Can Siri Be Jarvis?

can siri be jarvis

If you are a Siri user, you must be well aware that it is undoubtedly an interesting voice assistant. It can clearly follow and implement commands, but some users expect more from it. For instance, one of the most common questions tends to be can Siri be Jarvis?

No, Siri cannot be Jarvis except through jailbreaking. Apple has designed Siri to be a totally different entity on its own. You can neither change its name nor customize anything that changes the name or identity of the assistant. However, some users have tried their hands at turning Siri into Jarvis by jailbreaking their devices.

So, let’s find out whether Siri can actually be turned into Jarvis and how you can go around turning it into a reality.

Can you change Siri’s name to Jarvis?

As mentioned previously, Siri holds an identity of its own. Regardless of how boring it may sound for some users but naming it, Jarvis would kill the entire purpose. Therefore, a lot of users have tried their hand at naming Siri Jarvis.

However, there is a huge downside to it, which is you will need to jailbreak your iOS device. This process can potentially render your iPhone useless, so think about this decision!

At the same time, Siri cannot be given a nickname. If you were to speak to or call out Siri by another name or a nickname, it simply wouldn’t respond to you. The reason is that it is programmed to activate and respond to the name Siri only.

Turning Siri into Jarvis in a jailbroken iOS device

Turning Siri into Jarvis in a jailbroken iOS device is possible. Even though it is a simple tweak, which requires following a few simple steps, you might face some difficulties as a first-timer. So, let us help you out.

  1. Begin by opening Cydia and adding to your sources. Simply tap on Sources> Edit> Add.
  2. Once the repo has been added, refresh your sources and look for the Jarvis for Siri package in the Changes tab.
  3. After installing it, respring your device and launch Siri. You should now get new sounds.

In addition to that, you should also change Siri’s voice to male. This will make the hack even more realistic. Simply visit Settings> General> Siri and select the Language English and Male as voice gender.

Personalizing Siri

While it is clear that changing Siri’s name to Jarvis or turning it into Jarvis is impossible without jailbreaking, one thing you can do is personalization. For instance, you can change Siri’s voice and accent. This can be done by changing the genders.

Furthermore, you can also teach Siri to say your name; it can also call you by your nickname. If you do not like the way Siri pronounces your name, you can simply change or teach it to speak just the way you like, as Siri is already good at pronouncing names.

Replacing Siri’s sound effects with Jarvis’s

There is another way of replacing Siri sound effects with Jarvis, but you will need to first back up Siri sound effects because if you end up losing them, you will lose them for good. So, here is what you need to do:

  1. Download Jarvis sound effects and AirDrop them to your phone.
  2. Extract the files using Unarchiver.
  3. Tap edit and select all the files.
  4. Tap the clipboard button and then tap cut.
  5. Navigate to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds.
  6. Then, Edit> Paste> Overwrite.
  7. Finally, restart your device (not respring).

Make sure that you select English (United Kingdom) as the language and change to Male voice gender.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, changing Siri to Jarvis is impossible unless you are willing to jailbreak your device. Keep in mind that it will only make the voice assistant sound a bit more interesting, but the features will remain the same.

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