Does Roomba Kill Fleas?

does roomba kill fleas

If you are a pet owner, I am sure you must have encountered the problem of fleas. They’re hard enough to get off your pet, but what about the fleas in your house?

Since 99% of the fleas on your pets are hidden under your carpet or in your garage, you should also disinfect your home. That’s where a hack comes into mind. Can vacuums, specifically Roomba kill fleas?

Yes, Roomba can kill fleas. Vacuuming is an effective way to get rid of fleas, as vacuuming can kill 100% of flea larvae and 96% of adult fleas.

Let us go through the dos and don’ts of vacuuming in this article to kill those fleas!

Why choose Roomba for killing fleas?

Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that makes your job of cleaning the house ten times easier than any manual vacuum ever would. So, if you are short on time, think about employing a Roomba that operates on an automated timetable.

According to the manufacturer, Roomba picks up dust and grime from carpet, concrete, and hardwood floors while using smart sensors to move around your house.

To reduce the risk of infestation and flea eggs from hatching, it is recommended that you vacuum your house several times a week

How vacuuming kills fleas?

Fleas are aggressively smashed around the vacuum’s internal surfaces as they are being vacuumed from carpets by fans, beater bars, brushes, and strong air currents. By the time they enter the collection chamber, they have already died.

As for the flea eggs, the Roomba’s vibrations will make the fleas hatch quicker and thus become more vulnerable to any insecticides that you have sprayed.

Precautions to take when using Roomba to kill fleas

Once you have captured the fleas, you must immediately empty the Roomba’s dirtbag in the garbage. If you do not empty the bag, the fleas will spread all over the house. This will make your work even more difficult.

In case your Roomba does not have a bag, you must empty the dustbin and spray a cleanser on the internal portion of your canister.

If you want to learn whether Roomba bags are reusable then click here!

Final thoughts on whether Roomba kills fleas

Roombas can kill almost all of the fleas in your house. The important thing you must keep in mind is that in addition to vacuuming your home when it is infested, you must also disinfect your pet. No amount of vacuuming will help you get rid of the fleas if your pet still has them fleas.

Also, make sure that you empty the vacuum cleaner once you have gotten hold of the fleas so that the fleas do not spread around in your home.

Immad Amir

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