How to Remove a Ring Window Sensor? [With Images]

How to Remove a Ring Window Sensor_ [With Images]

Generally, when you purchase a Ring window sensor to enhance your security system, you mainly focus on installing it appropriately rather than removing it. However, you might feel the need to remove your Ring window sensor at some point.

Whether drilled into the wall or taped, the removing process will vary for each type. Continue reading the article below to equip yourself with everything you need to know to remove a Ring window sensor without causing any damage.

How to remove Ring window sensor

Before you remove your Ring sensor physically, you need to remove it from the Ring application first.

How to remove the Ring sensor from the app

In case you miss out on removing the Ring sensor from the app, false alarms and notifications will constantly trouble you. Follow the given instructions to easily remove the Ring sensor from the app:

  • First, open the Ring application.
  • Then proceed to the main menu present in the top-right corner.
  • Now, tap on the option that shows “Devices”.
  • Tap on the “Alarm base station”.
  • Pick the sensor you wish to remove and select it.
  • Tap on the option located at the top left-hand side corner.
  • Choose the “Advanced settings”.
  • Lastly, simply tap on the “Remove device” option, and your selected sensor will be removed.

How to remove the Ring sensor physically

In most cases, the Ring sensors are mounted on the wall using adhesive tape. You can effortlessly remove the Ring sensor by twisting the corners of the adhesive tape. However, this might leave remnants on your wall. Here is how you can remove it to achieve a flawless look.

Make use of Goo Gone

Goo Gone is a common household item. This specific spray and gel-like formula of Goo Gone can easily help you get rid of crayon stains, glue, and even adhesive tape. You need to apply the Goo Gone on the affected area and then simply wipe it off.

Put in the heat

Equip yourself with a hair drier and set it to the lowest possible temperature. Next, place it six inches away from your Ring sensor. Holding it too close might cause possible damage to the Ring sensor. Within a few seconds of applying heat, you will be able to detach the Ring sensor with no damage and stains at all.

Apply lukewarm water

With the help of a cloth, apply lukewarm water to the Ring sensor’s back. Applying lukewarm water will eventually dissolve plastic adhesion, and the Ring sensor will easily come into your hands. You must be extra precise when applying lukewarm water to prevent it from entering the Ring sensor.

Utilize acetone

Acetone is quite functional in dissolving various substances, including adhesives. However, you should not be considering this option if your Ring sensor is placed on a painted wall because acetone can peel off the paint from your wall. If this is not the case, grab a cotton ball, lightly dip it in acetone and apply it to the adhesion points of the Ring sensor.

Acetone will work wonders in removing the Ring sensor without causing any damage to your wall.

Put dental floss to use

Take a 6-inch piece of dental floss and run it between the adhesion tape and the wall. Continue doing this until the adhesion tape finally leaves the wall. Easy and simple!

How do you change a Ring sensor?

To change the Ring sensor and replace it with a new one, follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Before placing the new Ring sensor, make sure to completely remove the previous one. It can easily be removed by simply pulling it off.

STEP 2: Secondly, clean the space to ensure there are no residues left.

STEP 3: To plan the setup, you must keep in mind that your sensor and its counterpart magnet cannot be placed more than half an inch apart. If you increase the distance, your sensor won’t be able to send secure signals to the base station.

STEP 4: Specify the point where you want to place the sensor along with the position you want to install the sensor.

STEP 5: Next, peel off the adhesive on the Ring sensor’s backside.

STEP 6: Securely stick the Ring sensor to your specified point on the door frame or window frame. You are all set to use your newly installed Ring sensor.

How do you open a Ring motion sensor?

You might have your Ring sensor stuck or mounted on the wall; in either of the cases, you need to bring it down. Then proceed with the following steps:

STEP 1: First, you must locate the tab on top of the Ring sensor.

STEP 2: Secondly, you simply need to press down on that tab. You can use a pin, paperclip, or even your finger to press down on the tab.

STEP 3: Pressing down tightly on the tab will open the Ring sensor.

How do you remove a Ring sensor from a door frame?

You can effortlessly remove a Ring sensor from your door or window frame by following the steps below:

STEP 1: Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the cover of the reed switch. Generally, Ring sensors are mounted with the help of adhesive tape; in that case, you can simply take them off.

STEP 2: Once you have opened the cover, kindly enter your four-digit code, or else the alarm will buzz.

STEP 3: Next, pull the batteries to unfasten the screws that secure the sensor in place. With precision, remove the alarm sensor. Repeat the same process with the magnet.

STEP 4: After successfully removing the sensor and the magnet, clean off the entire space with either soap or any adhesive dissolving substance.

Related FAQs to removing a Ring window sensor

Where is the tamper button on a Ring sensor?

The tamper button is located near the antenna. You can easily find the tamper button once you have managed to remove the batteries from your Ring sensor.

How long does a Ring window sensor battery last?

The Ring sensor usually operates through a CR123A battery that has a life of 3 years. The Ring sensor battery can last roughly up to 3 hours before it needs recharging to function again. This might vary according to the number of hours your Ring sensor remains operational.

What does it mean when a ring sensor is tampered?

A temper status on your Ring sensor indicates that there is a physical disconnection internally. This is likely caused when the casing of the motion sensor is not securely positioned.

In case the casing of the motion sensor is not in place, securely close the cover. Hopefully, this will clear the tampered message, and your Ring sensor will resume its proper operation.

Wrapping up on how to remove a Ring window sensor

Removing the Ring sensor is undoubtedly more challenging than its installation. Before proceeding with anything, you must remove the device from the app present on your smartphone.

Moreover, you are advised not to exert force while removing the Ring sensor as it might damage your wall. Just keep this in mind, and you are good to go!

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