Is Your Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue? This Is What It Indicates!


Smart doorbells by Ring are pretty easy to use, which is why the company and other companies refer to them as ‘smart.’ However, in some scenarios, they can be confusing regarding the signals they give off. This confusion is most commonly related to the LED light on the device that is fixated near the device’s lower end.

This light is a part of your smart doorbell to give you vital information about your Ring Doorbell and its operations. The different colors, patterns and combinations of this LED light can make it challenging to understand the exact message that is being transmitted to you. This could especially happen if you are a new user and if you have never heard or read about this feature before.

It is often common for many users to spot their Ring Doorbell flashing blue with different patterns and at different intervals, leaving them confused about what is going on. Is it something they need to worry about? Did they do something wrong? Is their device stuck? Or is it just charging? Let us, in detail, help you answer these questions and more that may arise in your mind whenever your Ring Doorbell starts flashing blue.

Why is my Ring doorbell flashing blue?

Your Ring Doorbell flashes blue when it tries to tell you something about what the device is doing. However, this message varies based on the timing, speed, pattern (solid or blinking) and the portion of the LED circle that is lighting up.

You might notice the following patterns on your Ring Doorbell. Each pattern and way of moving tells you something unique and requires varying actions from your side. Following are all LED patterns and combinations we have noticed, with explanations of what they mean.

Ring doorbell flashing a blue spinning light

When your device flashes a blue light that spins, it means that someone at your doorstep has pressed the button. It initiates a notification to your Ring App to notify you of the action.

You or your visitors might also observe that the spinning blue light on your device stays there for a few seconds before disappearing. Until it disappears, the button cannot be pressed again. This is a feature that the company incorporated to allow the device to save up battery and also to save you from spamming rings on your doorbell.

Ring doorbell flashing a solid blue light

This solid blue light on your Ring Doorbell means that two-way audio has been activated. This light will appear when you connect to your Ring Doorbell or answer a call. When this happens, it will mean that your doorbell speaker is turned on and someone has connected to the device, enabling them to listen.

Why is the solid blue light not turning off on Ring doorbell?

 You may find at times that the solid blue light on your smart doorbell does not go away. This could happen for the following two reasons:

  • If your doorbell doesn’t turn off even after you have answered your doorbell’s notification.
  • If your doorbell is hardwired. (the light is white in this case, though)

How do I turn off the blue light on my Ring doorbell?

In some scenarios, the blue light turns off on its own. However, if it does not, you can try switching off the device and removing its battery for about 15-60 seconds. Switch it on and re-connect to your network. Test it briefly by ringing the doorbell and answering the notification by turning the video and mic on. If the issue still persists, you are suggested to factory reset your doorbell. Follow the following steps if you don’t know how to factory hard reset your Ring Doorbell:

  • Look for an orange button at the back of your device.
  • Press and hold this button for about 20 seconds.
  • Release the button after 20 seconds.
  • Leave the device to complete the reset for approximately 5 minutes.

Moreover, if you have a hardwired Ring Doorbell installed, it is worth noting that its solid light would remain lit at all times. Hardwired Ring Doorbells have a constant supply of power which allows them to stay lit always. The LED light that indicates this is usually white.

Ring doorbell with a blue light flashing at the top

This blue flashing light could mean several different things. First, if you’re just setting up your doorbell, a blue light at the top means that you’ve entered the incorrect password for your WiFi. Second, it may also simply indicate that the device is charging.

Third, this could also mean that your device isn’t receiving enough voltage or power, which is why it is not charging properly. To avoid facing this problem, ensure that your device is charged sufficiently at all times. The issue could lie within the device itself also. In that case, you should get it checked to see if a replacement is necessary.

Ring doorbell flashing a blue upward-moving light

When your device flashes a blue light which then moves upward and fills up the entire LED circle, it means that the device is attempting to connect to a WiFi connection. Ignore this if you are trying to set it up with your WiFi network, but if this happens at other times, there may be an issue with your WiFi connection.

Ring doorbell flashing blue light (1 Second Off- 1 Second On)

You may observe these flashing blue lights at one-second intervals on your device at times. This means that your device is rebooting or starting.

Be mindful in differentiating regular intervals from irregular ones, though.

Ring doorbell flashing blue light (at irregular intervals)

If your Ring Doorbell flashes a blue light at irregular intervals, it is most likely that your device is stuck in a boot loop. If this does not stop, you might want to restart, or factory reset your device. If either of these actions does not seem to fix the problem, you may need to contact the company and replace your device.

Ring doorbell flashing 4 blue lights

When your Ring Doorbell flashes four segments of blue lights, which is followed by a complete white circle, the device is trying to communicate to you that the setup process has been completed successfully.

Ring doorbell rapidly flashing blue then white.

Short and quick flashes of blue LED light, followed by a white spinning circle, simply indicate that a factory hard reset on your device is being completed. Don’t worry; just wait for a while and let the device complete the hard reset.

Should my Ring doorbell flash blue when charging?

Yes, you will usually observe a flashing blue light on your device when you plug it in for a battery recharge. However, this blue charging light on your device tends to vary for different ring doorbell models.

  • Ring Doorbell 1st or 2nd Generation: These devices are charged by plugging the charger directly to the charging port of the device. The device starts flashing blue when it is charging and will slowly fill up the circle as the battery life increases. Once it is fully charged, you will see a solid blue light circle on your Ring Doorbell.
  • Battery-powered Ring Doorbells: These devices, such as the Ring Doorbell 2 or 3, have a removable battery, which you must charge directly after removal from the device. Once removed, the blue lights stop flashing on the device.
  • Hardwired Ring Doorbells: These devices, such as the Ring Doorbell Pro, are hardwired and are charged directly from the power source automatically when required. Charging may take several hours, during which you can expect to see the top half of your device’s ring light lit up. After the device charges completely, the blue light will disappear.

What if I can’t see the lights on my Ring doorbell?

You will most likely be facing this issue because of the high beams of the sun that make it hard for you to spot the light on your device, let alone recognize its patterns to comprehend the message correctly.

You can use an anti-glare mount to shield your device from the sun’s scorching glare and even protect it from light rainfall. You can use other types of covers as well, or just re-position your device to ensure that it stays covered under a roof away from the sun.

How do I turn off the flashing blue light on Ring doorbell?

Currently, you cannot disable or turn off the flashing LED lights of your Ring Doorbell. However, you can try out some other DIY methods, like covering the light with a tape or any other opaque material to block the flashing lights.

Even though this feature is meant to help users and notify them of important things related to their device, some users may find it irritating or annoying. They may feel that these lights notify others, making their device an easy target for theft. This may be more troublesome for owners that own hardwired Ring Doorbells. Unfortunately for these people, Ring currently does not allow its clients to disable the flashing lights altogether.

Why is my Ring chime flashing blue light?

Inherently, your Ring Chime should be showing a solid blue light to indicate that it is operating correctly. When it isn’t receiving power, the light switches off entirely. On the other hand, if it starts flashing, this is what could be happening:

  • The device is installing an automatic update.
  • The device is attempting to connect to a WiFi network.
  • The device is trying to reboot.
  • The device is entering setup mode.

Now that you have a complete and comprehensive understanding of what the blue light on your Ring Doorbell means let’s address some other questions that users commonly have regarding the subject.

What does Ring doorbell look like when charging?

While your device is charging, the Ring on it will start filling up with a blue light as the battery life keeps increasing. Once it is fully charged, you will see a solid blue light.

For hardwired doorbells, you will observe the top half of your light illuminated while the device is charging. Once done, the blue light will disappear.

Does the blue light on Ring stay on?

The blue light on your battery-powered device will not stay on, but it will stay on for your hardwired device. It would be best to keep in mind that the constant light on a hardwired device is white, not blue. Only hardwired Ring Doorbells stay lit at all times because they have a direct power source, while the battery-powered devices attempt to save their battery and only use lighting sequences and patterns instead.

There are a couple of cases when your Ring Doorbell’s light might stay on:

  • When you are connected to a call via the device, the light stays blue until you hang up.
  • When your device’s battery is fully charged, the device will display a blue light until you remove the charger.

Why is my Ring doorbell flashing red?

A flashing or a solid light on your Ring Doorbell indicates that your device needs to be charged immediately. Plug in your device or battery and charge your device. Once it starts charging, the red light will turn into a spinning blue light.

What are the 3 red dots on Ring doorbell?

Flashing red lights indicate that your device’s battery is low. However, you might spot 3 red dots on your device’s LED at night. These 3 dots mean that the device has activated IR night vision.

Be careful in distinguishing between this sequence and the one that gives an indication of low battery.

How often does Ring doorbell need to be charged?

This depends on usage and on how often your device detects motion. If this is many times a day, you may find that your battery dies out faster. Keep a check on your battery level via the Ring application on your phone.

The charging time for your devices varies between 5 to 10 hours. It can take up to five hours if charged using a 2.1 amp charger and ten hours if charged using a 1.0 amp charger. Take this into consideration while monitoring your battery levels or planning to charge.

Bottomline on Ring doorbell flashing blue!

By and large, Ring Doorbells are considered to be very user-friendly and handy devices as they do not require high maintenance, and they do the job just fine. However, many users face a problem in decoding the messages that the sequential patterns of the 3 lights- red, blue and white- displayed by the device.

After reading through this article, you can expect to quickly comprehend each blue light pattern without worrying about what might be going on with your device. You’re good to go!

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