Can Siri Edit Notes?

can siri edit notes

When it comes to Notes, Siri works like a charm. It can create notes for you and add content to them. However, can Siri actually perform well when it comes to editing notes or adding more stuff to them? More specifically, can Siri edit notes?

No, Siri cannot edit notes anymore. Apple has removed that feature. But a workaround exists for this! You can use the Shortcuts app to create an appending shortcut if you want to add something to your note, or you can use the Reminders app to create a checklist that is editable.

The article contains a complete guide on how you can edit or add to preexisting notes using Siri and some tricks.

Editing a preexisting note

There are multiple things Siri can do, but editing a note is sadly not one of them anymore. Apple hasn’t yet spoken about whether they will be adding the feature back or not.

However, you can still add more content to a preexisting note. This can be done through the Shortcuts app. Simply make an append-to-note shortcut or use a shortcut created by someone else and easily append content to your note. To learn how to do this, check out our article on getting Siri to add content to an existing note.

Workaround to Siri not editing a note

As we already mentioned, Siri cannot edit notes; however, there’s still a way to keep track of your lists and tasks. You would just have to use the Reminders app instead of the Notes app. Here are the steps for this method:

  1. Ensure that Always Listen to “Hey Siri” is enabled.
  2. If not, then go to Settings > Accessibility > Siri and enable the option.
  3. Open the Reminders app.
  4. Create a list by tapping on + Add List if you don’t have a list already.
  5. Give the list a name, for example, “Shopping List”.
  6. Then, say, “Hey Siri, add shoes chocolate books to Shopping List”.
  7. The three items will then appear on separate lines in the list.

Final thoughts on Siri editing notes

In addition to performing functions like reading a message for you, playing music, and answering your questions, Siri can also manage your notes. However, it cannot edit your notes. This can still be accomplished using the Shortcuts app for appending content to notes or using the Reminders app for editable lists. We hope our tips were helpful!

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