Drawing comparisons: Roomba e5 Vs. Roomba 890

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Life has become much more uncomplicated since the invention of Roomba cleaning robots. These tiny robots zoom around the house and clean up the floor all by themselves, saving you the hassle of doing so. But an issue arises when you can’t find the perfect Roomba model for yourself. Therefore, I have compared Roomba e5 and Roomba 890 to help you choose the best one according to your preferences!

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Which model is one step ahead, Roomba e5 or Roomba 890?

The primary differences between the above-stated models of Roomba are that the Roomba e5 is capable of reaching closed spaces; on the other hand, the Roomba 890 is capable of covering ample space in one go. Moreover, the running time of the Roomba e5 is 90 minutes, while that of the Roomba 890 is around one hour.

Roomba e5 vs. Roomba 890: which model is worth putting your money into?

A great number of people struggle while choosing one version among various Roomba models for their use, as all Roomba models come equipped with equally convincing and appreciable features.

If you are stuck between choosing the Roomba e5 or the Roomba 890 for your home, you do not need to fret any longer. We are here to let you know detailed and concise facts and figures regarding both the Roomba models mentioned above.

Go through the detailed survey of both the models given below, and you will be able to choose one model for yourself even before you finish reading this article!

The primitive distinctions between the Roomba e5 and the Roomba 890 are

  • The Roomba e5 has features that help it reach tiny closed spaces for a thorough cleaning, whereas the Roomba 890 is competent to cover huge spaces in one go.
  • Roomba e5 roughly runs for 90 minutes, while the Roomba 890 is able to run for around an hour.
  • The Roomba e5 comes equipped with twin multi-surface rubber brushes; on the other hand, the Roomba 890 is tagged to sell at a higher price than usual.

The Roomba e5: an in-depth description

The Roomba e5 is one of the recently developed models of the Roomba cleaning robots made by the iRobots. This version of the Roomba cleaning robot is a result of the company’s latest technologies and some of the past technology, both assorted into one device.

Design of the Roomba e5

  • The Roomba e5 has a common round shape that you see on most of the Roomba robots.
  • The Roomba e5 measures to be approx. 13.3 by 13.3 by 3.6 inches.
  • Moreover, the Roomba e5 is equipped with a large cleaning button present at the center of the device, along with 2 smaller buttons present at each side.
  • The Roomba e5 roughly weighs around 115.2 ounces that equals 3.2 kilograms.
  • Roomba e5 features a complete dark black exterior.
  • The Roomba e5 has a common round shape that you see on most of the Roomba robots.

Features of the Roomba e5

The Roomba e5 comes equipped with several convincing features. This model of the Roomba cleaning robots has proven to encompass almost all of the latest technologies. We are listing down all the features of the Roomba e5 in detail.

Three-step cleaning

The Roomba e5 has adopted the three-step cleaning process. This cleaning robot utilizes twin multi-surface rubber brushes to completely sweep every single particle of dust from your floor. These brushes push the dirt into the way of powerful suction pumps resulting in trapping off the dust in the dustbin.

Detector-based navigation

The Roomba e5 makes use of iRobot’s iAdapt navigation system, which is provided with sensors to help your Roomba device find its way around your home. These sensors, which are present on the body of your Roomba e5 enables your device to move smartly around your house and prevent it from bumping into obstacles or falling down the staircase.

Moreover, the Roomba e5 has a dust detector technology that enables the cleaning robot to clean in the dirtiest places longer, resulting in a neat and tidy look.

Smart features

The Roomba e5 can easily make a connection to your Wi-Fi which will enable you to manage and control your device through your smartphone. You can even connect your Roomba e5 to other devices present at your home, such as Alexa or smart home, for giving commands to stop or start cleaning.

Ratings of the Roomba e5

The Roomba e5 managed to land an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. On iRobot’s own online store, the Roomba e5 received a similarly good rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

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The Roomba 890: An in-depth description

The Roomba 890 is a two-year-old device that was introduced by the iRobot for people who wanted the series 900 Wi-Fi connectivity feature without the high price tag. For a considerable period of time, the Roomba 890 served to be a good alternative for the Roomba 980 and Roomba 960 models.

Design of the Roomba 890

  • The Roomba 890 is a flat and round-shaped cleaning robot.
  • The Roomba 890 was calculated to weigh around 134.4 ounces that equal 3.8 kilograms.
  • Furthermore, the Roomba 890 measures roughly around 13.9 by 13.9 by 3.6 inches.
  • The Roomba 890 comes in shades closest to black and brown.

Features of the Roomba 890

The Roomba 890 comes with limited yet convincing features. All the characteristics of the Roomba 890 are sufficient enough to make it a great cleaning robot at a low price.

Three-step cleaning system

The Roomba 890 employs dust extractors as its main brushes. These fine rubber brushes help you sweep off the fine dust particles present on your floor. Along with the main brushes, the Roomba 890 makes use of powerful suction pumps to trap all the dust particles into the dustbin, making their escape impossible.


The Roomba 890 is capable of making a connection to your Wi-Fi network; in return, this connection enables you to command your cleaning robot through your smartphone even if you are away from your home. You can also make use of voice commands in order to operate your Roomba device.

Ratings of the Roomba 890

The Roomba 890 has received an average rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. It received the exact same rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars on iRobot’s online store.

Which model is the best in terms of money and charging?

The Roomba e5 and the Roomba 890 have a difference of approximately $100 between their prices, with the 890 model is on the pricier end.

The Roomba e5 takes around 3 hours to fully charge itself before it can start operating again whereas, the Roomba 890 takes around 2 hours for it to charge completely.

Moreover, the Roomba e5 comes with a washable dustbin and has a running time of 90 minutes, while the Roomba 890 comes with a running time of a maximum of 60 hours before the device is required to go back to its dock for recharging.

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Similar characteristics of the Roomba e5 and the Roomba 890:

There is not a huge difference between both the Roomba models, as discussed above. Roomba e5 and Roomba 890 both work on a similar three-step cleaning mechanism and navigation system. Furthermore, both the models have the exact same Wi-Fi-connectivity feature.

Concluding our comparison between Roomba e5 and 890!

There you have it! I’ve tried my best to go over all the major differences between the two models; however, there isn’t that big of a difference besides the price and running time.

I hope going through the above article has helped you immensely in making your decisions about which model is worth your money!

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