Roomba e5 Vs. e6 – Detailed Comparison!

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The iRobot e-Series were launched in 2018, and ever since then, people have wanted to know which model from either of the two has better money value; Roomba e5 or Roomba e6.

Both of these robot vacuums are almost similar in terms of their design, features, and function. However, there always seems to be a unique feature that sets them apart from each other.

For this purpose, we’re going to make a detailed comparison of the different aspects of Roomba e5 and Roomba e6, including their similarities, differences, maintenance, and expenditure.

And as a result, you’ll be able to fully decide which e-Series model is better for you by the end of this article.

Similarities between Roomba e5 and e6

Technically, Roomba e6 is just Roomba e5 with more accessories. The specifications and functionalities of the e5 and e6, when compared side by side, show that these robot vacuums are virtually identical.

Roomba e6 has the same design, runtime, and power as e5, except for some additional parts. Given below is a list of similarities between Roomba e5 and e6:

  • Design: Round body
  • Dimensions: 13.3′′DIA x 3.4′′H
  • Run time: 90 minutes
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes
  • Smart Navigation Control: iAdapt 1.0
  • Brush roll: Dual; rubberized
  • Side sweeping brush: Yes
  • Improved suction power: Yes
  • High-Efficiency Filter: Yes
  • Dirt Detect sensors: Yes
  • Cliff Detect sensors: Yes
  • Washable dustbin: Yes

Design & body

Both Roomba e5 and e6 have the same design, i.e., a round body style with three control keys on the top.

Weight & dimensions

Roomba e5 and e6 have a diameter of 13.3 inches and a height of just 3.6 inches. This allows them to slip under narrow surfaces and fit in tight places.

Moreover, these robot vacuums only weigh 7.2 lbs. (3.3 kg), so you can easily carry them in your luggage.

Battery life

Both e5 and e6 models possess a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of up to 1,800 mAh. The battery has a runtime of 90 minutes and takes about 3 hours to get fully charged.

While setting these iRobots up for cleaning, you need to check if they are properly charged. They don’t resume cleaning when interrupted by a low battery alert.

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Wi-Fi connectivity

The Roomba e5 and e6 vacuums are Wi-Fi enabled, which means that they can be connected to your phone or smartwatch. This enables you to control and configure your robot remotely using the HOME app. The iRobot HOME App can be downloaded for free on both iPhone OS and Android devices.

Once you’ve downloaded the HOME App, register with iRobot, then pair your phone/tablet/smartwatch to your Roomba. Now you can easily program your cleaning device through many different operations available in the app. For example:

  • Activating the vacuum to clean whenever you want.
  • Scheduling the cleaning duty at different times and days of the week.

Apart from that, both Roomba e5 and e6 are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, as well as with Google Home. You can easily give voice commands to your preferred smart assistant to begin or end a cleaning cycle from the comfort of your place.

Smart navigation control

Roomba e5 and e6 possess the same navigating technology, i.e., iAdapt. This technology enables these robot vacuums to learn and adapt to your home, regardless of moving randomly throughout the space sometimes. Thus, the navigation gets better with time.

The Smart Navigation system keeps track of the area, while the device’s multiple sensors allow it to move around your furniture.

This also enables these Roombas to drive themselves all the way back to the docking station to recharge as well.

Brush roll

Unlike most conventional vacuum cleaners, both Roomba e5 and e6 have a pair of rubber brushes instead of bristles.

Each brush has a different working pattern, and they rotate towards each other. While one brush gathers and sweeps the debris towards the suction opening, the other brush lifts it up into the opening.

Rubber brushes are soft. Therefore, they can make firm contact with the floor while cleaning. The robots glide smoothly from carpet to hardwood (or vice versa) and collect waste along the way without any problem.

Side sweeping brush

Both of these vacuum cleaners utilize a side sweeping brush. It rotates to pick up dirt and waste from the edges and corners. The side sweeping brush, while working, tilts the vacuum up by 27 degrees so that the residue can be easily swept under the vacuum.

Increased suction power

The new iRobot e-Series have 5x more suction strength than the previous 600 series. As a consequence, e5 and e6 can easily gather all sorts of dirt, dust, and residue.

High-efficiency filter

Roomba e5 and e6 are ideal for allergic households or homes with pets. These vacuums are provided with a high-efficiency filter that can seize particles of up to 3 microns.

Such filters can remove up to 99% of pet dander and allergens (molds, spores, pollen, and dust mites) from your living space.

Dirt detect sensors

All e-Series models possess Dirt Detect sensors. These sensors detect filthy surfaces that need a thorough cleaning. The robot then repeatedly drives over the area until it’s clean. 

Cliff detect sensors

The e-Series iRobots also possess a Cliff Detector or a height detector to avoid falling off the edge of stairs. Roomba e5 and e6 are ideal for homes having a basement or multiple floors. You can use these vacuums without needing to worry that they will drive off the stairs or other lofty places and will end up in pieces on the floor.

Washable dustbin

Roomba e5 and e6 have removable dustbins that can be rinsed under running water without causing any harm to the device. Just remove it, wash it off, dry it, and reinstall it. Your bin is now ready for its next cycle.

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Differences between Roomba e5 and e6

What is the difference between e5 and e6?

Although Roomba e5 and e6 have a lot in common, there are minor differences that set them apart. The main difference is that with e6, you get an extra filter and two virtual walls. Other minor differences include color, cost, and accessibility of the product.

The following table highlights these subtle variations so that you can easily decide which iRobot to prefer.  

FeaturesRoomba e5Roomba e6
ColorBlack / BlackTan / Black
FilterYes (×1)Yes (×2)
Virtual wallNoYes (×2)

Device color

The Roomba e5 comes in an all-black body, while the Roomba e6 is two-toned; black and white.


The Roomba e5 has a pre-installed filter, while Roomba e6 comes with two filters; a pre-installed filter and a replacement filter.

Virtual wall

While Roomba e5 doesn’t come with virtual walls, Roomba e6 possesses two dual-mode virtual walls. The dual-mode barriers enable you to fence off areas using two different techniques.

Price factor

As of now, Roomba e5 costs $400 on the iRobot official website. However, you can purchase the e5 model for $300 on Sam’s Club’s website. On the other hand, the Roomba e6 is worth $400 on the Costco website.

You can save a good amount of money on the vacuums by purchasing them during a sale. There are occasional sales for iRobot products, so make sure to run a price check before ordering.

Market availability

You can easily find Roomba e5 online, like on the iRobot website or Sam’s Club’s website.

On the other hand, Roomba e6 is not easily available online and can be bought only from selected retailers, such as Amazon or Walmart.

Specification chart

SpecificationRoomba e5Roomba e6
ManufactureriRobot CorporationiRobot Corporation
ModelRoomba e5 (5150)Roomba e6 (6198)
Weight7.2 lbs. (3.3 kg)7.2 lbs. (3.3 kg)
Diameter / width13.3″ (inches)13.3″ (inches)
Height3.6″ (inches)3.6″ (inches)
Battery capacity1,800 mAh1,800 mAh
Maximum runtime90 minutes90 minutes
Floor typeAll (indoor)All (indoor)
iAdapt navigationYesYes
Imprint Smart MappingNoNo
Virtual wallNone includedYes (×2); Dual-mode
High-Efficiency FilterYes (×1)Yes (×2)
Washable dustbin (on-board)YesYes
DustbinDustbin capacity~0.5 L~0.5 L
ColorBlack on BlackTan on Black
Warranty1 year1 year

Cleaning comparison – Roomba e5 and e6

Since both the models are almost identical to each other, their cleaning process is also the same.

You need to clean your Roomba, whether e5 or e6, regularly for proper functioning. For optimum performance, it’s best to clean the parts once or twice a week, depending upon how much the robot is used.

You’ll be required to clean the brush rolls, side sweeping brush, filter, and dustbin for this purpose. If there are people or pets with long hair in your home, you may also need to cut hair away from the brushes. Apart from that, no additional maintenance is needed.

Cleaning the side sweeping brush

Examine the side sweeping brush to see if it has hair wrapped around it. Remove the bolt holding the brush with a screwdriver. Flip the brush over to get the hair out, then clean it with a microfiber towel.

Cleaning the brush rolls

It’s better to clean the rubber brushes with a microfibre cloth than rinsing them with water. They have bearings on the axle that may rust if exposed to water.

Lift the latch up to take out the two rollers. Gently rub the brush roll assembly with a clean microfibre towel. You may also use a portable vacuum to remove any debris accumulation.

Cleaning the filter

The best way to clean the iRobot e-Series filter is by gently tapping it on a solid surface to remove accumulated dust particles.

For deep cleaning, vacuum the filter with a handheld.

Emptying the dustbin

Both the e-Series models have a detachable collection bin that you can easily unload and clean by rinsing it under running water.

Just press the button with a bin icon at the back of the robot. Empty the waste bin. Rinse it with water, then wipe it dry with a cloth. Put it back in the cleaner. Now it’s ready for the next cleaning round.

Wiping the wheels

Use a microfiber towel to wipe down the three wheels under the robot. A microfiber towel is best to clean such parts because it has a soft texture and good retention.

Cleaning the sensors

Gently wipe the drop sensors that are present underneath the vacuum with a microfiber fabric. Don’t rub too hard as it may damage their sensitivity.

Wiping the robot’s exterior

Finally, wipe the robot’s body with a clean microfiber cloth, especially the front bumper and the base plate, to remove any fingerprints and other build-ups.

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Maintenance and operational cost comparison

The maintenance cost of Roomba e5 and e6 is similar, except for the fact that you have to spend more on accessories in the case of Roomba e5.

The iRobot Roomba, including e-Series, can last you between 2 to 6 years, depending upon its usage and maintenance frequency.  

During this duration, the parts that need to be replaced frequently are mentioned with their prices (as per iRobot’s website) in the table below.

The replacement frequency decreases as you go down the table.

AccessoriesPriceReplacement frequency
High-Efficiency Filter$35 (pack of 3)2 to 4 months
Rubberized brush rolls$356 to 12 months
Side sweeping brush$15 (pack of 3)6 to 12 months
Front caster wheels$8Every 12 months
Lithium-ion battery$902 to 3 years
Remote control$302 to 3 years
Virtual wall barrier$60 ($100 for a pair)

Now let’s calculate the cost of tools and cleaning supplies needed for these robot vacuums.

Tools and cleaning suppliesPrice (minimum)Restocking frequency
Microfiber towel$10Every 3 months
Cleaning spray for electronics$5Every 6 months
Handheld vacuum cleaner$50
Fine screwdriver$10

How much does it cost to run a Roomba e-Series?

The Roomba e-Series requires 3 hours at 30 watts to fully charge. If you run your robot vacuum once every two days, then it will cost you around $0.15 a month.

Should I leave my Roomba plugged in?

Yes. You need to leave the robot plugged in when it’s not being used. Remember to charge the Roomba as soon as possible. Not charging the Roomba for several days can damage the battery.

Since you need to keep the robot plugged in at all times, it will cost you about $0.35 per month of electricity.

That is 0.35 × 12 = $4.2 a year on average.

Note: The electricity rates are different for different regions. Other variables may also affect the cost of electricity.

Now when we summarize and compare the maintenance and operational cost of Roomba e5 and e6, it comes down to this:

ExpenditureRoomba e5Roomba e6
Device purchase price$300$400
Accessories$100 (virtual wall barriers)
Replacements (per year)$90$80
Maintenance tools$60$60
Cleaning supplies (per year)$50$50
Electricity (per year)$4.2$4.2

There’s not much price difference between the working cost of the two models.

However, Roomba e6 can help you save a few bucks in the long run since it already comes with a replacement filter and two virtual walls.

Different cleaning options of Roomba e5 and e6

The cleaning options for both e-Series models are virtually the same.

Roomba e5 and e6 are mid-tier robot vacuums excellent for pet dander and animal allergens. They can collect 99% of dirt and waste from all types of indoor floors.

The following table compares the cleaning choices for both Roomba e5 and e6.

Cleaning optionsRoomba e5Roomba e6
Hardwood floor
High pile carpet
Low pile carpet
Linoleum floor
Marble floor

Overall cleaning performance: 99%

Does Roomba e5 have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Roomba e5 is Wi-Fi enables. It will easily connect to your phone or smartwatch.

Does Roomba e6 work with Alexa?

Yes, Roomba e6 is compatible with Alexa and Google Home as well.

Does the Roomba e5 dock itself?

Quite impressively, both the Roomba e5 and e6 robots drive themselves back to the docking station to recharge when their battery gets low or when they finish vacuuming.

Will Roomba e6 fall downstairs?

No. It has Cliff Detect sensors that prevent it from falling off edges or elevated surfaces.

Can I wash my Roomba e-Series filter?

You can. However, it’s better not to. Just tap it on a rigid surface to knock out any collected dust. For thorough cleaning, use a handheld with a brush attachment or a soft microfiber brush. Then wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Keep in mind that you must not reinstall the filters in the device until they’re completely dry.

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What is the life expectancy of a Roomba?

A Roomba can last between 2 to 6 years, depending on the frequency of usage and maintenance.

Is the Roomba e5 good for hardwood floors?

Absolutely yes! Both the Roomba e5 and e6 work exceptionally well on hardwood floors. The rubberized brush rolls coupled with improved suction power pick up the smallest of pet hair and allergic components.

Does Roomba e5 clean carpet?

Yes. The iRobot Roomba e5 is an ideal choice for pet owners. Not only does it work well on carpets, but it gets the job done on hard floors too. To be more specific, e5 works great on low pile carpets but struggles a bit with ultra-fine particles on high pile carpeting. Nonetheless, its overall performance is 99℅.

Does Roomba e6 clean carpet?

Yes, it does. The iRobot Roomba e6 vacuums well on carpets, as well as on hard floors. It’s able to pick up particles of up to 3 microns, delivering an overall cleaning performance of 99%. It’s an ideal choice for pet owners and allergic homes.

Can Roomba e5 clean multiple floors?

Yes, it can clean all types of indoor flooring, including hardwood, linoleum, tiles, and marble. In the case of carpets, Roomba e5 works effectively on thin carpets but toils a bit with ultra-fine residue on thicker carpets. The same goes for the rugs too. But its overall cleaning performance is recorded to be 99%.

Wrapping up my thoughts on the Roomba e5 vs. e6 comparison!

The side-by-side comparison of iRobot Roomba e5 vs. Roomba e6 shows that except for the accessories package, they’re basically twins.

If you already have various virtual wall devices as a former owner of Roomba, then e5 is your best buy. It is also cost-effective as compared to its updated version.

However, if you’ve never owned a Roomba before, then it’s better to buy e6 because it comes with an additional filter and two virtual walls. 

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