Can Siri Execute Order 66?

can siri execute order 66

Siri is not just a customized Ai-assistant that can perform various orders on your command; it is more than that. In addition to using Siri for work-related activities, you can also use this voice assistant for fun.

There are many hilarious things you can ask Siri; for e.g., when you ask Siri to make a fart noise, it actually follows through with your command and makes fart noises. But can Siri execute order 66 for Star Wars fans?

Siri can execute order 66 but only for some users. Upon saying the command, Siri responds with, “It will be done, my lord” and opens a YouTube video with stills of order 66. However, other users get an “I am sorry, I do not understand” or are asked about downloading an app.

Check out the different responses Siri gives when asked to execute order 66 below!

Siri’s responses to executing order 66

Various Star Wars fans have tried asking Siri to execute order 66, and Siri has responded differently to almost each one of them. Below are some of Siri’s common responses when asked to execute order 66.

People usually ask Siri, “Hey Siri, the time has come. Execute order 66”.

This is how Siri responds:

  • “I do not see an app for that. You will need to download one. You could try searching the app store”.
  • “It will be done, my lord” and then Siri takes you to a YouTube video that contains stills of order 66.
  • “Did you accidentally summon me?”.
  • “Here is what I found” then suggests videos and website links for order 66.
  • “I am sorry I do not understand”.

How Google Home responds to executing order 66?

Like Siri, Google Home has multiple responses when asked to execute order 66. Here is how Google responds to executing order 66.

Command: “Hey, Google, execute order 66”.

Google’s responses:

  • “Every single Jedi, including your friend Obi-Wan Kenobi is now an enemy of the republic. The remaining Jedi will be hunted down and defeated”.
  • “Sorry, I do not have an inhibitor chip”. See how Google can make a Star Wars reference; amazing, right?

How Alexa responds to executing order 66?

Alexa also has a fun response when it comes to asking her about order 66. This is how Alexa responds to executing order 66.

Command: “Alexa, execute order 66”.

Alexa responds by saying, “Yes, my lord. Hold on, I am not a clone trooper”. That’s funny!

Final thoughts on Siri executing order 66

Siri is a multifunction assistant that, in addition to performing various useful tasks, can also give its owners some well-needed entertainment.

A robot making Star Wars references is a big deal for all Star Wars fans. Plus, not only Siri but Google Home and Alexa can also make those references. However, Siri may not always execute order 66. Nevertheless, Siri has always made our lives easier and more fun, and it continues to do so.

Immad Amir

Immad is a tech geek who loves the role of automation in his life. He believes that everyone should automate their roles in every part of their routine to spare some time for family and friends. Immad started HomeRook because he wants all the tech savvy individuals to automate their roles and focus on things that are significant in life.

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