Roomba 614 Vs. 690: Which One Should You Get?

Roomba 614 Vs. 690 Which One Should You Get

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner offers amazing services when it comes to cleaning the surface off dirt, debris, and pet hair. Both models, 614 and 690, offer a top-notch cleaning facility, ensuring that the carpets and hard floors are squeaky clean after they make a round on them. The latter, however, offers a bit extra than the former.

Let us explore each model’s features in detail while drawing a thorough comparison to help you select the one for your house!

Comparison: A quick overview

The two models, Roomba 614 and 690, are somewhat similar with slight differences.

For instance, they differ in:

  1. These two models come with a slight difference in their designs
  2. The connectivity options offered by these vacuums make a difference in the convenience offered.
  3. The weight is slightly different.
  4. The Roomba 690 offers some extra features compared to the Roomba 614.

Comparison: A detailed explanation

Let’s dive deeper into the details to help you decide between the two models and make the final choice logically!

Roomba scheduling

Scheduling refers to pre-setting a routine for these vacuums. Once you set the routine, the machines will start working automatically on the set time. You can schedule the robots to work at least seven times a week. However, this facility is available only in Roomba 690, while Roomba 614 does not offer scheduling.

Wi-Fi support

If you are looking for a smart machine that connects with Wi-Fi, you should opt for Roomba 690. It offers you a Wi-Fi connectivity feature, which makes its management and operation much easier,

This way, you can operate the machine even remotely. You simply need to connect it with your smartphone and download the application of iRobot Home. Using this application, you will be able to make it work remotely.

Cleaning, scheduling, and shifting of the surface can be done easily through a remote command on the application. You can connect Roomba 690 with Amazon Alexa as well. This way, you would simply need to command the robot to work just according to your instructions.

On the other hand, Roomba 614 does not come with the facility of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Remote control

A remote is not explicitly available with either of the vacuums. However, commanding and managing the tasks of Roomba 690 is possible with the help of the smartphone application of iRobot Home.

For Roomba 614, you can purchase a separate remote-control device if you want to. This would then be connected to the vacuum and make it work according to your demands.

Virtual wall barrier

A virtual wall barrier in dual-mode is a part of the Roomba 690. This is a standalone device. Its function is to keep your robot away from all the areas where it is not supposed to enter. It keeps the robot safe and secure by limiting its entrance into dangerous spaces.

However, the Roomba 614 does not come with a virtual wall barrier, and it can roam around wherever it wants to!

Device weight

Though weight is not an incredibly significant factor when it comes to talking about robot vacuums as you do not practically need to hold them while cleaning. However, if you are still interested in knowing, there is a slight difference in the weight of these two products.

The weight of Roomba 614 is 8.4 lbs., while the Roomba 690 weighs around 7.9 lbs. This makes the latter option a little lighter than the former.

Price factor

There is a slight difference in the prices of these two models. Roomba 690 is a bit pricier compared to the Roomba 614.

The filter of both the models needs to be changed every two months while the battery is to be replaced after two years. On average, the maintenance cost of both these vacuums would cost around $32 per year.

Charging time

Both these models come with the same battery attached to them, which is 1800 mAH. Considering this, their run time is also identical, i.e., one hour. However, Roomba 614 requires a duration of 3.5 hours to be charged completely, while the 690 version requires around 2 to 3 hours for it to be charged. 

Check this article to learn more about Roomba charging!

Similarities between Roomba 690 and 614

Apart from the above-mentioned differences, the Roomba 614 and Roomba 690 offer similar features, characteristics, and specifications. These include:

Dirt detection

This is surely the most remarkable feature of both the vacuums. They come with advanced mapping technology, which helps them detect the dirt in the most efficient manner possible.

Using this technology, they can automatically drive their bots over to the dirt area to clean it up. They memorize the map of the home and reach the area having debris immediately. This always keeps your house squeaky clean.

Working mechanism

The working mechanism of both the vacuums is exactly the same! They contain two rolling brushes, also known as debris extractors. When the vacuum comes over the detected dirt, these debris extractors loosen up. They lift and cover the debris. The suction path then sucks up the dirt.

Once the dirt and dust and completely sucked up, it is sent over to the attached dustbin. Here it is stored till the time the vacuum is cleaned.

IAdapt responsive cleaning technology

The technology that sets these robot vacuums apart from the regular ones is IAdapt responsive cleaning technology. This technology basically involved top-notch sensors and highly sophisticated software. Both elements work in unison and give these vacuums their distinctive nature.

This technology further lets them roam across the entire house. They are able to make varied passes, avoid the stairs and move under the furniture to clean the dirt and debris easily. These sensors let them reach even the trickiest part of the house, where the dirt may be accumulating!

Another feature offered by this technology to the robots is the ability to adjust their movement and work just according to the surface on which it is moving. For instance, if it shifts from the carpet to the hardwood or from lamination to the tiles, it changes its working mechanism accordingly.

Acoustic sensors

Both the models manufactured by Roomba come with acoustic sensors. These sensors are able to detect the dirt spaces quite accurately and then spend some extra time cleaning the area.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how Roomba bags are reusable!

The three-stage vacuuming feature

These vacuum models take three steps, leading to a squeaky-clean surface. These include:

  1. The rotating multi-surface brushes pick the debris up. They clean the pet hair and dirt from the surface.
  2. The side brush keeps spinning and cleans all the surrounding wall edges.
  3. The vacuum pull sucks the hair out from the brushes and throws them into the bin.

The final decision

Choosing between Roomba 614 vs. 690 could put you in a fix. However, if you want some extra features at the same price, opt for Roomba 690 as it comes with something extra. You can connect the robot vacuum with the Wi-Fi, schedule its working and command it remotely through the mobile application.

Concluding my thoughts on Roomba 614 vs. 690!

Robot vacuums are a great option for anyone with a disability who can’t hold the vacuum for long periods. At the same time, as these vacuums work independently, you can continue with your other daily chores while they will clean your house.

It is definitely tough to make a choice between two great models of Roomba, but I hope that I have highlighted all the points that you need to consider before purchasing the right model suited to your needs. Happy shopping!

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