Can You Use a Firestick on Your Computer? [ANSWERED]

Can You Use a Firestick on Your Computer [ANSWERED]

The Amazon firestick is a splendid device that instantly converts your TV into a smart media station. Just plug it in, ensure a good Wi-Fi connection, and you’re done! But what if you can’t use your TV for some reason and require an alternative? Is using a firestick on your computer possible? Or can you use it on your laptop? Let’s find out now!

Yes! You can use a firestick on your computer. Simply plug it directly into your monitor’s HDMI port or use an HDMI-to-VGA adapter to establish the connection. Just make sure that your monitor is HDCP-enabled.

Note: HDCP-enabled monitors allow you to decrypt and watch the content without any issues. If your monitor isn’t HDCP-enabled, you won’t be able to stream content from the firestick.

Using a firestick with a computer monitor 

You can easily connect the firestick to a monitor with or without an HDMI input. Just follow the methods below!

Connecting firestick to the monitor with an HDMI input

If your monitor has an HDMI input, simply plug the firestick in as explained above. However, an issue might arrive if you don’t have a built-in speaker inside your monitor!

What to do if my monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers?

No need to worry! You simply need an HDMI Audio Extractor. Follow the steps below to attach the audio extractor to your firestick and monitor:

  1. Plug the firestick into the audio extractor.
  2. Then, plug the HDMI cable of the audio extractor into your monitor.
  3. Now take the audio cord coming out of the audio extractor and connect it to your speakers.

Connecting firestick to the monitor using an HDMI-to-VGA adapter (no HDMI input)

If your monitor does not have an HDMI input (usually old monitors), you can use an HDMI-to-VGA adapter to plug the firestick into the VGA port on your monitor! Just connect the firestick to the HDMI input on the adapter and then connect the adapter to the monitor through the VGA output.

You can even connect speakers to the HDMI-to-VGA adapter because it has an audio output too!

Using a firestick with a personal computer 

Now, if you want to connect the firestick directly to the computer, not to the monitor, then the steps are a bit tricky but totally possible. 

There are two methods to connect a firestick to a computer:

  1. Using an HDMI input port (power adapter method)
  2. Using an HDMI output port (video capture card method)

Let’s discuss both methods step by step below.

Method 1: Using a firestick on a computer through an HDMI input port

  1. Take a power adapter and connect the firestick power cable to it. Then plug the adapter into the computer’s power outlet.
  2. Turn the computer on. The monitor will be displaying the firestick logo.
  3. You will see some instructions on the monitor screen, read and follow them.
  4. Now, press the Play button on your firestick remote, then attach the firestick remote to the stick.
  5. Then, choose your preferred language, your network options, and sign in to your Amazon account.

And you’re done!

Method 2: Using a firestick on a computer through an HDMI output port

If your computer doesn’t have an HDMI input port and only consists of HDMI output ports, then you’ll need to use an external HDMI Video Capture Card.

Simply plug the firestick into the capture card through the HDMI input port on the card. Then, plug the capture card into your computer using a USB cord.

Using firestick with a laptop

Your laptop might have an HDMI input port, but it still won’t work how it’s supposed to with a firestick. This is because the basic working design of a laptop and a firestick is practically the same.

The HDMI port of a laptop, if available, is able to merely stream the content (like a firestick) to an external screen, such as a TV. However, it is not able to receive the content and display it on the laptop’s own screen. Hence, a separate connecting device is required.

This here would be the HDMI Video Capture Card! Just connect the firestick to the video capture card’s HDMI input. Then, plug the video capture card into the laptop through a USB cord. And that’s it!

How to connect firestick to monitor using Bluetooth?

You can cast to your firestick from your computer using screen-casting. In firestick, go to Display & Audio and Enable Display Mirroring. Then, activate screen mirroring on your computer by going to Action Center, then clicking Connect, and choosing Fire TV.

Can I use firestick without Wi-Fi?

Yes! You don’t need Wi-Fi or internet to use firestick.

Do I need multiple firesticks for different devices?

If you want to use a firestick on multiple devices simultaneously, you will need multiple firesticks. If that’s not the case, then you can use a single firestick on different devices.

How many free streaming services do you get with firestick?

With firestick, you get more than 180 free channels. You get services such as YouTube, hoopla, IMDb, and Xumo TV.

Concluding my thoughts on using a firestick with a computer!

Firestick is an extremely handy invention that is able to connect to different display devices easily. However, to do so, you need to follow some simple steps. For one, ensure that you have an HDMI input port, and if you don’t, then get an HDMI Video Capture Card. That’s all you need to connect your firestick to your monitor, personal computer, or even your laptop!

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