Do Blink Cameras Work with Ring?


Blink and Ring are both companies by Amazon that aim to provide us with smart home security devices. Both of these have somewhat similar product portfolios but differ in the features they offer and their pricing ranges.

Blink is best known for its affordable cameras, while Ring’s video doorbells are the brand’s most famous product.

Technology has made it possible for us to integrate two or more products to enjoy a more significant benefit or customize these products somehow to meet our specific needs.

Many users of Blink and Ring ponder over the following question when they wish to integrate services from both of these companies: do Blink Cameras work with Ring?

No, Blink cameras do not work with Ring on their own. It is possible to make this work, though. But for that, you will need to set up your desired devices separately using an application. This involves setting up an Alexa routine on your Alexa app to connect your Blink camera(s) to your Ring device(s).

All you need to do is link your Blink cameras and Ring devices to your Alexa application and create Routines. With the help of Alexa Routines, you can modify your home security system. For example, you can use your Blink camera as a motion detector if you feel that it offers a better service and link it to your Ring Doorbell to receive a notification. A win-win situation for you: the most well-known video doorbell and motion-detecting cameras are linked together to yield efficient results!

It may sound very complex than it actually is if you are new to this. But, don’t worry! Our experts have simplified the entire process of how to make Blink cameras work with Ring devices, giving you a step-by-step follow-through. It would hardly take 20-25 minutes of your time, and then you’ll be good to go. Keep reading to have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure and some other related information about Blink and Ring.

What you will need:

An Alexa application and an active Amazon account.

Let’s go over how to download skills for your Blink and Ring devices in your Alexa app.

Here’s what you have to do to make your Ring devices work with Alexa:

  • Open your Alexa application.
  • In the lower right corner, tap on the ‘More’ option.
  • Choose Skills & Games’.
  • Search for the Ring SmartHome skill.
  • Choose the Ring skill and tap on ‘Enable to Use.’
  • Log in to your Ring account using your password and email address.
  • Create your 4-digit code. This is the code that will enable you to disarm your Ring devices with voice control.
  • Tap on Sign in.’
  • Tap on Close.’
  • Choose Discover Devices.’ After this, your Ring devices will be connected to your respective Alexa account.

Now, link your Blink account to Alexa by following these same steps, but search and choose the Blink skill this time.

How to create an Alexa Routine?

Alexa routines are compatible with all Ring devices (except for Ring Alarm) and all Blink cameras.

Here’s what you need to do to create an Alexa Routine:

  • Open your Alexa app.
  • Access the Menu.
  • Tap on ‘Routines.’
  • In the top right corner, you will see a plus sign. Tap that.
  • Type in a name for your Routine.
  • Tap on the plus sign next to ‘When this happens. (This is the trigger for your Routine)
  • Choose ‘Smart Home.’
  • Select your desired Blink camera that you wish to associate your Routine trigger with. You have the option of setting up customized triggers with specifications about when to start them and the time frame for trigger enablement. For example, you can make your Blink camera send out a trigger when it detects motion.
  • Now add any action that you want to take place whenever your Routine gets triggered. There is no particular limit for the number of actions you can set.
  • Now save.

Setting up Alexa Routines is an excellent way for customizing your protection plans smartly by integrating different devices, such as Blink cameras and Ring devices. However, in case you wish to go for either of these two alternatives instead of a combination, you may find yourself making a Blink vs. Ring list. Here’s our take on it!

There are several different factors that you need to consider while making this comparison. Both of these come as amazingly user-friendly DIY home security solutions, but you might want to consider some characteristics before choosing.

  • Product Portfolio: Blink offers only cameras while Ring offers cameras, video doorbells, alarms, smart lights, and sensors as well.
  • Hub Requirements: A hub is a device that is bought and used separately to connect other devices together. Blink requires a Sync Module to create a connection between its cameras within the same home automation system. On the other hand, Ring does not need this for its cameras or video doorbells.

Note: Blink Mini does not require a Sync Module connection.

  • Contractual Requirements: Neither Ring nor Blink requires a contract, making things simpler for its users.
  • Pricing: Blink wins here. Ring’s Indoor cameras will cost you around $60, while Blink’s costs around $80. Other cameras for both Blink and Ring that work outdoors and indoors cost around $100. However, Blink has an edge because it provides its users with free cloud storage. For Ring, this can cost you around $3 monthly.
  • Home Automation: Ring winds here. Even though both brands pair up with Alexa, Ring also works with other home automation devices, such as Schlage and Yale.
  • Installation: Ring wins here again. Products from both of these companies are easy to install and handle and come with easily comprehensive DIY guides. However, Blink falls behind as it only offers DIY installation, whereas Ring gives its clients a choice between professional and DIY installation.
  • Trial Periods: It’s a win-win situation here as both Blink and Ring offer trial periods. However, it must be noted that Ring’s 30-day trial period comes with the Ring Protect Plus Plan, while Blink offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its buyers.
  • Professional Monitoring: Ring is the winner. With Blink, self-monitoring is the way to go. On the other hand, Ring offers its Ring Protect Plus Plan that monitors all of your Ring devices at the cost of about $10 monthly.

Both of these are good DIY home security options. But the final decision depends on your priorities. If pricing is an issue for you, Blink would be a better option as Ring’s devices and plans can be relatively more expensive for the same features. If you wish for professional monitoring, Ring would be your go-to brand.

After being clear about your priorities and preferences in light of the comparison given by our experts, you get to decide which device would fulfill your needs to the greatest degree.

FAQs on smart cameras

No, Blink and Ring are not the same. These are two separate companies owned by Amazon. Blink provides only cameras at the moment, while Ring has a range of different home automation products.

What cameras work with Ring?

The following cameras are compatible with Ring devices on their own:

  • Ring Stick Up Cam
  • Ring Spotlight Cam
  • Ring Floodlight Cam

No, there isn’t. But, you can connect your Ring Video Doorbell with Blink cameras using the procedure explained above.

No, Blink cameras do not record continuously because they are motion-based. However, you have the option of leaving the Blink camera system armed for any time interval according to your choice.

Yes, Blink works with Alexa. You can use Alexa to disarm, arm, and view the footage from your Blink cameras by voice.

Blink and Ring do not work together, but you can create your own Alexa Routines with Blink and Ring paired up together by following the easy steps given above. These Routines are easily adjustable and highly customizable. If you are already using Blink cameras or prefer them over Ring’s but at the same time want other Ring devices connected to Blink’s exceptional cameras, you need not worry. Just follow each step, and you’ll be good to go in no more than 20-25 minutes!

If you consider this a hassle and do not have a preference, it might be better to use other compatible devices with Ring. Nevertheless, we would suggest creating this combination of Blink’s high-functioning cameras and Ring’s various products to enhance your DIY home automation experience.

Note: To integrate your Blink cameras with any Ring device using Alexa Routines, you must have an Alexa-enabled device. 

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