Is Disney Plus On Alexa?

is disney plus on alexa

The subscription-based online video streaming service, Disney Plus, provides over 100,000 hours of entertainment in the form of TV episodes and films in nine different languages. Some networks feature live sports. If you’re an Alexa user, you must be wondering, “Is Disney Plus on Alexa?”.

No, Disney Plus is currently not supported by the Amazon Echo Show’s selection of products. However, it is supported by compatible Fire tablets, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Cubes from Amazon. Therefore, you can use Alexa to access Disney Plus through the Fire TV products. 

This article will guide you about an indirect way through which you can use Alexa to play Disney Plus.

Roll of Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV cube

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming tool that enables you to install apps, play music, stream videos, and more on your TV.

Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and Disney plus are available on the Amazon Fire TV stick. It is pretty simple to install Disney Plus on an Amazon Fire TV stick if you own one and then access it through Alexa.

Installing Disney Plus on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV stick has a larger display than the Echo Show, and the streaming experience is not much different. Follow the given steps to install Disney Plus on the Amazon Fire TV stick.

  1. On the Amazon Fire TV Stick’s home screen, enter “Disney Plus” in the search field.
  2. Click on Disney Plus in the search results’ Apps & Games row.
  3. Tap on GET to install the Disney Plus app.
  4. Once the app is installed, open it to run it on your Amazon Fire TV stick.
  5. Create a Disney Plus account and log in to access shows, sports, and movies.

Controlling the Amazon Fire TV Stick using Alexa

Users of Amazon Fire TV may now utilize their Echo devices to control what they watch and do. Simply pairing an Echo device with a Fire TV will allow Alexa to respond to voice commands.

You can use your Echo Show to give voice commands and manage your Fire TV even if you cannot stream Disney Plus content on Echo Show.

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You first have to download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet so you can use your Echo device to operate your Fire TV. Once downloaded, you must use the app to connect your Fire TV to your Echo device.

The steps are described in more depth below:

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Go to the TV and Video section.
  3. Type “Fire TV” in the search bar and tap on the Fire TV option once the results show up.
  4. When the skill card details page opens up, tap on Link your Alexa Device.
  5. To complete the setup, follow all the instructions on the screen.

Connecting Echo Device to the Fire TV Stick

After you are done linking your Fire TV Stick to Alexa, you will also need to connect the Echo device to the Fire TV Stick so you can use the voice command feature of Alexa.

The process is easy and consists of two steps. Here is what you need to do to connect the Echo Device to the Fire TV stick:

  1. Go to the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices section of your Fire TV’s settings.
  2. Browse through and look for Other Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Click on your Echo Device profile and link it to your Fire TV.
  4. Once you’re connected, you may now activate your Fire TV using voice commands.

Additionally, you may use voice commands to watch particular programs, games, and movies on particular streaming services. For instance, you may ask Alexa to play Rapunzel on Disney Plus to watch a Disney movie.

Following are some Alexa commands that you can use:

  • Alexa, open Disney Plus
  • Alexa, pause/rewind/play
  • Alexa, look for Disney movies
  • Alexa, play Mulan

Moreover, you can also use this Alexa skill to get great Disney Plus recommendations!

Final thoughts on whether Disney Plus is on Alexa

Disney Plus is not supported by the Amazon Echo show device, unlike other OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. However, it is compatible with Alexa. It would help if you had the Amazon Fire TV Stick to navigate the technicalities of linking Alexa to Disney Plus.

Moreover, you also need to connect the Echo Device to the Amazon Fire TV stick so you can use Alexa’s voice command feature to stream your favorite videos and movies from Disney Plus easily.

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