Why Does Philips Hue Bulb Flash?


Philips Hue bulbs are well known for their smart and energy-efficient features. They work really well in almost all kinds of settings, but at times they do flash. Is that a problem? Why do Philips Hue bulbs flash? Even though this problem is not common amongst users, some have complained and tried several fixes to eliminate the issue.

The most common reason for Philips Hue bulb flashing is an incompatible or broken dimmer switch. Philips recommends using the Hue switch, but people opt for other alternatives to save money. However, a faulty dimmer switch is not the only problem. It could be a faulty bulb or loose socket as well.

So, let’s dig into what causes the flashing of Philips Hue bulbs and what the fixes are.

Causes of Hue bulb flashing

Incompatible dimmer swap

As mentioned previously, the first potential cause could be an incompatible dimmer swap. If you notice that your Hue bulb has begun flickering or flashing, it most probably means it is not compatible with the dimmer switch. Dimmer switches come in different varieties depending on the bulb.

If a dimmer switch is installed with a bulb that requires relatively more energy, the dimmer won’t be able to provide a consistent, sufficient supply. For instance, a 300w dimmer switch will struggle with 5 100w bulbs. As a result, the bulbs will flash.

Furthermore, if the dimmer switch you are using is quite old, it might be that its lifespan is over. Dimmer switches last somewhere around 2-3 years on average. So, to make sure the switch is causing the issue, you should try installing the bulb in other fixtures in the house.

Always try to get the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch for your Hue bulbs!

Damaged bulb

Some users have complained that their bulbs had been working fine for some while until they began flashing or flickering.

Then again, you might have assumed that the dimmer switch was the problem. However, note that if a dimmer switch is incompatible or broken, the bulbs will begin flashing as soon as they are turned on. Therefore, if the bulbs were working fine and began flashing all of a sudden, it means that the dimmer switch is not the problem.

You should check the bulbs for cracks or damage, as some units can come out faulty during manufacturing. You can also try replacing the old bulb with a new one to see if the old one is damaged.

Incorrect bulb setup

You will observe flashing if the bulb has not been installed or set up correctly. Sometimes, it might seem as if the bulb is installed perfectly in its place, but if you were to look closely, it might be sitting the wrong way. Therefore, you should try removing the bulb and re-installing it so that it sits in its place properly.

There could also be a loose socket issue. Turn the power off and determine whether the bulb is in contact with the socket or not.

Wiring issues

You might want to check for wiring issues if nothing else works out. If your house is relatively old, it might be that some wires need to be fixed or replaced, as years of wear and tear can lead to issues. However, if there is a wiring issue, you will experience unusual activity with electrical components in the same area.

It is not necessary that only the switch causes the problem. If you have other electrical appliances installed, they should be having a problem running normally as well due to the wires being weak. In this case, you will need to consult a professional who will fix the issue by determining the root cause of the problem.

Furthermore, if you have multiple bulbs installed in your house and they all begin to flicker or flash at the same time, it means that you have a weak circuit breaker. Circuit breakers have fuses that are designed to blow to prevent excessive electricity fluctuation from damaging the components.

With that said, try replacing the blown fuse or fuses. But if you observe that the fuses need to be replaced regularly, you are most probably looking at a malfunctioning circuit breaker.

Concluding thoughts on why Philips Hue bulbs flash

Philips Hue bulbs carry a reasonable reputation in the world of smart bulbs. Their quality testing ensures that the bulbs last for several years before needing replacement. But, there are some cases where buyers received faulty bulbs, so never keep that part out of the question!

However, if you come across problems like flashing, go through the troubleshooting tips above. Try each tip out and figure out the issue before replacing your Hue bulb. Happy fixing!

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