Roomba 675 vs 677 – Detailed Comparison!

Roomba 675 vs 677 - Detailed Comparison!

Irobot robot vacuums when first came out took the world by storm. These robots take care of the vacuum cleaning process for you while you relax. There have been a number of different models coming up over the years, making it difficult to pick exactly which one is best for you. In this article, we are going to do a detailed comparison on Roomba 675 and 677.

This article comprises of the similarities and differences between the two models and a thorough comparison of the specifications. We shall also discuss the other aspects one should be aware of such as maintenance and operational cost comparison. Keep on reading to find the best one for you!                                

Similarities between Roomba 675 and 677

Performing the same function of smart vacuum cleaning, the models have a myriad of similar aspects. Mentioned below is a list of the more prominent features they share:

Wireless Communications

You can command both the models with either the local controls or the Wi-Fi enabled mobile app and voice commands.

Automatic Recharging

Both the models will keep their batteries in check and when running low, will return to their charging stations to get recharged.

Bristled Extractors

 Both models come with bristle brush rollers for extraction

Standard filtration

The Roomba 675 and 677 both work on the AeroVac standard filtration system.

Original iAdapt navigation

The two robots use sensor based navigation to operate in your home.


iRobot provides both models with a limited warranty time of 1 year.

Differences between Roomba 675 and 677

Now that we have looked at the similarities, let’s have a look at the differences between the two models that set them apart. With that being said, there are not many differences between them, here’s a few to help you decide:

Containment Inclusion  

Roomba 677 comes with a dual-mode virtual wall barrier. The Roomba 675, however, does not have containment included.

Body Colour

Roomba 675 is black with black trim whereas the Roomba 677 is gray with black trim.

Where they are being sold!

Initially, the Roomba 675 was being sold on Amazon, the iRobot store and some other shops. The 677 model was exclusively sold through Kohl’s and Sam’s Club.

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Specification chart

Refer to this chart for a side by side comparison between the two models.

PropertiesRoomba 675Roomba 677
Size13.3×13.3×3.6 inches  13.3×13.3×3.6 inches
Weight7.8 pounds7.8 pounds
NavigationiAdapt 1.0iAdapt 1.0
Battery1800mAh Lithium-ion1800mAh Lithium-ion
Charge TimeAbout 3 hoursAbout 3 hours
RuntimeUp to 90 minutesUp to 90 minutes
Automatic RechargeYesYes
Entire Level CleanNoNo
Carpet BoostNoNo
Drop SensorsYesYes
Bump SensorsYesYes
Dirt Detection SensorsYesYes
Camera NavigationNoNo
Voice ControlsYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Wireless CommunicationsYesYes
Voice ControlsYesYes
Floor TypesAllAll
ContainmentNone Included1 dual-mode virtual wall barrier
Collection Bin Capacity0.5L0.5L
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Cleaning comparison – Roomba 675 vs 677

The two models use a combination of two different rollers for extraction. The first roller is a smaller paddled beater roller that agitates the carpet and the second roller, also the primary one is a bristled brush roller that picks up loosened dirt and debris.

The rubber roller doesn’t have a greater function. Both the rollers are enclosed in a cage that adjusts to different floor heights. However, the rubber paddles do not expand far through the cage, less than 1/16 of an inch so they don’t really pick up much dirt beyond the first layer of the carpet fibers.

On the other hand, the brush roller is pretty decent and does most of the work. It will seep into low and medium pile carpet fibers easily but traps a lot of hair, sting and pet fur around the bristles. Though, the two models come with a cleaning tool that helps you unclog them.

The robots perform quite well on hard flooring too. The main floor is cleaned nicely enough, the edges, however may still have a little debris left behind. The side brush spins too fast (a problem not rectified until the Roomba s9+). The edges and corners will be cleaned by it, but not as per your expectations.

 The filtration is also found to be lacking. Using the AeroVac standard filter system, there isn’t any HEPA quality filtration. People looking for in-home allergen reduction won’t be able to find it with these two models. The filters are designed in a manner so as to keep the motor area cleaned and prevent large debris from entering your home.    

Maintenance and operational cost comparison

It is very important to keep your Roomba cleaned and maintained to ensure it works properly and lasts you long. Most of the issues that come with Roomba are because of improper cleaning.

All the constituent parts are really easy to find either directly through iRobot or there are a ton of third party manufacturers.

The cleaning methods for both models are relatively same. The filter and bin should be kept clean so that you don’t face any issues with air-flow restriction and loss of power.

The brushes also need to be thoroughly cleaned every now and then. The pack of filters and brush for iRobot Roombas or replenishment kits are available on Amazon as well as iRobot’s official store as well for $49.99.

If you run out of batteries, they are available for $89.99. All other constituent parts are available to help you care for your Roomba.

The batteries and replenishing kit are the two things that you are most definitely going to need at some point that is why, the care cost of both the models will actually be similar. If you face issues with other parts then you can get them through iRobot official store or Amazon.

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Different cleaning options of Roomba 675 and 677

Cleaning FeatureRoomba 675Roomba 677
3-Stage Cleaning system to loosen, lift and suction dust, hair and dirt from hard floors and carpet ✓ ✓
Dual Multi Surface brushes grab dirt, dust and larger debris to clean carpet and floors. ✓ ✓
Patented Dirt Detect to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt ✓ ✓

Concluding my thoughts on the comparison!

By the end of this article, you would know all that you need to about the two Roomba models 675 and 677. A thorough comparison along with the similarities has been carried out in this article to help you decide which model is the perfect fit for your home.

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