Roomba 675 Vs. 692 – With Specification Table!

Roomba 675 Vs. 692 - With Specification Table!

Every one of you must be aware of the infamous Roomba cleaning robots and their insane abilities to vacuum your floors. Along with promising features, the Roomba robots have a wide variety of robots that offer multiple features to each type of customer. Hence, a large number of people find it daunting to pick an ideal model of Roomba for their homes.

Although, you do not need to fret because we have made a detailed comparison between two famous robots from the Roomba robot line. Read the article below in order to conveniently choose between the Roomba 675 or 692.

Similarities between Roomba 675 and 692

The Roomba 675 and 692 are surprisingly similar in appearance and the features they offer as they belong to the same 600 series. In fact, some people even fail to tell both the models apart due to their striking resemblance. We have discussed a few key similarities among both the models below!

Inclusion of dual brushes

Both models 692 and 675 are equipped with a single brush roller and a single bristles rubber roller. Both these brushes work together and enable your robot to clean your floors effectively. Moreover, both models are equipped with a single edge-sweeping brush that cleans efficiently in corners and troublesome areas.

Similar cleaning power

The Roomba 675 and 692 both possess the same suction power, which means both the Roomba are the same in terms of their performance while cleaning your floors. Both these robots give the same level of clean be it carpeted floors or hard floors.

Similar accessories

The Roomba 675 and 692 are both shipped with the same set of accessories. Likewise, a virtual wall-barrier is absent in both the Roombas. If you wish to make use of a virtual wall barrier, you will have to purchase it separately for both of these models.

Both these models come with a single home-based charging dock.

Controlled through Wi-Fi and voice commands

Both the Roomba 675 and 692 are equipped with smart features that enable you to operate your robot through Smart home devices such as Alexa. Moreover, both these models are capable of connecting to your home network Wi-Fi; this will enable you to command your robot through Wi-Fi.

Dirt detect technology

Both the Roomba 675 and 692 possess smart dirt detect technology that enables the robot to sense dirt in specific areas and clean them longer. This results in an effective clean as your robot will automatically identify dirtier areas on your floor and clean them without relying on you.

Automatic recharge feature

The Roomba 675 and 692 both can conveniently return to their docks once they sense their battery level dropping below a certain limit. This feature comes in handy, especially when you are busy with something else and you cannot cater to your robot, by manually picking it up every time and placing it in its dock to recharge it.

Random navigation pattern

As both these models fall in the budget-oriented category, they are not equipped with cameras or mapping technology. Instead, both these models navigate through your house in a pseudo-random pattern in order to dispense an equal level of cleanliness all over your floors.

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Differences between Roomba 675 and 692

Apart from some key similarities, both these models have a few notable differences as well. I have discussed a few differences among the Roomba 675 and 692 below!

Inclusion of a built-in carrying handle in Roomba 675

It might not be easy to spot, but if you look closely, the grey semi-circle present above the cleaning button on Roomba 675 lifts up to act as a carrying handle of the robot. This might seem like an insignificant addition; however, this is actually very useful as this model does not have a mapping feature; you are required to pick it up from time to time. This built-in carrying handle enables you to easily pick your robot using only a single hand.

On the other hand, the Roomba 692 lacks this built-in carrying handle. Every time you wish to pick it up in order to place it in another room for cleaning, you will have to use both of your hands. We know this might not be a big deal for some people, although it’s worth considering.

Slightly different dustbin sizes

The Roomba 692 possesses a slightly bigger dustbin which means you won’t have to empty it out as often as you will have to in the Roomba 675. In case you do not find emptying the bin of our Roomba a big deal, this difference might not mean.

However, neither of the robots has sensors that notify you when a dustbin is full and has no more capacity.

Availability and price

This difference might prove to be the basis of your decision to choose between both these models. As the name suggests, the Roomba 675 is a bit older model; you might not find it readily available. The good side of this point is that at times you might find the Roomba 675 at discounted rates which will help you save.

On the contrary, the Roomba 692 is a newer model, and it has slightly higher prices as compared to the Roomba 675. One good thing regarding this is that you can purchase it from anywhere you prefer, be it Amazon or iRobot online store.

Different look and color

The Roomba 675 has an overall black color with slight gray shading, whereas; the Roomba 692 is covered in gray color all over the vacuum. This difference does not matter to most people; however, a few people prefer one color over the other.

Specification chart

Go through the detailed side-by-side comparison I did below in order to get a better idea regarding the features of the Roomba 675 and 692.

SpecsRoomba 675Roomba 692
Size13.3 x 13.3 x 3.6 inches13.3 x 13.3 x 3.6 inches
Weight7.8 pounds7.8 pounds
NavigationiAdapt 1.0iAdapt 1.0
Battery1800 mAh lithium-ion battery1800 mAh lithium-ion battery
Charge time3 hours3 hours
Run timeUp to 90 minutesUp to 90 minutes
Entire level cleanNoNo
Automatic rechargeYesYes
Carpet boosterNoNo
Bump sensorsYesYes
Dirt detection sensorsYesYes
Wireless communicationsYesYes
Mobile appYesYes
Voice controlsYesYes
Camera NavigationNoNo
Floor typesAllAll
ContainmentNone includedNone included
Collection bin capacity0.5L0.6L
Warranty1 year1 year

Cleaning comparison – Roomba 675 and 692

Your Roomba cleaning robot requires a regular clean in order to stay functional. It is highly recommended to thoroughly clean your Roomba robot from time to time. Hence, I have listed down some simple steps that will aid you in cleaning the Roomba 675 and 692, respectively. As both the Roombas are quite similar, you can employ the same approaches to clean these robots.

Cleaning the filter

In order to clean the filter on Roomba 675 and 692, you will have to first remove it from its compartment. Next, remove the detachable bin, open its door and empty it into the trash. Now, knock the filter slightly in order to get rid of any dust that might be stuck on it.

Cleaning the brushes

Make sure to examine your brushes after every cleaning session. If you find any dirt or debris stuck on your brushes, push down on the yellow bolts present beside the brush compartment. Next, detach the rubber brush and another flexible brush from the cleaning head. After you have managed to separate the brushes, remove their yellow bands present on the sides and clean under them.

Lastly, make use of a cleaning tool to pull out all the hair and dirt by moving the tool on the brushes. Your brushes are now all clean!

Cleaning the edge sweep brush

In order to clean the edge sweep brush, first, flip your Roomba upside down. Then, unfasten the screw present on its yellow cap. After you have detached the edge sweep brush from its point of attachment, thoroughly clean its compartment to ensure that there is no dirt left. Lastly, thoroughly clean the edge sweep brush before fastening it again.

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Maintenance and operational cost comparison

Energy consumption

Typically, all models of Roomba cleaning robots consume an average of 28 watts in order to fully recharge themselves. Hence, there is not any major difference between the energy consumed by the Roomba 675 and 692.

Replacing the components of the Roomba 675 and 692

As both the Roomba 675 and 692 are equipped with a standard filter, their replacement cost will be the same for both models, which is around $24.99 for a pack of 3 filters. Replacing the edge sweep brush present on both models will cost you around $14.99. If you wish to replace the cleaning module of either of the models, it will cost you around $49.99.

As with the Roomba 675 and 692, none of the models are shipped with a dual-mode virtual wall barrier. In case you look forward to purchasing it, you will have to spare $59.99. Instead of purchasing individual parts, you can always choose to purchase a complete replenishment kit that will work for both models. The complete replenishment kit will cost you $49.99, and it includes 3 Aerovac filters, a spinning side brush, a bristle roller, and a round cleaning tool.

Different cleaning options of Roomba 675 and 692

As I have already stated, the Roomba 675 and 692 do not differ much in terms of their performance and cleaning abilities. Both these models of Roomba can provide you with a sufficient level clean through their standard Aerovac filter.

Moreover, the Roomba 675 and 692 are equipped with rollers that have bristles on them; these rollers work great in providing you with squeaky clean floors.

Lastly, both the Roomba models are equipped with dirt detect technology. This technology improves the performance of these models by ten folds ensuring that no dirt is left on your floors.

Concluding my thoughts on Roomba 675 vs. 692!

In case you are looking for a cleaning robot that will stay with you long term without you having to spare all your savings, you should definitely go for either of the above-discussed models. Both the models do their job perfectly in cleaning all types of floorings. If you are still stuck between both the models, I would suggest picking up the model that you find at cheaper rates at that time.

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