Can Roomba Have Two Home Bases?

can roomba have two home bases

If you are a new Roomba user or considering buying this robot vacuum cleaner, then I am pretty sure you must have a few queries. If you have a large home, you must be wondering, can Roomba have two home bases so it can quickly recharge and cover more area?

Yes, Roomba can have two home bases. Multiple home bases will help your Roomba recharge easily and cover more area. However, make sure that the home base you’re purchasing is compatible with your Roomba model.

Benefits of Roomba having two home bases

As they say, the more, the merrier; the same is true for Roomba. Even though the robot works fine with just one home base as well, having two home bases will give you additional advantages.

Here are a few reasons why you need two home bases for your Roomba.

Larger cleaning area

The robot can clean for 1 hour when it is completely charged. This is typically enough time to clean an average-sized home but suppose you have a larger area that needs cleaning.

In such a case, there is a high chance that the vacuum’s battery runs out halfway through; that’s when an extra home base can be useful.

With an extra home base, your Roomba won’t have to run to its original home base; it can simply recharge and dock with the home base closest to it.

Cleaning multiple floors

Robotic vacuums like the Roomba can clean multiple floors in a house or structure. Of course, you’ll have to carry it by hand from one story to another. Nevertheless, the device will automatically map and clean any unfamiliar floor.

It is more practical to use an additional base rather than transporting the home base and Roomba to a new floor together. In this manner, the Roomba can clean and recharge on its own. You only need to move the Roomba to the following floor once the area has been cleaned.

Cleaning extremely dirty spaces

It’s also quite beneficial to have a different home base, especially one with automatic dirt disposal functions, i.e., a clean base. That is especially true if you are using the Roomba in an area that is really filthy, such as on a floor that is being refinished.

The Roomba’s dustbin will quickly fill up in those circumstances. You will therefore benefit greatly from having a different home base that can empty the trash can on command.

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Ideal places for keeping your two Roomba home bases

Two home bases are beneficial only when they are placed in the correct locations and in proper conditions. The ideal locations to place Roomba home bases are:

  1. Open area: Place the home bases in an open area so that there is no obstacle blocking the Roomba from reaching the home base.
  2. Away from the staircase: Keep the home base away from any staircases. Yes, your Roomba will normally avoid crossing a set of steps thanks to its cliff sensors. However, the Roomba will move to the line with the home base when docking. As a result, if the home base is too close to a stairway, the Roomba could topple over.
  3. Away from each other: Do not place the home bases close to each other. Place them at opposite ends from one another.
  4. On separate floors: Place each home base on a different floor so that when you move to clean the other floor, you only have to move Roomba, not the home base.

How will Roomba find its own home base?

We know that Roomba can have two home bases but are there any additional setups we need to perform to make it work with multiple home bases? Absolutely not; Roomba will automatically find the closest home base when it needs to be recharged and docked.

Naturally, the robotic vacuum will attempt to return to its original home base first. However, if it lacks the battery power to go there, it will sense a home base that is closer.

Can Roomba bases be interchanged?

Roomba bases are interchangeable. When they belong to the same generation and share the same charging contacts, most Roomba home bases work with a variety of models and series.

For this reason, the Roomba docking station can be purchased separately. Even if the replacement doesn’t match the model or series of your Roomba, you can easily find one that does online.

Therefore, even if the home base is damaged, you don’t have to throw away your Roomba. However, this might not always be the case, so be sure to check if the bases are really interchangeable.

Final thoughts on whether Roomba can have two home bases

Roomba can work with multiple home bases. Having two home bases definitely gives you more benefits than using none or just one home base. We recommend using two home bases if you have a large place, a home/building with multiple floors, or if you need to clean an extremely filthy area.

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