What Universal Remote Works with Firestick? | Top 5 Selections!

What Universal Remote Works with Firestick Top 5 Selections!

If you are an owner of multiple gadgets and tend to use all of them at a single point in time, there is a great probability that you have gotten confused in the past. Sometimes, you would see yourself pointing the wrong remote at the wrong gadget, getting extremely frustrated at it not working.

The best solution to this is a single point remote, which would universally work with all the gadgets. If it is compatible with the Firestick as well, it will sort your life forever!

There are many universal remotes that work with a Firestick to make your life easier. However, at times, you may have to get your hands on an adaptor as well to make this system work. This choice of adaptor depends on the kind of remote that you have. This will give you control of your TV as well as most of the smart devices operating across your house.

Getting a universal remote; what’s the need?

One more remote? You would think of this instantly if you had to add another one into the pile you use already! However, this new, universal remote is going to solve all the mess for you. It would be a one-stop solution, turning out to be the best purchase you will ever make.

The moment you get your hands on a universal remote, you can instantly get rid of all the others you have because you will be able to control almost every device with this one single remote.

The invention of this technology is a recent one, as it aids in controlling the Amazon Firestick as well, which wasn’t a possibility beforehand. 

Features to look for.

There are numerous options available when it comes to buying a universal remote. While choosing one, there are a number of features that you need to keep in mind, inducing:

  • Compatibility with most of the devices in your home
  • Ease of usage to make things stress-free
  • An impressive battery life
  • Readily available tech support
  • Easy to customize

If you have the major points of consideration already listed down in your mind, it won’t take much time to select the right option. This will indeed make the decision-making process easier and quicker for you!

Top 5 universal remotes that work with Firestick

Considering the above-mentioned features, some of the best universal remotes that work with Firestick are listed below:

1.      Logitech Harmony Smart Control

  • Easy-to-handle design
  • Comes in various versions
  • Offers loads of compatibility
  • Works with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Undoubtedly the first choice of most of the tech-junkies is Logitech Harmony Smart Control. Anyone who is sick of using a bundle of remotes and ends up using the wrong one for the wrong device, this is your go-to universal remote!

The first thing that catches the attention of the on-looker is its amazing design. It has a sleek body, which is extremely attractive and practical. For anyone who is in a hurry, grabbing it gets pretty convenient. 

These remotes come in various versions, with some of them being able to control the Firestick as well. Each version has a different price, with those controlling the maximum devices being costlier than others. If you have numerous devices, invest in the one that can control as many as eleven of them simultaneously.

A smart home makes living easier and convenient. The Logitech Harmony Smart Control has the capacity to manage all the automation you have added to your house. Compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, it adds to the value that it offers to the users. To further add to its compatibility, it works with Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth conveniently. 

The best part? You don’t need to have a USB Y cable for it to work efficiently.

2.      GOWELL Bluetooth Remote

  • Compatible with many devices
  • Works through Bluetooth
  • Can control the sound system
  • Has a QWERTY keypad

The GOWELL Bluetooth Remote is a well-designed remote which makes life easier for the user. However, it’s not something that everyone can use easily! Rather, it has its own limitations and specifications that one needs to be aware of before buying it.

Though this remote has the ability to control a number of devices that work efficiently, the downside is that it connects with them only through Bluetooth. Yet, it can connect with most of the smart TVs as well as their devices. From the Android TV box to the Chromecast, it is compatible with all.

Another amazing feature of the GOWELL Bluetooth remote is that, through it, you can control the sound system as well. No matter how far you are from the sound system, you can operate it using the universal remote control, as long as they both are connected through Bluetooth or IR. 

One annoying thing about this remote is its QWERTY keypad. Let’s get honest; a QWERTY keypad is quite off-putting. In case you want to surf through the internet on the TV, you can make good use of it. Nonetheless, for a price tag of 25$, it is a pretty usable remote that you can get your hands on. 

3.      SofaBaton F2

  • A clip-on device
  • Provides 11 extra buttons to Firestick
  • Uses Infrared technology
  • Automatically customizes its functioning based on usage

SofaBaton F2 is yet another amazing device that you can use to control the smart house while keeping it compatible with the Firestick. It is not exactly a remote; rather, it is a device that you can clip into the Firestick, and it would expand its functioning capacities. 

By adding it to the Firestick, you get to have eleven extra buttons. These buttons expand your control over the other items, including the TV, cable box, DVD players, and many more devices. The technology that it uses for its functioning is that of the Infrared.

One thing that sets it apart from others is that it has the ability to learn your most frequently used buttons, and through it, it customizes its functioning for you. Hence, it simplifies your life to a great deal.

However, still, it won’t be the best choice to go for owing to the use of cheap material in its making. At the same time, it is not as durable as other available options are. 

4.      Sideclick Universal Remote

  • A clip-on device
  • Uses Infrared technology
  • Adds 8 extra buttons to Firestick
  • Compatible with other devices too

Just like the above gadget, the Sideclick Universal Remote is also an add-on to the previous remote and not a complete remote in itself.

It is a clip-on device that you can use with your usual Firestick remote. It adds to the functions of the Firestick, ensuring that now you can use it with much more enthusiasm and excitement. 

Connecting the Sideclick Universal Remote with your Firestick will add eight buttons to it. This connectivity will be made by using Infrared technology. This way, it is able to read the command of the user easily and take action on it efficiently. 

Apart from this, it doesn’t connect only with the Firestick. Rather, in case you want to change the streaming device, you can replace it with something else, and it will still work efficiently. 

5.      WeChip Mini Air Fly Mouse Remote

  • Offers a complete keyboard at the back
  • Very compatible with different devices
  • Uses IR Learning
  • Offers 2.4G wireless connection

Having the looks of a blueberry mobile phone, the WeChip Mini Air Fly Mouse Remote comes with some amount of convenience. Although its design is a huge put-off for the customers, some like it for the keyboard that it comes with.

This remote has a complete keyboard, which makes searching for a show easier. No matter which functions you want to make use of, you can do that easily. 

Apart from the fire sticks, this remote is quite compatible with android devices as well as personal computers. Hence, you can buy it once and then use it forever by adding and attaching more devices with it. 

The remote supports IR Learning to make things easier for you. Moreover, this remote utilizes a low power consumption 2.4G wireless connection to connect to other devices.

However, to connect this remote with Firestick, you need to use an OTG cable. An additional cost of buying the OTG cable will, however, be something you’ll have to tolerate.

Concluding my thoughts on universal remotes that work with Firestick!

A universal remote surely makes life easier. You are able to use loads of gadgets and devices using a single/universal mode of control. However, the plethora of options available makes the final decision a bit confusing.

If you want to buy something compact and of great value, go for the Logitech Harmony Companion remote. It will require you to pay a bit extra, but it will sort your life forever!

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