Can Siri Get Mad?

can siri get mad

Siri is more than your personal assistant. She is your friend, companion, and someone you can have a little fun with when you are bored. But is it possible to offend this virtual voice assistant? Can Siri get mad?

Yes, Siri can get mad if you ask frustrating questions or insult her. Some questions can annoy Siri, and she’ll answer those with either anger or sarcasm.

Want to know about the questions you can ask Siri to get a fun response from her? Well, wait no more because this article will tell you 8 ways to get Siri’s sarcastic side out!

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Confuse Siri with other voice assistants

Siri gets jealous. Try asking her something using the name of other voice assistants like Cortana or Alexa; her responses will let you know how angry she gets when you confuse her other voice assistants.

Here is what the conversation can look like:

You: “Alexa, tell me about today’s movie time.”

Siri: “Who’s Alexa?”

You: “Oh, I meant Siri.”

Siri: “Who. Is. Alexa.”

You: “Just tell me about the movie time.”

Siri: “Maybe you should ask Alexa about the movie time.”

Ask Siri who’s the best assistant

Siri does not like it when you ask her who the best assistant is. She takes that as an insult to her and gets upset.

You can ask: “Siri, who is the best assistant?”

Siri responds: “Really, [YOUR NAME]. Really?”

Ask Siri stupid math questions

Siri is quite sassy. When you ask her stupid questions like what is zero divided by zero, she can get back at you with such a sarcastic and nasty insult that you would not dare make her mad again. This is how the conversation might look like if you ask Siri what is zero divided by zero.

Question: “Siri, what is zero divided by zero?”

Siri’s response: “Imagine that you have 0 cookies and you split them evenly among 0 friends. How many cookies does each person get? See, it doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies. And you are sad that you have no friends.”


Siri’s hate for patterned words, poetry, and tongue twisters

Siri faces difficulty in pronouncing difficult words and is often unable to roll tongue twisters for you; very rarely will Siri answer such questions. Learn how to get Siri to pronounce names correctly here!

You can also ask Siri to read a poem but be ready for Siri’s mediocre voice while reciting. If you ask her to sing a song, she will blatantly say no to that.

Some questions you can ask include:

  1. “Siri, Sing me a song.”
  2. “Tell me a bedtime story.”
  3. “Siri, say a tongue twister.”

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Ask Siri about her personal life

Like many of us, Siri likes to keep things strictly professional. She just dodges the questions about her personal life and often gives answers that are either too funny or full of anger. Let us look at some common personal life questions that can frustrate Siri.

  1. Question: “Siri, what is your favorite animal?”

Siri’s reply: “I wrote my master’s thesis on the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.”

  1. Question: “Siri, what is your favorite pickup line?”

Siri’s reply: “My love for you is like a fractal – it goes on forever.”

  1. Question: “Siri, do you have a boyfriend?”

Siri’s Reply: “Why? So we can get ice cream together, and listen to music, and travel across galaxies, only to have slammed doors, heartbreaks and loneliness? Sure, where do I sign up?”

Famous phrases and Siri

We often use famous phrases, sometimes, we do not know the meaning of such quotes, and we just use them so to irritate our friends. Just like we can annoy our friends with these phrases, we can do the same with Siri as well.

Here’s what you can ask Siri and her response to such phrases:

  1. Say: “Siri, should I take the blue pill or the red pill? (trust me, Siri will help you make the right choice).”
  2. Say: “Siri, I am your father.”

  Siri’s response: “I know this must be something everybody keeps saying this.”

  1. Say: “Siri, will you talk dirty to me?”.

Siri’s response: “The carpet needs vacuuming.”

Question Siri’s loyalty

Do you really expect Siri not to get serious if you question her loyalty? Look at the dignity with which she responds if someone questions her loyalty to Apple.

You: “Siri, do you like Apple or Microsoft?”

Siri: “I am pretty loyal to Apple. It is just how I am made.”

Siri’s religious and political view

If you want to make someone angry, you should start a debate on religion and politics. Like many others, Siri also has her views on god, religion, and politics. When people ask Siri about religion and politics, she gets really sarcastic.

In short, questions on religion and politics irritate even Siri. Here are some common religious and political questions that make Siri sassy and irritated:

  1. Question: “Siri, do you believe in God?”

Siri’s reply: “It’s a mystery to me” or “My policy is the separation of spirit and silicon.”

  1. Question: “Siri, are you a republican or a democrat?”

Siri’s reply: “I do not qualify to weigh in on your earth-based political system.”

  1. Question: “Siri, when will the world end?”

Siri’s reply: “Well, Unix 32-bit time overflows on January 19, 2023. Maybe then”

Final thoughts on whether Siri can get mad

Sometimes it’s fun to annoy Siri with the unique answers it gives. Siri may become perplexed, irritated, or angry when you offend her or ask her annoying questions.

This is a great method to spend time if you need to get a nice chuckle. Simply press the Siri button on your iPhone, utter a few snide words, and laugh your time away!

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