethernet connection? 

Method 1: Through the Micro-USB cable

To connect the Fire Stick to the Ethernet, all you’ll need is an adapter that has Ethernet built-in. The single-step process is:

Step 1: Replace the micro-USB cable with an adapter with Ethernet built-in. This will enable you to use Ethernet on your Fire Stick.

Method 2: Using Chromecast wall adapter

There are other ways of connecting the fire stick to the Ethernet too. If you happen to have a Chromecast wall adapter, follow the steps below, and you’ll be good to go.

Step 1: Remove the Fire TV Stick’s OEM wall adapter.

Step 2: Replace it with a Chromecast wall adapter, and the job will be done.

Method 2: Common adapter with two connections

If you don’t have any of the two adapters mentioned above, you can even buy an inexpensive adapter that has two directions; one for the Ethernet and one for the fire stick. This kind of adapter will also get the problem solved for you.

Wrapping up my thoughts on connecting Firestick to Ethernet!

Though such situations can get very irritating, the solutions are luckily multiple and easily accessible. Fire Stick is super easy to use and adjustable according to your needs. If you follow any of the methods described above, your problem will surely get resolved!

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