Hiding Your Ethernet Cable: Here Are Some Clever Ways to Do So!

Hiding Your Ethernet Cable Here Are Some Clever Ways to Do So!

An Ethernet cable is heaven sent! It accelerates your internet speed instantly. The only downside of the Ethernet connection is that its cable looks extremely off-putting to the viewers.

Cables, no matter where they are and what they belong to, can make a pretty area look extremely disordered. If you have Ethernet cables spread across your house, there are a few ways to hide them. Read on to find ways of hiding your Ethernet cable!

1. Baseboard mold – D-Line Quarter Round Cable Raceway

If you are looking for something that would organize your Ethernet cable while keeping it safe, you need to get your hands on a baseboard mold. It is a kind of board that stays between the floor and a wall while keeping the cable inside it.

Ethernet cables that are in the way of foot traffic may become the reason behind everyone tripping over them and falling. Placing them on the corners attached to the walls keeps them away from such unfortunate incidents. 

An adhesive strip of the D-Line Quarter Round Cable Raceway connects it to the corner where it sits peacefully while keeping the Ethernet cables tucked away. You can choose the color of this board, considering the overall shade and hue of the area it is placed. Oak and white colors are the most common ones. Nonetheless, you can buy it and paint it in whichever color you like!

Modern houses have these boards readily available. You simply need to clip them on the wall mountings and use them as you wish! These hollow spaces give enough area for the wires and cords to run through them.

2. Cable management box – Cable organizer

Another amazing option is to use a box that would manage all your cables. The modern versions of cable management boxes are quite organized and hold enough space for different types of cables. If you have too many Ethernet cables lying around, you can easily stack them in this box. 

A cable organizer can easily hold everything you need, from HDMI cables to the power strips and from chargers to Ethernet cables. Practically everything goes hidden in this magical box.

A cable management box, while hiding the cables, keeps them away from dust, thus increasing their lifespan.

Also, cable clips that come along with these boxes are extremely durable and help to tie up and mount the cables whenever needed!

3. Cord covers – 3-channel cord protector & concealer

A cord cover is yet another amazing accessory that helps keep the Ethernet cable away from sight while keeping it protected. If the Ethernet cord in your house needs to run across various rooms, it is a wise decision to cover it properly.

The 3-channel cord protector & concealer is made of extremely sturdy material. It makes sure that even if someone steps on it by mistake, it doesn’t get damaged! Rather than tripping over these wires and falling on your face, get these cord covers, and you will not see an Ethernet cable lying across the room ever again!

In case you want a wire that would connect devices spreading across large spaces, covering them in cord covers makes things safer. They are not intrusive and give you an open space to walk freely.

The best part about cord covers is that they are made of rubber. Hence, you can cut them and change their length according to your requirements. Most of these covers come with a 3-channel capacity, which provides enough space to store numerous cords separately.

4. Cable duct – Raceway concealer cord cover

Another wonderful way to conceal the Ethernet cord otherwise running across various rooms in your house is by using a cable duct. The Raceway concealer cord cover comes in both plastic and rubber materials. You can choose whichever one suits you best.

It can be mounted on the walls, the corners, or right where the walls meet the ceiling. This single duct can hold many cables. Plus, you can reopen the duct whenever you want to rearrange the cables or clean them up.

5. Floor lamination

It is possible to hide the Ethernet cables by simply laminating them completely. Laminating the floor by keeping the cables underneath it offers many advantages. It doesn’t only keep them safe but also holds them intact at a single point, ensuring that they are never lost.

One major concern here is to be extremely careful while opting for this method of cable concealment. Being haphazard while doing this can damage the cables or may affect the uniformity of the lamination. If the cables you are laminating are small in size and width, laminating them inside the floors won’t be a problem.

If you are doing this yourself, make sure to tape the Ethernet cables on the floor first and then lay the lamination. This way, the cables will be held securely on the floor and won’t cause any trouble for you later on!

6. Cord concealer – One-cord channel cable concealer

If you have only one Ethernet cable that runs across the living room and you want to hide just that, you can use the one-cord channel cable concealer for that.

Ethernet cables are usually low-voltage wires that can be enclosed in a concealer for extended periods of time. The chances of overheating and causing any danger to the residents of the house are low as there is only a single wire concealed in it. Hence, it is quite a viable option to go for!

The double-sided adhesive tape makes sure to conceal the wire from all sides. You can organize it in whichever manner you want and attach it either to the walls or the floor according to your liking.

The cord concealer also comes with an adequate amount of length. Hence, you don’t have to worry about it, even if you must cover an exceptionally long Ethernet cable spanning across many rooms.

Concluding my thoughts on hiding an Ethernet cable!

A tangled web of wires placed carelessly anywhere in the house offers an unpleasant sight. If you have one in your house, you need to conceal it immediately. Ethernet cables are low voltage wires, and stacking them together in the concealer will not cause any problem. Still, to be on the safer side, choose a method that does not heat them in the sweltering weather! 

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