Will a Smart TV Work Without Internet Connection!

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We have all wrecked our backs in the past, watching our favorite shows on our laptops and desktops. We have also spent a fortune buying CDs before that.

All of this changed after the invention of Smart TVs! This is where the internet and cable collided. Sure, you can access the internet from your smart TV but can your smart TV work even without the internet connection?

Is a smart TV a good option if you don’t have internet?

Yes, a smart TV will work perfectly fine without the internet. You can watch everything available on the cable and connect your DVD/Blu-ray players, etc., exactly like you would with a normal TV. However, a smart TV isn’t really worth it without the internet because the only thing that makes it “smart” is that it can connect to the internet.

A smart TV is not worth the expense if you don’t have an internet connection. You cannot stream from apps, download, and use features like voice assistants without the internet. If you don’t have internet, then you should purchase a normal TV rather than a smart one.

Smart TVs and internet updates

Smart TVs need regular firmware updates, and that is not possible without the internet. Updates are useful for bug fixes and new features. All of this helps maintain your TV and stay ahead of its competitor companies.

Turning normal TVs to smart TVs

You can also turn normal TVs into smart ones by various devices available in the market. It is worth noting that streaming on the internet is cheaper than cable, so that is a plus point. In terms of resolution, sound, and many other things, smart TVs deem normal ones obsolete.

Smart TV features that do not need internet

Without the internet, a smart TV is just like an ordinary TV. However, it is important to note that smart TVs do not use the obsolete technology used in normal TVs. Also, smart TVs are sleek and are more energy-friendly. There are other features offered, such as USB ports and more. There is also better audio, better video quality, and additional ports.

You can avail of many features from your smart TV without the internet, but not the features that only run through the internet. You can connect your speakers to your smart TV. Smart TVs offer you a much better screen resolution as compared to old TVs. Furthermore, you can connect your gaming consoles to your smart TV as well.

It goes without saying that your cable or satellite connection can also work without the internet. You always have the option of connecting your mobile data via a mobile hotspot.

How to connect smart TV with the internet?

If you have a wireless connection, you do not need to put the router next to the TV. All you need to do is go into the TV settings, choose your network connection, and put in your password, and all said. If you’re still confused, here is a step by step guide:

  1. Press the menu button on your remote
  2. Choose the Network Settings option, then select “Setting up a wireless connection.”
  3. Select your network names from the available networks
  4. Type in your Wi-Fi connections passwords using your remote.

Plug your Ethernet into your TV directly:

  1. There is an Ethernet port available at the back or side of your smart TV. Find that
  2. Take your Ethernet cable connected to your router and plug it in the port
  3. Press menu on your remote and go to Network Settings
  4. Select the wired network option
  5. Use your remote and type in your network’s password

If your TV is too far away and you want better signal strength:

You can extend the range of your network by using a power line.

  1. Plugin one of the adapters of your power line into the socket of the room where your router is
  2. Connect the power line adapter to your router using an Ethernet cable
  3. Plug your second power line adapter in a socket where your Smart TV is
  4. Plug the Ethernet cable into your smart TV
  5. You will plug the other end of the Ethernet cable connected to your TV into the power line adapter

Can I use my mobile hotspot for my smart TV?

The main purpose of mobile hotspot is to use your mobile data and connect it to any device you want. Whether it be your computer, a laptop, or your smart TV, mobile hotspot can provide an active internet connection to all. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Turn your mobile hotspot on
  2. Open the network connection settings and scan for new networks
  3. Select your mobile network when it shows up
  4. Put in the password you have set up for your hotspot connection and type that in using your TV remote.

You can stream any service, be it Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, YouTube, basically whatever you want. You need an internet connection to avail all the streaming services and even download apps.

Although, be mindful that using your mobile data is MUCH more expensive than a Wi-Fi connection. Note that Hulu Live Streaming does not work with a mobile hotspot, but the Hulu standard video on demand does.

Why won’t my TV connect to my hotspot anymore?

One of the reasons why your TV won’t connect to your hotspot anymore is that it might be at its maximum capacity. The capacity of your router and your mobile hotspot are different. Some mobiles can cater to up to 10 devices, while some can only connect to 5 devices. You can give it a shot by some troubleshoot fixes:

  1. Turn off your Smart TV and the device you are using for the hotspot for a minute, then restart it.
  2. Once you restart both devices, give it another go to connect.
  3. This will help reboot and refresh your mobile hotspot. This might help you connect it to your Smart TV.

There is always an alternative option to using broadband with your smart TV, but some broadband connections don’t work with smart TV sets. Other than that, mobile data can be extremely expensive, and you’ll lose lots of data while streaming.

Wrapping up my thoughts on a smart TV working without an internet connection!

Smart TVs are the newest technology when it comes to television sets. Their main selling point and attraction is the ability to connect to the internet. Of course, you can benefit from connecting your DVD, Blu-ray, or your USB with them, but the main purpose is not fulfilled without the internet.

Even if you don’t have internet and can’t stream, your smart TVs will still offer your high-resolution videos and great sound quality, which is always a plus!

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