Ring Chime Pro vs. Wi-Fi Extender

Ring Chime Pro vs. Wi-Fi Extender

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, there always comes the point when one gets confused between products. That’s precisely the case with Ring Chime Pro and Wi-Fi Extender! Which one should you choose? What are the features of each? Is one better than the other? Let’s dive into the Ring Chime Pro vs. Wi-Fi Extender debate!

Ring Chime Pro vs. Wi-Fi Extender

In short, the two devices differ significantly in terms of almost all specifications. These include, among other things, the size, cost, compatibility, and network. The following table summarizes the stark differences between the two types of devices.

SpecificationsRing Chime ProWi-Fi Extender (TP-Link AC1750)
Wireless Type802.11 b/g/n802.11 b/g/n/ac
Size4.06” x 2.72” x 1”3” x 6.4” x 2.6”
Weight8 ounces12 ounces
ConnectivityUnlimited devicesUp to 32 devices at a time
Available ColorsWhiteWhite and black
Warranty1 year2 years

What is the Ring Chime Pro?

Ring Chime Pro is a device that was launched with the aim to provide consumers with improved Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the house. You can connect the wireless device to the primary Wi-Fi routers to increase the range of Wi-Fi connectivity. Ring Chime Pro does this by repeating the signals, i.e. it utilizes the Wi-Fi to replicate the signals.

However, the Ring Chime Pro is more than just a Wi-Fi repeater. You can also use it as a doorbell. Whenever someone rings the doorbell, this particular device makes sure that you can hear the bell throughout the house.

What does the Ring Chime Pro look like?

The Ring Chime Pro comes in a sleek design with a plain white front that can blend in with any type of interior or exterior design. Moreover, it also has colorful LED lights on its sides. The lights give it a stylish look and can turn on automatically at night to act as a source of dim light.

Ring Chime Pro Benefit-rich Features

1.       2-in-1 device

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Ring Chime Pro is that it can be used in two ways; as a Wi-Fi Repeater and a Doorbell.

2.       Unlimited Ring connectivity

You can connect as many Ring devices as you want to your Ring Chime Pro. These include security cameras, doorbells, and all the other Ring devices.

3.       Easy installation

Installing a Ring Chime Pro is super easy. You just have to bring it home, plug it in and connect to the mobile app; it’s that simple. Follow the quick instructions on the app to finish the configuration. There are no technical installation processes involved, and you will definitely not need a technician to help you. The device operates wirelessly; therefore, you can easily connect Ring devices to it anywhere in the house.

Important: The connected devices should function at a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and follow 802.11 b/g/n protocol.

4.       Variety of bells

If you’re bored with the over-used “ding-dong” of your doorbell, don’t fret! Ring Chime Pro allows you to choose an exciting tone from a collection of in-built music and sounds for your doorbell.

5.       Do not disturb

The most convenient feature of the Ring Chime Pro is the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Once activated, the mode makes the device go silent and prevents any unnecessary disturbances when you or your family is sleeping.

Ring Chime Pro Pros and Cons

Like all products, the Ring Chime Pro also comes with its pros and cons. The table below includes the pros and cons of purchasing a Ring Chime Pro compared to a Wi-Fi extender which can help you make an informed decision.

2-in-1 Doorbell Chime and Wi-Fi Extender (repeater)  More expensive than other options
Hassle-free set upOnly compatible with Ring devices
  Additional features like volume control and nightlight 
1-year warranty 

What is a Wi-Fi Extender?

A Wi-Fi extender is a portable device that works to extend the signal range of your Wi-Fi network. The device receives the signal from your primary router, amplifies it, and transmits it around the house, covering a much larger area.

What is the difference between a Wi-Fi range extender and a Wi-Fi network extender?

While both devices perform the same function, the way they do it is slightly different. A Wi-Fi range extender is a wireless device that grabs the signal from your primary Wi-Fi device and broadcasts it over a wider area on a different channel than the one used by your router.

On the contrary, a Wi-Fi network extender performs the same function using wires. These types of extenders use a wire to send signals back and forth from the original source. The use of wires improves the speed and performance of all devices in the connection.

1.       Extension of range

The TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi extender can extend the range of your primary Wi-Fi router by up to 2000sqft. This leaves almost no spot in your home and surroundings without a stable, fast internet connection. The device also comes with 3 external antennas to maximize signal reach.

2.       Great compatibility

This Wi-Fi extender can easily connect with any device, but the limit is 32 devices at maximum! This is a pro considering that you’re not limited to only Ring devices but a con as well because you are limited to 32 devices only. Moreover, this extender is compatible with Android devices, Echo, iPhones, Ring devices, and Samsung Galaxy.

3.       Access point conversion

The extender features Gigabit Ethernet ports that are great at providing high-speed internet over wired devices. The Gigabit Ethernet port can be used to convert the range extender into an access point.

4.       Intelligent signal indicator

The TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi extender comes with the “Intelligent Signal Indicator” feature that helps you find the best spot to place the extender so that it can cover the widest area and give you the best connectivity.

5.       Easy setup 

The setup process for this extender is relatively straightforward. Just download the TP-Link application, connect to the router, follow the step-by-step instructions for configuration, and you’ll be good to go. Best of all, there’s a RE button that can help you complete the setup with just a tap!

Despite its benefit-rich features, the TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi extender does have its shortcoming. The table highlights the pros and cons of using this device.

Serves its purpose efficientlyHeavier compared to other extenders
Increases Wi-Fi signal coverage by up to 2000sqftHas no pass-through outlet
Easy setup 
2-year warranty 

Devices that are compatible with Ring Chime Pro and Wi-Fi Extender

The Ring Chime Pro and the TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi extender both have a few devices that they are compatible with. Here’s a thorough list of the devices they support:

Ring Chime ProTP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi Extender
Ring Video DoorbellRing devices
Ring Video Doorbell 2/3/3 Plus/Pro/EliteAmazon Echo
Ring Peephole CamiPhone
Indoor CamSamsung Galaxy
Stick Up CamAndroid devices
Spotlight CamCompatible OS: Linux, Windows, macOS, and NetWare.
Floodlight Cam 

Settling the debate

Given all the above information, the Ring Chime Pro vs. Wi-Fi Extender debate can only be settled on an individual basis. This means the final decision about which product to purchase entirely depends on the type of facilities you are looking for and the devices you already have in your home.

For example, if you are only looking to extend your Wi-Fi signals throughout your home for better internet connectivity, and you have the Ring Alarm System already in use, the Wi-Fi extender might be the better choice for you.

On the other hand, if you think you will benefit from the additional features that Ring Chime Pro offers, and the hefty price tag is not a problem, then opting for the Ring Chime Pro might be well-suited for you. Given the benefits and drawbacks of both devices mentioned above, the decision is yours.

Concluding my thoughts on Ring Chime Pro vs. Wi-Fi Extender

The bottom line is that before making the decision about which product to purchase, it is vital to do some research. Knowing your needs and purchasing a product that is best suited for your home and your family is the wisest thing to do. I hope this article was able to inform you well enough to make a thorough decision on whether to purchase Ring Chime Pro or a Wi-Fi Extender!

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