Can Siri Have a French Accent?

can siri have a french accent

Siri is an amazing virtual assistant that can speak multiple languages according to your convenience. It is not too robotic, and its human-like nature makes it easier for consumers to bond with Siri.

However, if you speak a different accent and want to change Siri’s accent to understand her better, or you’re bored with Siri’s same old accent, then can you change it? Can Siri have a French accent?

Yes, Siri can have a French accent but only when its language is set to French. All the accents are language specific, so you cannot have a French accent for the English language.

The article will guide you through the steps of changing Siri’s accent.

How to change Siri’s accent

Siri can have multiple accents. But keep in mind that all the accents are specific to languages. For English, you can only have the following options:

  • American accent
  • British accent
  • Irish accent
  • Australian accent
  • South African accent

For French, you have the following two options:

  • Authentic French accent
  • Canadian accent

To change Siri’s accent, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Select Siri & Search.
  3. Tap the Siri Voice option.
  4. Select the accent you want Siri to use under Voice Variety.

If you’re too sluggish to move your phone around, you can also ask Siri to change its accent for you by waking it up. Although it cannot complete the process, Siri will give you a shortcut to its menu so that you can change its accent.

How to change Siri’s voice

Initially, Siri used to speak in a female voice only, but later, Apple introduced the male version of Siri as well. You can change Siri’s voice by following the instructions given below:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Choose Siri & Search.
  3. Tap on Siri Voice.
  4. Choose the voice you want Siri to use under Voice.

Remember that the vocal variation (or accent) and your selected language will affect how many voices are available to Siri.

Most voices that are currently available are for the American English dialect, and Apple still plans to add more. Siri has the ability to speak in three different voices: genuine, friendly, and passive-aggressive.

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Note that it will take some time for Siri to adapt to the new accent. For instance, if your language is set to American English, then Siri will think you are an American and initially will have difficulty adapting to the different accent if you have one. So be patient with her.

Final thoughts on whether Siri can have a French accent

Siri can have multiple languages and accents. It can surely have an authentic French accent when its language is set to French. If you want a French accent with the English language, then that’s not possible right now. We can only hope that Apple adds that feature too!

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