Can You Install the Emerson Thermostat Without Turning Off the Power?

Can You Install the Emerson Thermostat Without Turning Off the Power

If you have recently gotten your hands on an Emerson thermostat, you must be wondering all the dos and donts of installing it. One major question is whether you can install the Emerson thermostat without turning off the power.

The answer is no.It is advisedto turn off the power before installing the Emerson thermostat for safety purposes, such as preventing any electrocution or short circuits. Keep on reading to find out how!

How to install an Emerson thermostat?

To install an Emerson thermostat, the following steps need to be followed:

STEP 1: Switch off the heating or air conditioning. 

STEP 2: Remove the faceplate of your old thermostat. 

STEP 3: Take a photo of your old thermostat’s wiring to remember where each wire goes in case of reinstallation. 

STEP 4: Detach the existing wires from your old thermostat, then remove the base plate from the wall.

STEP 5: Install your new thermostat’s base plate. Then screw the new thermostat’s wires based on the labels on the base plate.

STEP 6: Fix your new thermostat’s faceplate. 

How to operate your Emerson thermostat? 

To operate the Emerson thermostat, you need to be familiar with the following processes:

How to lock and unlock your Emerson thermostat?

To make sure that no one can hinder the thermostat temperature and functions, you need to know how to lock and unlock it.

Lock the thermostat by pressing the “menu” and “up” buttons until a padlock icon shows on the screen to lock the thermostat. And follow the same steps to unlock till the padlock disappears. 

How to reset your Emerson thermostat?

The thermostat can be reset in two ways: 

  1. Factory reset
  2. Hard reset

Models differ in features, so it is also important to review the user manual or the website. To use the website, enter your Emerson model number, type “Emerson thermostat user manual”, and download the pop-up file.

Factory reset

  1. Press and hold the menu and backlight buttons at the same time. 
  2. Simultaneously press the buttons until the screen goes blank.
  3. Once the display re-appears, the factory reset is complete. 

If the factory reset doesn’t work, then you have to perform a hard reset.

Hard reset

In cases of factory reset failure and an unresponsive screen, a hard reset is an alternative option. This can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Remove the faceplate.
  2. Replace the worn-out batteries with new ones.
  3. Put the faceplate back on.

Note: A hard reset is safe and does not affect your device’s schedules and thermostat configurations.

If the batteries still fail to respond, remove the cover plate and batteries and leave them be for some time. If the screen is still unresponsive, call your electrician. Check whether the thermostat still falls under warranty and contact Emerson directly. 

Does the Emerson thermostat have a battery?

The Emerson thermostat comes with two AA alkaline batteries. Make sure to open the battery door and remove the battery tag before usage.

How to change your thermostat batteries?

The thermostat batteries can be changed in 3 very easy steps. 

  1. Remove the thermostats faceplates 
  2. Replace any dead batteries with new ones 
  3. Replace or fix the faceplate back in 

Concluding my thoughts on whether you can install the Emerson thermostat without turning the power off!

The Emerson regulator is an excellent purchase. It works super well and is easy to install. However, you must keep in mind that installing it without turning the power off can be dangerous as you’re working with live wires. Therefore, always take precautionary measures!

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