My Blink Live View Failed: Reasons and Troubleshooting Tips!


Don’t you just hate it when things malfunction? It’s too hard to be tech-savvy in a fast-evolving technological world. If you are facing trouble with your Blink Live View, just resetting the sync module and camera can solve lots of errors. Moreover, if you face connectivity issues with your Blink Live View, restart your router or modem. If that turns out to be a bust, you must get to the root cause and figure out why the failure. Get your hands on some additional tips.

The main reason your Blink live keeps failing is that the sync module cannot communicate with your camera. You can use RouteThis to run your network scan. This will enable agents to evaluate your network and point out the troubleshooting problems by accessing the diagnostics. Pressing the reset button on your camera might also help.

Do you see messages like “Camera Busy” or “Thumbnail Fail”? These messages can occur if your sync module is not communicating with your camera. You can resolve these issues by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Moving your camera closer to the sync module can help you have a three-signal bar strength. This signal strength should be for both the camera to Wi-Fi and the module.
  • Step 2: Unplug your modem and router for thirty seconds and then plug them in again. It will typically take two minutes for the internet service to be restored. After this, try using the camera again.
  • Step 3: Do the same with your camera, power cycle it. Please remove the battery and put them back again after ten seconds.
  • Step 4: If doing all these things still leads to failure, you should give a different power source a shot. A micro-USB cable and adapter can help power the camera. Try this after removing the batteries.

To reset the Blink live view, hold the reset button down for ten seconds using a thin object. Usually, the reset button is near the battery slot below the back cover. You’ll know it’s resetting when the LED light turns off, and then a red light will start blinking. This means you reset your device, and you can connect it.

If you have the Blink mini, the reset button will be under the lens underneath the device.

  1. Add sync module; create a system: Tap the plus-shaped icon on the left of the home screen to add a new device.
  2. Device options: You’ll have an option between the blink wireless camera system, blink wireless camera and the blink mini. Choose the device that you have
  3. Scan the QR code: The serial number is available as a QR code. Scan it through your phone and grant access. You can do it both automatically and manually, depending on if you want to allow access to your phone camera or not.
  4. Create a new system: Tap the text box and name your new system, then tap done.
  5. Add Sync Module: You will find out how to plug in the sync module through the instructions on the screen. Next, you wait for the light to go from blinking green to steady blue. Once this is done, tap on Discover Device. Reset the sync module if you do not see the light pattern.
  6. Wi-Fi Network: You need to connect the blink app with the sync modules Wi-Fi network. The network’s name is “BLINK”, along with the four digits of the serial number of the sync module. Join the network and then join your local Wi-Fi network.
  7. Network Range: The screen display will show 2.4 GHz networks in the vicinity. The sync module then stores the information of the network for the devices. If you don’t see any network, then refresh the screen.
  8. Wi-Fi Name: Tap the Wi-Fi Network, and you’ll get a password field. Make sure your password is correct, then enter it. If you don’t, you’ll face difficulty connecting it, then join.
  9. Final Step: You’ll get a notification when the Wi-Fi. Tap done, and you’ll lead to the welcome screen where you can add your camera.
  1. Download the BLINK app on your iOS device named “The BLINK home monitor”.
  2. Select “create a new account”. Then select a region closest to where you are located.
  3. Use your existing email to create a new account and create a password.
  4. Review and accept the BLINK terms and conditions to continue.
  5. Your system alerts you of activity and motion detection through notifications. Enable notifications by tapping allow.
  6. Create a BLINK system by tapping the BLINK logo.
  7. Select “Add a system”. Then name your system.
  8. Add a sync module by tapping “Add a Sync Module” at the bottom of your screen.
  9. Before you begin, the menu will present you with a list of things you need to ensure you have. Make sure you have all those things ready, and then tap “Ready” to begin.
  10. Enter the serial number manually or scan the QR code located on the bottom of your device.
  11. If you have a blinking blue and solid green light pattern, then tap “yes.”
  12. Tap the home button on your iOS device.
  13. Then, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your iOS device. Next, select the BLINK network, which will also have the last four digits of your sync modules serial number.
  14. Tap the home button and re-enter the BLINK app. Here you’ll see a list of available networks. Select your home network and enter your Wi-Fi password. Tap join, and your device will automatically disconnect from the sync module and connect to your Wi-Fi.
  15. The lights will then turn to both steady blue and steady green.
  16. A message will appear saying “Sync Module Added”. And you’re done.

Blink cameras are unable to function without the Sync module and an active Wi-Fi network. The system will automatically go offline if the sync module or Wi-Fi lose connectivity. It will go online once both the connections are restored.

100 inches is the range your blink camera can be away from your sync module. This can be in any direction. The range is also determined, keeping in mind that not very dense construction materials are used.

Yes, you can! At the top of your screen, tap on the name of your sync module. Then when the menu pops up, tap “add new device”. This will give you double the storage and a chance to add even more cameras.

You can refresh the sync module if it is unable to connect to your existing account. Remember that you can connect ten cameras to 1 sync module.

No, Blink cannot record continuously. Although, you can arm the system for the interval time you desire.

Blink cameras are not designed to record continuously because the design is based on motion detection. As long as the system is armed, the motion detection will keep working. In the end, you will get a video with many gaps.

There are not any significant differences between blink sync modules 1 and 2. Many people argue that module 1 was better. The key differences are:

Module 1Module 2
2 lithium AA batteriesMounting hardware plus a charging cable
Cloud storageUSB port available for local storage + cloud storage
It does not work with AlexaWorks with Alexa

Blink cameras are vulnerable to hacking, just like many other wireless devices. The good news is that there are frequent firewire updates from Amazon to keep your camera secure. There aren’t any recent instances of hacking, but there are security vulnerabilities in Blink cameras.

You can do some things to make sure your Blink camera is safe.

  • Get WPA2 Wi-Fi encryption. This kind of encryption is Advanced Encryption Standard and is also used by the government.
  • Get encrypted video footage. Blink cameras are also able to video footage that secures your information. This means that even if someone were to hack your camera, they would not be able to access the recorded video.

Commonly, hackers can gain unauthorised access to your Blink camera by stealing your login information. Not only can people hack your account this way and access your camera, but they can also change settings. By hacking your account, they can adjust the setting, locking you out of your account.

Hackers can find out your login details by credential stuffing. Through this method, they can scan your login information through other data breaches which are unrelated. Due to this reason, you should regularly change your passwords.

To avoid any potential security threats, Amazon is pretty hands-on with giving quick firmware updates. Due to this, you should keep your firmware updated at all times to benefit from the latest Amazon security protocols.

You should also update your login details frequently. Use unique information and keep on changing it so that cyber attackers cannot access it through credential stuffing. Do this after every three months.

Moreover, make sure to use different login details for all your accounts. This, too, is to save you from credential stuffing.

My Blink is flashing green, what does it mean?

A flashing green light means that your camera has a local connection with your local IP address but does not have an internet connection. To avoid this, check your internet connection. You can do so by launching a web browser on your computer.

If your Blink is still flashing green, power cycle your internet connection and then do so with your camera as well.

Wrapping up my thoughts on Blink live view failed!

Having a secure home is of the utmost importance. It has been made very easy to keep your security tight with today’s technological world. Yes, devices go through glitches, but there are multiple things to fix the problems. Blink is an excellent and very affordable security camera with motion detectors. This can really help maintain your home security so you can stay at your play or leave it without feeling insecure.

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