Don’t Have a Remote to Reset an LG TV? Here’s What You Can Do!

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LG has a reputation for making great TV sets, both for personal and commercial usage. LG televisions have a sleek design and are very easy to use. Sometimes, however, you need to perform a reset to fix a technical issue or error, which you can easily do with remote control.

But what if you don’t have a working remote? Can you reset your LG TV without a remote?

The answer is yes. You don’t necessarily need a remote to perform a basic reset operation. You can use your TV’s panel buttons or a mobile app for troubleshooting.

Is there a reset button on LG TV?

LG TV doesn’t have a particular reset button. But, if your TV needs a quick fix, then you can perform a hard reset by simply pressing down the power button on the TV’s control panel and holding it for 5 to 10 seconds. This will reset your device.

How can you reset an LG TV without a remote?

There are several easy ways to reset your LG TV without the need for a remote.

Below are 7 basic methods to help you reset your LG TV without a remote. These techniques typically apply to the majority of modern models. Try some of these options to see what is most suitable for you.

1. Do a Manual Reset

This is probably the easiest way to perform a factory reset (hard reset) on LG TV without a remote control. To do a hard reset, press and hold the power key for 5-10 seconds. You’ll usually find it at the bottom or the side of the TV. This will restart your device automatically.

However, a factory reset will erase all the data, applications, and custom settings saved by the user. It returns the device to the same condition it was in when it got dispatched from the factory. 

It happens that sometimes this method doesn’t work. In that case, follow these steps:

  • Go to Menu.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Select General Settings.
  • Find the Reset option and press it.
  • A warning message will appear.
  • Press Confirm.

Some models of LG TV need a password or default PIN code to complete the reset process. Input the password or the PIN to begin the factory reset. The TV will switch back on automatically when it’s done.

What is the default PIN for LG TV?

You’re usually asked to set a password when you set up your LG TV for the first time. If you never chose or changed the password from the time of its purchase, then it has a 4-digit default PIN. It is typically 0000 or 1234.

2. Download LG ThinQ or a Compatible Remote Control App

LG makes a variety of TV models, and some of them don’t have any physical buttons. You don’t need to worry if you have such a model. You can still fix it with the help of your smartphone. 

One very convenient and efficient way is to download LG ThinQ App. This app technically turns your smartphone into a remote control. The app is very easy to use and lets you manage your smart TV effortlessly.  You will have access to all the primary functions of your remote, including a system reset.

To perform a reset with the app, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the Gear Icon. It will open up the Settings panel on the TV’s screen.
  • Select General option.
  • Choose Reset to Initial Settings.

You can use any other remote control app to connect to your LG TV. Check if the app is compatible with your LG TV before downloading. The steps to perform a reset are similar to other apps.

However, there is one key point that you need to remember for the app to work.  Always make sure that your mobile phone and smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Keep a Universal Remote Control

A universal remote is designed to have universal compatibility. It can be easily programmed to operate different brands of one or more types of electronic gadgets.

Can I use a universal remote for LG TV?

Yes, you can. In order to use a universal remote for your LG TV, you need to program it first. You can do so by typing in the 5-digit LG TV code. It can be one of these three: 11423, 10178, or 11178.

Once the universal remote is connected, you can reset your TV easily. Follow the same procedure that came with the real LG remote control.

To reset your LG TV using a universal remote:

  • Open your TV’s Settings.
  • Select General option.
  • Choose Reset to Initial Settings.

Universal remotes can be really handy as they let you control several other consumer electronic devices, including your LG TV. 

Furthermore, the cost of a replacement remote control directly from the manufacturer (LG) is, in fact, pretty reasonable. If operating a ton of electrical devices isn’t one of your concerns, then you can get a factory remote for only $20.

4. Use a Gaming Console

Quite surprisingly, your gaming console can be used for your TV too! If you have a gaming device like an Xbox or a PlayStation nearby, then try these steps to reset your LG TV.

  • First of all, switch off your TV but keep the power cable plugged in.
  • Attach your gaming console to the TV by plugging in the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable or VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable.
  • Then turn your TV back on.

This method may not always work. But if it does, then you can easily perform the basic functions of a remote, including a television reset.

5. Read the Manual

Consulting the manual is a great way to learn to reset your LG TV without the remote. However, if you misplaced the manual or didn’t have it, then you can visit the official LG website. The company site provides manuals for all of its electrical goods. You can easily find the appropriate manual by typing in the correct model number of your LG TV.

Once you get hold of the manual, all you need to do is follow the instructions. In this way, you’ll be able to reset your TV properly without causing major damage to the gadget.

6. Unplug the TV for a Soft Reset

This is a simple method to do a soft reset. To do this, here is the step-by-step procedure:

  • First, you must make sure to unplug your LG TV from the outlet.
  • Now, wait for about 30-60 seconds.
  • Plug the TV cable back in.
  • Turn on the LG television to see if a soft reset took place.

7. Take Out the TV Battery Temporarily

This method should only be used when all other options fail. If you tried using the TV’s control keys, the LG ThinQ app, a universal remote, and unplugging your device and still nothing worked, then try removing the battery. This will force a system reboot. However, this technique is usually not recommended and is only used in urgent circumstances.

How do I force my LG TV to reboot?

To perform a forced reset, you should:

  • Remove the power cable from the socket.
  • Search the battery panel at the back of the TV.
  • Unscrew the panel and remove the battery.
  • Wait for many hours.
  • Put the battery back in the battery panel.
  • Plug the device back in and turn it on.

Concluding my thoughts on resetting LG TV without a remote!

To sum it up, LG offers a wide variety of built-in options to reset your TV. You can either perform a soft or hard reset (factory reset) by using the television’s control panel keys, a universal remote control, LG ThinQ app, unplugging and replugging the device, or by removing the TV’s battery for a short time. All of these procedures are quite simple and easy to do.

Since LG upgrades its electronic devices often, each TV model will be a bit different from the other. However, the basic resetting techniques discussed in this article apply to all models of LG television.

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