Can Siri Carry On a Conversation?

can siri carry on a conversation

Siri is known to do a lot of things. But most new users question whether Siri carry on a conversation. When it comes to talking to Siri, you can ask it loads of questions, and it’ll keep on answering. However, will it be able to talk to you like a friend would?

Siri will answer your questions, but it cannot carry on a conversation. The AI isn’t advanced enough to do so. Siri is only meant to be an assistant, not a friendly partner.

Why can’t Siri hold a meaningful Conversation?

Although Siri has a lot to offer when it comes to obeying human commands, everything comes with a limit, and there is no exception in the case of Siri either.

The major difference lies in the fact that Siri cannot ask questions, whereas humans can. Therefore, if you were to somehow try to get deep and meaningful with Siri, it’ll only have a straightforward response that won’t leave much room for carrying a conversation on.

On top of that, Siri was designed to provide not only ease and convenience but also answers and assistance. Therefore, an idle conversation isn’t a part of that.

Will Siri ever hold a meaningful conversation?

At the time, developers behind Siri are not focused on making Siri hold a meaningful conversation and for all the right reasons.

Siri first needs to work on the features that its competitors have been offering their users for years. It needs to be at the same level as Google and Microsoft etc. Siri is already behind in the race, and it needs to catch up with its competitors.

Can Siri carry on a conversation with another Siri?

It is possible for one Siri to talk to another Siri, but they won’t be able to hold a conversation on their own. Then again, it is simply because Siri cannot ask questions and is designed keeping humans in mind.

That said, if you want to see how it works out, you should place two Apple devices close to each other and tap one while the other is speaking. You will need to continue tapping the screen alternatively for the conversation to continue.

Therefore, you won’t be able to sit back and enjoy hearing two Siris talk; it’ll just all be a hassle.

Getting Siri to talk to another Siri

When it comes to Siri understanding or following your commands or talking to each other, proximity is the most important factor you need to keep in mind.

There should not be much distance between the two. You will have to experiment with this and bring the devices close enough so that they can hear each other.

Plus, you should also raise the volume of the devices for Siris to properly hear each other out. The proximity of the phones will also depend on your environment.

If you are in a silent and calm place, you can turn the volume up and place the phones at a relatively long distance. However, if the environment is noisy, you will have to bring the phones closer to each other.

Concluding thoughts on whether Siri can carry on a conversation

Siri is quite smart and can answer all kinds of questions, but it cannot carry on a conversation properly. Its replies are clipped and sometimes not meaningful enough. Only time will decide when Siri will be advanced enough to talk to you like a human being!

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