How Much Data Does Echo Show Use? [ANSWERED]

How Much Data Does Echo Show Use [ANSWERED]

Echo Show by Amazon has become an infamous product among consumers and has received worthwhile reviews since its launch. It stands out among other AI assistants and traditional speakers, as it promises one-step-ahead sound quality than most competitors. But when it comes down to data usage, how much data does the Echo Show use?

Let’s clarify all your queries!

How much data does an Echo Show use?

Your Echo Show can use up to 100 MB of data hourly while streaming or video calling.

Thus it is crucial for you to keep in mind your usage of the video feature of Echo Show when opting for a monthly or annual data plan or services.

Apart from that, Echo Show takes up 36 MB of data daily, which equates to 252 MB of data weekly and 1.08 MB of data monthly.

The average calculated above is concluded on the basis of commands which include roughly half an hour of music streaming, two smart home commands, a single weather inquiry, and one question.

How to calculate Alexa Echo Show’s bandwidth usage?

In case you receive a limited amount of data services from your data provider, you need to track the data usage of various devices present in your house. I have listed down convenient steps for you to calculate data usage of your Echo Show:

  • Firstly, find your Alexa device’s MAC address. Open your Alexa app and go to Devices located at the bottom.
  • Then, scroll to Echo & Alexa at the top.
  • Tap on your Alexa device, then scroll down and tap About. Here, you’ll see the MAC address (12 digits) for that specific device.
  • Then, access your router’s advanced traffic monitoring settings to find out the data usage of an individual command in the traffic log.
  • ●        Match the MAC address of your device to the traffic logs to determine how much data each command uses!

How much data is taken up by Echo Show for music streaming?

Echo Show roughly uses 100 MB of data per hour for streaming music.

People tend to listen to music to make their mundane home chores a little bit interesting. In other cases, individuals usually prefer playing their favorite music in the background while they are working. So, the chances for you to be using Echo Show for music streaming are pretty high.

How much data is consumed while asking “what” questions on Echo Show?

“What” questions on Echo Show merely use a few KBs of data hence not contributing to that much data usage.

What is the amount of data usage for smart home commands on Echo Show?

Each smart home command uses 5 KB of data. Smart home commands include turning lights on and off by voice, etc.

What is data usage while Echo Show is sitting idle?

When your Echo Show is not being used, it utilizes less than 5 MB of data over 24 hours.

Data usage while your Echo Show is idle is not something to worry about because it is very near to null. Thus, you can keep your Echo Show plugged in and connected to the internet throughout the day as it does not cause wastage of data.

What is the amount of data used by Echo Show whilst it updates?

When Echo Show is connected to the internet, it is able to perform updates automatically. Time to time updates are required for the smooth functioning of the Echo Show. Although these updates take up a considerable amount of data to complete, they are worth it.

Your Echo Show might end up consuming around 100 to 300 MB of data for updating.

Can Echo Show operate on Cellular data?

Unfortunately, Echo Show cannot operate on cellular data. However, you can use a cellular hotspot for your Echo Show if you do not have Wi-Fi.

Final thoughts on how much data Echo Show uses!

Echo Show is a pretty handy device, but just like all the other devices, one must ensure that it does not take up too much data and leave you sorting heavy bills. Therefore, it is always best to be aware of how much data your Echo Show uses. I have listed down data usages for different commands for your aid. Have fun using your Echo Show!

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