Can Siri Make Fart Noises?

can siri make fart noises

While there is no doubt that Siri can perform multiple useful tasks, the inner child in almost all of us often wonders if there are some unapologetically funny tricks that Siri can do. We all love fart pranks, but can we use Siri for that? In specific, can Siri make fart noises?

Yes, Siri can make fart noises. But for this, you’ll need an Apple Music subscription so that Siri can browse through it and find the right fart track for you.

Also, keep in mind that Siri shows different results to this command for different people, so do try this out on your own before carrying the prank out!

Prank your friends through Siri’s fart noises

If you own an Apple Watch and have linked it to your iPhone, then you can easily prank your friends by making it look like they farted. You just need to order Siri to make a fart noise, and she will do the rest of the work for you. Also, you must have Apple Music for this!

Here is how you can carry this prank out;

  1. Unlock your iPhone and set it next to your friend. Go to the adjacent room to make your prank look even funnier.
  2. Make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone and that you have an Apple Music subscription.
  3. Ask Siri to play a fart sound by pressing and holding the Digital Crown on your watch or by raising your wrist and saying, “Hey Siri, play a fart sound”.
  4. The fart sound effect will be played through your iPhone’s speaker once your iPhone searches Apple Music for it using the command from your Apple Watch.
  5. Once you’ve completed this, all you need to do is continuously start and stop the fart sound using the Music Glance on your Watch. Think about the amusing possibilities!

Final thoughts

In addition to being super useful, Siri can also be hilarious and help you out with pranks. If you’re a fan of fart pranks, this trick will be super fun to perform. Try it out soon and laugh your heart out, but make sure that your friend doesn’t get mad!

Apart from such pranks, you can interact with Siri itself and get some angry or sarcastic responses to have a good laugh. Learn all about this interaction here!

Immad Amir

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