Roomba Randomly Starts in the Middle of Night – Here’s What You Should Do!

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Have a busy household? Roomba can be your best friend! It will vacuum up to four rooms at a time for you and make you forget vacuuming by yourself ever existed. Connect Roomba with your smart home and get tons of other features as well. But when you get something automated, it obviously comes with glitches.

Sometimes glitches can be a little creepy and can make you think that a robot uprising has started. Moreover, it can give you the creeps if Roomba randomly starts in the middle of the night- in this case, here’s what you should do.

Why did my Roomba randomly start?

Like any other machine, Roomba can glitch. The memory might be corrupted, causing it to start at odd times randomly. You can fix the glitch by removing the batteries and putting them back in again. The corrupted software might have Roomba confused for a scheduled clean-up. Pulling out the batteries will erase any memory.

Can a Roomba turn on by itself?

One of the reasons why a Roomba can turn on by itself is if the battery runs out while the Roomba is cleaning. This can happen when Roomba returns to its home base to recharge and starts as soon as it is charged to complete the cleaning cycle.

Scheduled Cleaning Cycle

If you have scheduled a cleaning cycle through the app, then Roomba can start on its own and start cleaning. The scheduled cleanups can start even when you’re not home!

Corrupted Memory

If Roomba’s memory gets corrupted, it can confuse the robot and start the cleaning process at an odd time. The corrupted memory can fool Roomba into an unscheduled cleaning cycle.

Your pet might be the culprit

If you have a cat or a dog, they might have pressed the clean button by stepping on it, making you think it started by itself.

Why is my Roomba not running on schedule?

Battery power is one of the leading causes behind Roomba not running on schedule. If the battery drains out or if you remove it, it can reset the clock causing a schedule malfunction. Roomba can automatically recharge by returning to its home base, so you might not even know about the resetting of the clock.

Location of your charging station

Choosing an optimal location for the home base can be beneficial to avoid Roomba draining its battery. According to the area that needs cleaning, a central location is a great spot to place your home base.

You will be tempted to put the home base in a corner, but that will drain Roomba’s battery and mess up scheduling. According to iRobot, you should always use the home base to charge Roomba for healthy maintenance.

Incorrect clock setting

If you haven’t programmed the correct time on Roomba, the scheduled cleanings won’t take place on time. After Roomba is charged, check if the valid date and time are set.

You’ll face the same problem if you put the wrong time while scheduling a cleaning. You will have to reprogram schedule settings if Roomba’s battery has been drained for a while.

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How do I reset my Roomba schedule?

It is super easy to reset your Roomba’s schedule. Just follow the simple steps below!

STEP 1: Turn Roomba on by pressing the “clean” button.

fixing roomba randomly starting at night

STEP 2: Press and hold the “Spot” and “Dock” buttons for 10 seconds

STEP 3: Release the buttons after the green light around the clean button turns off.

STEP 4: Now your Roomba has been reset. You can check it by pressing the clock button, and you will see the clock settings have disappeared and reset.

Can you schedule Roomba without Wi-Fi?

You can manually schedule Roomba with just a few buttons and also use the iRobot app to do so. The steps below explain how to schedule Roomba 600 series iRobots without Wi-Fi easily!

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How to schedule Roomba without Wi-Fi?

  1. Turn Roomba on.
  2. Press and hold the schedule button on the left side under the clean button.
  3. Use the ‘Day’ (D), ‘Hour’ (H), and ‘Minutes’ (M) buttons to set the schedule.
  4. Make sure you set the time for each day of the week according to the time you want Roomba to clean your home.
  5. Now, release the schedule button. You will hear a beep when you release the button, this will indicate that the schedule has been set.
  6. Now, press and hold the schedule button and use the day button to double-check the schedules. Do this by pressing the Day button.

Final thoughts on Roomba randomly starting by itself in the middle of the night!

Robots come with glitches, but the great thing is that you can fix many things at home. Roomba is convenient and very user-friendly. Once you have it, you can sit back and relax while it cleans your home. Unlike many other robots, you won’t face complications with this one. Roomba is definitely a worthy investment that will save you time and energy!

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