Does Roomba Keep Updating the Map?

does roomba keep updating the map

Roomba is a smart robot vacuum, and its mapping system is its brain. Without mapping, Roomba won’t be able to navigate through the house because the robot won’t have a path to follow. But if you move your furniture around a bit, you might wonder whether Roomba keeps updating the map?

Yes, Roomba keeps updating its map while cleaning. However, if the map isn’t updating, then go to “History”, tap the three dots, and tap “Update my smart map”.

Roomba requires remapping in cases when you have to reset the device, alter its future setting, adjust furniture, or even need to clean a different room.

The article contains all the necessary information you need in order to understand Roomba’s mapping system!

Remapping Roomba for a room

Mapping is critical to Roomba as the robot navigates through your house with the help of its maps. If you need to remap your Roomba, in case its map isn’t updating on its own, just follow the easy steps below:

  1. Open the Roomba app on your phone.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Tap Cleaning Preferences.
  4. Select Reset Map under Advanced Settings.

The next steps are essentially the same as when you first set your robot’s map for cleaning.

  • Make sure your robot vacuum is plugged in and turned on.
  • Press the Power button. The display will show Setup when you press the Mode button.
  • You can select Setup from the home screen.
  • Then, choose a room and press Start Mapping.

Your Roomba will take at least 2 cleaning cycles to get a proper hang of the area and build a clear map.

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The Roomba mapping system

iRobot uses vSALM (Visual Simultaneous Localization & Mapping) technology for mapping. Additionally, while it walks, the robot will keep an eye out for certain landmarks and will recall their locations. Older Roomba models cannot build up this mind map of your room.

Persistent mapping is a feature that is included with all advanced Roomba i7 and higher models. They can recall the arrangement of all the rooms in your house.

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Final thoughts on does Roomba keep updating the map

Roomba can easily deal with the small changes you make in your home and updates its maps accordingly. However, if you plan to make significant changes to your furniture décor, you need to reset the map and remap your Roomba.

The maps are Roomba’s brain and extremely important for its proper functionality; hence be sure to keep them up to date!

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