Troubleshooting Roomba Charging Error | Solving Errors Guide!

Troubleshooting Roomba Charging Error Solving Errors Guide!

The Roomba robots are the most reliable robotic vacuums in the current era. They have managed to remain at the top of all robotic vacuums since they were first launched in the market for the general public.

However, at times your Roomba might give some errors or might cease working properly, especially in regards to charging.

We are here to guide you regarding every single charging error your Roomba might give during cleaning sessions. Read on to ease all your troubles regarding various Roomba charging errors.

What are different charging errors in Roomba?

Generally, your Roomba will let you know if something is wrong with it by blinking, troubleshooting, or battery indicator followed by an “uh-oh” voice.

Every model has its specific indicator. There are various charging errors that your Roomba might face. We will briefly discuss the types of charging errors that your Roomba might give.

Note: Also, keep in mind that in case of an error, almost all the models’ troubleshooting, clean, or battery indicator will blink while charging.

  • Charging error 1: The battery is not connected to your Roomba.
  • Charging error 2: The battery is not charging.
  • Charging error 3: The Roomba’s battery contacts aren’t in contact with the battery, or Roomba needs servicing.
  • Charging error 5: The Roomba’s charging system isn’t working properly due to an issue with the charging contacts.
  • Charging error 6: The Roomba’s battery is too warm.
  • Charging error 7: The Roomba’s battery is either too cold or too hot.
  • Charging error 8: The Roomba has a disrupted connection to the lithium-ion battery.
  • Charging error 9: The Roomba’s lithium-ion battery has some error.

Troubleshooting Roomba charging error 1

The Roomba charging error 1 is generally displayed when your battery fails to connect. You might have one of the following issues with your battery if your Roomba is giving this error.

Duplicate/non-genuine battery

You need to make sure that you are using an authentic original iRobot lithium-ion battery; otherwise, your Roomba won’t be able to communicate with the battery. If you do have an original battery and the Roomba is still giving this error, install an original battery in case the battery is missing.

Any obstruction in the way of the battery

In case you have just purchased a brand new Roomba, I advise you to check for plastic tabs blocking the battery. This might be the reason behind your battery not being able to connect to the Roomba. If the issue persists, remove the battery to locate and get rid of anything that might be obstructing the battery’s connection with the Roomba.

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Troubleshooting Roomba charging error 2

The Roomba charging error 2 usually occurs when your Roomba’s battery is not charging. To fix this issue, go through the approaches below.

Non-genuine battery

Check whether you’re using an original lithium-ion iRobot battery or not. Using a counterfeit battery can give rise to this error as your Roomba will not be able to communicate with the non-genuine battery.

Contact customer support

If you’re using an original iRobot battery and still experiencing this error, then contact iRobot Customer Care to get this issue resolved.

Troubleshooting Roomba charging error 3

The Roomba charging error 3 means that the Roomba’s battery contacts aren’t in proper contact with the battery. This error may also arise if the Roomba needs servicing. Take the following measures with this error comes up:

Contact customer support

Start off by contacting iRobot Customer Care to find out what the actual issue is. They will let you know whether your Roomba needs to be serviced, replaced, or the issue can be fixed by you.

Get your Roomba serviced

If your Roomba needs to be examined or serviced, make sure of the following: your Roomba is charged, you know its serial number, and you have the proof of purchase with you.

Troubleshooting Roomba charging error 5

The Roomba charging error 5 means that the Roomba’s charging system isn’t working properly. This error usually arises when the charging contacts aren’t clean. You can solve this issue by going through the following approaches:

Duplicate battery

If you’re using a non-genuine battery, please replace it with an original iRobot lithium-ion battery. Using an unauthentic battery can confuse the charging system.

Wipe the charging contacts clean

Start off by unplugging the base and waiting for a minute. After the wait is over, use a dry cloth or a Magic Eraser to clean the dirt and debris from the charging contacts. Do the same for the charging contacts on the home base.

If the issue persists, make sure to contact customer care.

Troubleshooting Roomba charging error 6

The Roomba charging error 6 indicates that the battery on your Roomba is not charging sufficiently or appropriately due to it being too warm. In order to fix this issue, you need to check the following things.

Charging at room temperature

Make sure that the Roomba is being charged at room temperature. Charging the Roomba robots in extremely hot environments can result in such errors. Move the charging base to a cool environment so that the battery can cool down.

Area of charging

Check whether the Roomba is placed near a baseboard heater, heating vent, or radiator while charging. Remove it from that location if so.

Duplicate battery

Make sure that you are using an original iRobot lithium-ion battery. Non-genuine batteries give rise to such errors by getting warm quickly.

If you have ensured all the above-mentioned points and yet error 6 has not subsided, kindly contact the customer helpline of iRobot.

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Troubleshooting Roomba charging error 7

The Roomba charging error 7 is surprisingly similar to error 6. This error means that the battery is either too hot or too cold, unlike the charging error 6, where the battery is too warm only.

In order to settle this issue, you need to check for the following markers.

Keep away from heating or cooling vents

Ensure that the Roomba is not placed near a heating or cooling vent while charging. Let the Roomba cool down in a significantly colder area the battery is too warm, or place it in a hot area if the battery is too cold.

Charging at room temperature

Make sure that the Roomba is charging at room temperature. Charging the Roomba in an extremely fluctuating environment will generally result in this error.

Duplicate battery

Check that the Roomba is operating through an original iRobot battery. Fake batteries can likely cause this error.

In case the issue persists after ensuring all the above-mentioned pointers, kindly contact the customer service line of iRobot.

Troubleshooting Roomba charging error 8

The Roomba charging error 8 indicates that the battery in the Roomba is not charging at all. This might happen due to the reasons listed below.

Counterfeit battery

Make sure that you’re using original iRobot lithium-ion batteries for your Roomba rather than duplicate ones. Such errors are generally caused by counterfeit batteries.

Defective battery

There is a chance that your battery might be defective. Just replace the battery to fix this error.

Room temperature surroundings

You need to ensure that the Roomba is charging at room temperature. Refrain from charging your Roomba in hot or cold areas.

Keep away from heat or cold

Never place the Roomba near a heating or cooling vent for charging. Always keep it away from other appliances that might release heat.

If you have ensured all the above-mentioned markers yet the issue persists, contact the customer service helpline of iRobot.

Troubleshooting Roomba charging error 9

The Roomba charging error 9 is similar to the charging error 8. It is generally displayed when the lithium-ion battery needs to be replaced with a new one. When this issue arises, go through the approaches below.

Examine the battery

Firstly, check the battery for any defects or visible damages.

Change the battery

You might need to replace your battery with a brand new authentic iRobot battery. If you have purchased a non-genuine battery, then it might not perform similarly to a genuine battery, thus producing such errors.

Contact customer support

If the issue persists, contact iRobot Customer Care.

Wrapping up my thoughts on Roomba charging errors!

A well-maintained Roomba robot is a god-sent blessing as it can efficiently clean your home even in your absence. However, in order to clean sufficiently, the robotic vacuum needs utmost care and regular cleaning.

You are advised to keep your Roomba maintained and its battery in proper condition. Also, make sure that the environment and charging connections of the Roomba are well too. If nothing else works, the Roomba customer care will always help out.

Hopefully, I was able to clear all your queries regarding Roomba charging errors!

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