Neato d4 Vs. d6 – Detailed Comparison!

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One can confidently credit the cleaning robots for making our lives a lot easier. In addition to that, they have made cleaning efficiently with no efforts required by us. Likewise, Neato cleaning robots have taken the world by storm since their launch.

Neato cleaning robots have a long list of models. This makes it quite tough for the potential customer to choose one model as every other model seems compelling. I am here to sort your troubles and dispense a detailed comparison of the Neato d4 and d6. Continue reading the article, and you will find your answers in no time!

Similarities between Neato d4 and d6

Neato d4 and d6 have a surprising number of similar features, as both the robots originated from one company.

Operation through the app

Both the models share the same feature of connecting to the app in order to help you control the device through your smartphone. Moreover, both of these models conveniently connect to smart devices that you might have at your home, enabling you to voice command your cleaning robot.

Most importantly, through connecting to the app, both the models enable you to view a complete cleaning analysis and history for you to keep track of. Furthermore, the app can be utilized to set up and mark the no-go lines.

Shape and size of models

Both of these models have a familiar iconic D shape that most of the cleaning robots have. Furthermore, both these models approximately weigh around 7 pounds respectively. They have the exact same dimensions.

LaserSmart mapping technology

Both of these models operate through ingenious LaserSmart technology. This specific mapping technology enables the robotic vacuums to scan your floors. Moreover, it aids the robotic vacuum in creating a personalized map of your entire residence in order to navigate smoothly.

Differences between Neato d4 and d6

There are considerable differences between both models of cleaning robots. I am listing down some major ones for you to know!

The difference in filters

The Neato d4 comes equipped with a high-performance filter that works the best in confining fine dust particles, preventing their escape into the air again. Whereas the Neato d6 makes use of an Ultra performance filter that can efficiently sweep much smaller dust particles. In addition to that, this filter comes with a small screen that makes the cleaning process easy.

Various floor plans

Even though both the models work on LaserSmart technology. Yet, the Neat d4 lacks the feature which helps you in setting up numerous floor plans; this device can only work on a single plan at a given time. On the other hand, with the Neato d6, you can conveniently set up multiple floor plans simultaneously.

The “Find me” feature

The “Find me” feature is a supplementary yet very useful feature included in the Neato d6. In case your robotic vacuum gets stuck or lost somewhere in your home, you can effortlessly activate this feature to easily locate your device. All thanks to this feature, you will not have to manually look for your device!

On the other hand, the Neato d4 clearly lacks this essential feature.

Different brushes

The Neato d4 performs cleaning operations through the combo brush, which is great at cleaning pet hair and all floor types. This combo brush can easily be taken out so you can clean it and install it back in. Meanwhile, the Neato d6 utilizes a spiral comb brush that promises a deep and thorough cleaning of your dirty floors.

Hence, the Neato d6 proves to be an ideal cleaning robot for households with pets and allergies. The spiral comb brush has proved to work better in terms of a thorough cleaning as compared to the combo brush present in the Neato d4.

Presence of side brush

The Neato d6 includes a side brush that delivers extra support to the cleaning robot while performing. Whereas, unfortunately, the Neato d4 simply lacks this side brush. The absence of a side brush makes a significant impact on the robot’s function.

Specification chart

Swipe down to view a detailed side-by-side comparison of each feature of both the models discussed above.

 Neato Botvac D4 Neato Botvac D6
Dimensions13.21×12.56×3.92 inches13.21×12.56×3.92 inches
Weight7.37 pounds7.5 pounds
Battery3000mAh lithium-ion3600mAh lithium-ion
RuntimeUp to 75 minutesUp to 120 minutes
Charge Time4 hours4 hours
Automatic RechargeYesYes
Automatic ResumeYesYes
Quick BoostYesYes
FilterNeato high-performanceNeato Ultra
MappingLaser-guided with sensorsLaser-guided with sensors
Wireless CommunicationYesYes
Mobile appYesYes
Voice CommandsYesYes
Local ControlsYesYes
Extraction MethodCombination Brush RollSpiral Combination Brush
Floor TypesAllAll
Collection Bin Capacity0.7L0.7L
Spot CleaningYesYes
Zone CleaningNoNo
Quick BoostYesYes
Turbo ModeYesYes
Eco ModeYesYes

Cleaning comparison – Neato d4 vs. d6

Neato d4

The Neato d4 covers a shorter cleaning path that is calculated to be around 10.3 inches. Moreover, the Neato d4 has an average filter which performs well in cleaning. The Neato d4 delivers a thorough clean, which is one of the markers to qualify as a good cleaning robot.

Moreover, the Neato d4 utilizes a combo brush for its cleaning operation, which is very efficient in picking up pet hair and fine dust particles.

Neato d6

The Neato d6 covers a much larger cleaning path which is estimated to be around 12 inches. Furthermore, the d6 has a higher quality filter which promises immense suction power and results in a spotless clean. In addition to all this, the Neato d6 is capable of mapping multiple floors at once so you can be at ease, and the robot can do its work without disturbing you again and again.

Maintenance and operational cost comparison

Most of the accessories for both the vacuums need regular maintenance in order to function properly. However, certain parts of your robots might wear out and need replacement after heavy usage for extended periods.

Replacing Neato d4 parts

In case your Neato d4 asks for a replacement of its high-performance filter, you will have to spend around $40 on a pack of 6 filters. Your Neato d4 might require the replacement of its combo brush as well, which will cost you around $35. If you feel the need to replace the lithium-ion battery, the expense will be around $70.

Replacing Neato d6 parts

In case your Neato d6 indicates the need for replacement of its ultra-performance filter, it will cost you $37 for a pack of 4 filters. Furthermore, at some point, you will be required to replace the side and combo brush present on your Neato d6. This will cost you around $40.

Although if you opt for purchasing a complete replacement kit, this will save you a handsome amount of money in the long run. The complete replacement kit costs roughly $60, which includes a single spiral combo brush, one side brush, two ultra-performance filters, and, lastly, one cleaning tool.

Important to note

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that you do not replace the parts of the robots with fake parts in order to save some money. Fake parts will definitely cost you less, but they will adversely impact your device and make it wear out sooner. Furthermore, fake parts are likely to void any guarantee that comes with your robotic vacuum.

Hence, make sure to always invest in original Neato products. This will guarantee the proper functioning of the Neato robots.

Different cleaning options of Neato d4 and d6

Both of these robots offer a wide range of cleaning options in order to ensure spotless squeaky clean flooring! Listed below are the various cleaning options offered by both of these Neato robots.

Various cleaning options on the Neato d4

The Neato d4 excludes the bag for trapping dust. This model of Neato robots has four different cleaning methods. These four methods include Scheduled cleaning, House cleaning, Spotless clean, and lastly, Eco/Turbo mode.

Various cleaning options on the Neato d6

The Neato d6 has almost all the features mentioned above with the addition of a multiple floor plans feature.

Concluding my thoughts on Neato d4 vs. d6!

In case you have pets and you are looking forward to multiple floor plans, you should consider the Neato d6. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to something with a less budget and sufficient clean you should go for the Neato d4.

One significant difference between both these models is multiple floor plans; make sure to consider it before buying either of the robots.

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