Roomba 675 Vs. 960 – Comparison Report!

Roomba 675 and 960 - Comparison Report!!

One of the leading reasons for the success of the Roomba robots is that there is a wide range of Roomba models. The iRobot has managed to stay one step ahead of all of its competitors by giving customers everything they expect in their cleaning robot. From releasing robots of different budgets to providing a specific set of features.

There is an ideal Roomba for everyone who is looking forward to purchasing it. However, at times it gets frustrating for potential clients to pick a Roomba model for themselves from a long list of robots. Hence, I am here to aid you! Read on to get your answers, whether you should be investing in the Roomba 675 or 960?

Similarities between Roomba 675 and 960

Surprisingly both the Roomba 675 and 960 are similar in most aspects. They share quite a lot of characteristics. Read on to discover a few key similarities between both the Roomba models.

Wireless controls

Through the iRobot mobile app, you can conveniently operate both of the models of Roomba. Moreover, you can command the Roomba 675 and 960 through voice commands with the help of smart devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Cleaning all floor types

Luckily, both the Roomba 675 and 960 are capable of vacuuming all floor types. Whether it is hard flooring, concrete, or carpeted floor, the Roomba 675 and 960 will sufficiently vacuum your floors, leaving them immaculately clean.

Warranty Duration

The Roomba 675 and 960 both offer a one-year warranty. I would like to give you a disclaimer: anything that modifies your Roomba robot permanently or replaces original accessories with fake ones would likely void any warranty that comes with the Roomba robots.

Collection bin capacity

The Roomba 960 and 675 both come equipped with the same bin that has a capacity of 0.5L. This collection bin with a massive capacity enables the Roomba robots to operate for long periods before you are required to manually empty the dustbin.

Dirt detection sensor

The Roomba 960 and 675 both have dirt detection sensors present externally. These sensors enable the Roomba robots to clean effortlessly. Through such smart sensors, the Roomba robots can identify dirtier spaces and clean them longer in order to provide you with spotlessly clean floors.

Automatic recharging

Both the above-discussed models can smartly identify their low battery levels. Once they manage to detect their low battery levels, the robots can automatically go to their respective charging docks. All thanks to this feature, now you are no longer required to worry about low battery levels because your Roomba will automatically start recharging in order to function.

Furthermore, both the Roomba 675 and 960 have a similar charge time; these Robots take around 3 hours to fully charge.

Energy consumption

Generally, all Roomba robots consume 28 watts to recharge themselves fully. There is no obvious difference between the energy drawn by the Roomba 675 and 960.

Differences between Roomba 675 and 960

The Roomba 675 and 960 are a few generations apart; hence they differ in some basic characteristics. Read on to know about fundamental differences between both the Roomba models mentioned above!

The difference in filter

The Roomba 960 operates through a high-efficiency filter known as HEPA. This filter is the latest and best-known filter for newly released robotic vacuums. HEPA filter enables the Roomba 960 to efficiently trap allergens and dust particles. Thus, the Roomba 960 is great for people who suffer from allergies.

On the other hand, the Roomba 675 is equipped with a standard filter used in older versions. This filter has proved to clean sufficiently, but obviously, it cannot be compared to the HEPA technology.

Battery and run time

The Roomba 960 includes a 3300mAh lithium-ion battery. This high-capacity battery provides the robotic vacuum with an active run time of up to 2 hours before the robot is required to pause operation in order to charge itself.

Whereas the Roomba 675 is equipped with a lower capacity battery as compared to the Roomba 960. The Roomba 675 is equipped with a 1800mAh battery that offers an active runtime of up to 90 minutes.

Navigation system

The Roomba 675 makes use of the basic iAdapt version for navigating through your residence. This model of Roomba solely relies on bump sensors in order to move through your home. This method works fine; however, the cleaning is done by pseudo-random patterns.

On the contrary, the Roomba 960 utilizes the iAdapt 2.0 for navigation purposes. This kind of navigation includes an onboard camera which enables the robot to navigate in logical human-like patterns. In addition to that, the added camera feature aids the robot in storing and creating maps of your home, which in result enhances the navigation system.

Extraction method

The Roomba 960 includes a dual rubber extractor. This inclusion of the rubber extractor makes the Roomba 960 capable of lifting debris and dust particles efficiently. In addition to that, the rubber extractors perform a great job in vacuuming pet hair. Hence, the Roomba 960 qualifies as an ideal Roomba for homes with pets.

On the other hand, the Roomba 675 has a single brush roller that has bristles all over it. This roller is great at picking up fine dust particles. However, the Roomba 675 fails to perform well while dealing with pet hair. The brush roller on the Roomba 675 tends to clog frequently with pet hair, which can be pretty frustrating.

Carpet boost feature

The Roomba 960 has an additional feature that lets you set the motor speed according to your wish. For instance, you can effortlessly increase the motor speed and suction power on the Roomba 960 when vacuuming on the carpet for efficient cleaning.

On the other hand, the Roomba 675 lacks multiple motor speeds and suction powers; it has one standard speed on which it operates.

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Inclusion of dual-mode virtual wall barrier

You get a dual-mode virtual wall barrier with the purchase of the Roomba 960. This feature allows you to specify rooms in which you want your Roomba to clean. Furthermore, this feature enables you to program no-go zones on your Roomba robots.

Even though the dual-mode virtual wall barrier is compatible with the Roomba 675 yet, you won’t get it with the purchase of the Roomba 675. However, you can always purchase it separately from iRobot’s online store.

Specification chart

Below, I’ve created a detailed side-by-side comparison of both the above-mentioned Roomba models for your ease!

 Roomba 675Roomba 960
Size13.3 x 13.3 x 3.6 inches13.3 x 13.3 x 3.6 inches
Weight7.8 pounds8.7 pounds
NavigationiAdapt 1.0iAdapt 2.0
Battery1800 mAh lithium-ion battery3300 mAh lithium-ion battery
Charge time3 hours3 hours
Run timeUp to 90 minutesUp to 120 minutes
Entire level cleanNoYes
Automatic rechargeYesYes
Carpet boosterNoYes
Bump sensorsYesYes
Dirt detection sensorsYesYes
Wireless communicationsYesYes
Mobile appYesYes
Voice controlsYesYes
Camera NavigationNoYes
Floor typesAllAll
ContainmentNone includedDual-mode virtual wall barrier
Collection bin capacity0.5L0.5L
Warranty1 year1 year

Cleaning comparison – Roomba 675 and 960

In order to keep your Roomba functioning properly, you are required to clean it regularly. It is recommended that you deep clean your Roomba robot once in a while. Below, I have listed down some easy ways to clean your Roomba 675 and 960, respectively!

Cleaning comparison – Roomba 675 and 960

In order to keep your Roomba functioning properly, you are required to clean it regularly. It is recommended that you deep clean your Roomba robot once in a while. We are listing down some easy ways to clean your Roomba 675 and 960, respectively!

Cleaning the Roomba 960

Read the step-by-step given below in order to deep clean your Roomba 960 to keep it functioning properly.

  • The first step to clean your Roomba 960 is to flip it. By turning it upside down, you will have access to the removable bin. You need to detach the bin and clean it by emptying out its content.
  • Next, withdraw the filters and vacuum or brush them in order to get rid of any dust stuck on them.
  • Now, look for each and every sensor present on your Roomba body and clean them with a damp cloth.
  • Next, remove the plastic extractors and deeply brush them to clean them. You might have to clean the extractors a bit longer as they come in contact with the dirt often.
  • Detach the cater wheels and clean them with a brush or a damp cloth.
  • Lastly, unfasten the side propeller component and clean it with a damp cloth.

You must have gotten enough assistance by the steps mentioned above in order to clean the Roomba 960!

Cleaning the Roomba 675

Follow the step-by-step guide given below in order to deep clean your Roomba 675 without any troubles!

  • Before you proceed with anything, you need to thoroughly wipe the entire body of your Roomba 675. You can make use of an alcoholic spray to disinfect the Roomba robot.
  • Next, withdraw the removable dustbin and completely empty out all its content. After you have emptied it, make sure to clean it deeply from inside.
  • You will come across a removable filter within the dustbin; take out that filter and gently tap it with your fingers to clean stubborn dust and debris stuck on it.
  • Now, flip your Roomba and remove the wheels to clean them. You can conveniently use a damp cloth to clean all the wheels thoroughly.
  • Then, withdraw the edge-sweep brush from its compartment by unscrewing it and cleaning it deeply.
  • Lastly, remove the brush roller, which has bristles. You can find it beneath your Roomba device. After you have managed to take it out thoroughly, clean it to get rid of any dirt and debris.

You will be able to effortlessly clean your Roomba robot by following the instructions given above.

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Maintenance and operational cost comparison

Replacing the components of the Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 is equipped with a one-step-ahead filter in contrast to the Roomba 675. Hence, if you wish to replace the high-efficiency filter on Roomba 960, it will cost you around $34.99 for a pack of 3 filters. In case you feel the need to replace the side brush module, you will have to spare $14.99. Lastly, replacing the dual anti-tangle brushes will amount to $39.99.

Replacing the components of the Roomba 675

If you wish to replace the standard filter on your Roomba 675, it will cost you $24.99 for a pack of 3 filters. Replacing the edge-sweep brush will cost you around $14.99. In case the cleaning module, which includes a roller with bristles, requires a replacement, it will cost you around $49.99.

If you wish to use a dual-mode virtual wall barrier on your Roomba 675, you can conveniently buy it from iRobot’s online store by spending $59.99. You can even choose to purchase a replenishment kit which will cost you significantly less than purchasing parts individually. For the kit, you will have to spare around $49.99, and it includes 3 Aerovac filters, a spinning side brush, a bristle roller, and a round cleaning tool.

Different cleaning options of Roomba 675 and 960

The Roomba 675 and 960 both offer a variety of cleaning options according to their capacities. Read on, and you will discover some amazing cleaning options that these models provide!

Cleaning options offered by the Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 provides you with a lot of features that can also be seen on previous Roomba robots belonging to the 800 series. The Roomba 960 makes use of tangle-free rubber extractors; these extractors clean your floors efficiently. Furthermore, it is equipped with smart dirt detect technology that offers a one-step-ahead cleaning.

Lastly, the Roomba 960 has a smart recharge and resume feature, which makes it stand out among other Roomba cleaning robots.

Cleaning options offered by the Roomba 675

The Roomba 675 offers you a sufficient level clean through its standard Aerovac filter. Furthermore, the Roomba 675 includes a single roller that has bristles for effectively vacuuming your floors.

The Roomba 675 has a smart dirt detection technology that assists the robot in identifying dirt and debris that it might have missed in the prior cleaning session.

Concluding my thoughts on Roomba 675 vs. 960!

The Roomba 675 and 960 both offer a variety of options for cleaning that caters to different types of consumers. The Roomba 675 has proved to be an ideal choice for people who have significantly smaller homes and want to save up while still having a robotic vacuum in their homes. On the contrary, the Roomba 675 is one-step ahead with more smart features. Hence, it is more expensive than the Roomba 675. The Roomba 960 might be an excellent choice for people who have a high budget and larger homes.

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