Resetting the Google Nest & Home Mini [Complete Guide]

Resetting the Google Nest & Home Mini [Complete Guide]

The Google Nest and Home Mini are ingenious, disc-shaped smart speakers that enable you to automate your home and give smart commands to your devices. These speakers work exceptionally well. However, at times some glitches may interrupt the performance. In case your Google Nest or Home Mini has ceased working or responding, you should know it’s time for a factory reset.

Restarting the Google Nest and Home mini is an uncomplicated process that hardly takes a few minutes! Read on to discover how you can conveniently restart your smart speakers.

How do I reset Google Nest Mini?

To reset the Google Nest Mini, firstly, locate the mic button present on the side of your device and switch it off. The display lights will turn orange. Next, press and hold the center of the device, where the lights are placed on top. After 5 seconds, your Google Nest Mini will start the restarting process. Continue holding for about 10 more seconds, and your device will announce its factory reset.

Before proceeding to factory reset your Google Nest Mini, you must keep in mind that resetting your device will nullify all its previous settings, and your device will return to default settings. One more thing to note is that you cannot make use of voice commands or Google Home App to reset your Google Nest Mini.

How do I reset Google Home Mini?

There are two distinct ways to reset your Google Home Mini; one way employs the reset button while the other way resets without the button. I will briefly explain both the methods below for your ease!

How do I reset Google Home Mini with the reset button?

Firstly, locate the reset button. It will be present at the bottom of the device somewhere near the power cord. After you have successfully identified the reset button, press and hold it for five seconds. After five seconds, your device will start the reset process. Continue holding for ten more seconds, and your device will eventually announce its factory reset.

You need to keep in mind that you cannot utilize the voice commands or Google Home App in order to reset the Google Home Mini through the reset button.

How do I reset Google Home Mini without the reset button?

In case your device lacks a specific reset button, you can make use of the microphone button to reset. Simply hold and press the microphone mute button present at the back of the device for 12-15 seconds. Eventually, the Google Home Mini will confirm its reset. After the announcement, you can release the microphone mute button.

How to reset Google Mini if the above processes don’t work?

In case you are unable to reset Google Mini through the processes mentioned above. You do not need to worry at all as there is a backup method to reset the Google Mini if the usual methods do not seem to work. Before proceeding to the backup method, let us break it down for you.

This backup method is quite time-consuming and complicated. However, once you get the hang of it, you can conveniently use it to reset your Google Mini. Read on to discover an unusual yet effective method to reset the Google Mini!

  • Firstly, unplug your Google Mini and wait for ten seconds before plugging it back in. Wait until all four LED lights placed at the top of the device light up.
  • Next, repeat the first step 10 more times. Unplug the device, wait for ten seconds, plug it back in until the lights turn on. Do this eleven times without taking a break in between.
  • Finally, the last time you will plug the Google Mini back, it will take a significantly longer time to restart as compared to the previous ten times. This indicates that your Google Mini has been factory reset!

How to reboot Google Home Mini?

You can reboot your device by simply plugging it out for one minute and then plugging it back in. You can also reboot your device through the Google Home App. For that, you simply need to enter the app, press settings, then select device settings, and press the three dots that are designated for the reboot.

It is always a good idea to try rebooting your Google Home Mini before you proceed to factory reset it in order to resolve any glitch.

How do I reset my Google Home Mini green light?

  • Make sure to keep your Google Home Mini connected to the power.
  • Press and hold the round circular button for 10-12 seconds. You can locate the button easily on the backside of your device.
  • Keep holding the button for ten more seconds until you hear your device announce it has reset.
  • After the announcement, release the button and unplug your device for 20 seconds, then plug it back in.

Why is my Google Nest Mini not connecting?

If your Google Nest Mini shows a disrupted connection or fails to connect, the best solution is to either reboot or reset it. First, you should try rebooting, and in case rebooting does not resolve the connectivity issue, then you should consider resetting your device.

I have mentioned detailed processes for both rebooting and resetting your device.

Concluding my thoughts on resetting google mini!

Now you know what to do when your Google Mini is acting up! In case of any glitch or connectivity issue, it is best to first try resolving the issue by rebooting your device. If the issue persists, you can always consider resetting your device! However, keep in mind resetting your device will erase all previous settings, and you will have to set up the device all over again.

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