Does the Ring Doorbell Ring Inside the House?

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The Ring Doorbell by Amazon comes with many features and employs a unique system of giving alerts. This system is well-understood by most people out there. Still, many face problems in understanding the sound system integrated into the Ring Doorbell.  Understanding this mechanism can be confusing if you are doing your research yourself before or after installing one. The most commonly asked question regarding this is: ‘Does the Ring Doorbell ring inside the house?’

You need to be aware of many things to answer that question for your specific model or version of the Ring Doorbell. Keep reading to have a comprehensive understanding of your Ring Doorbell and its mechanics.

Does the Ring Doorbell ring inside the house?

The answer is yes, and no. This feature will differ for a battery powered and a hardwired Ring Doorbell. Doorbells that are sourced 100% from a battery will not ring inside the house. Doorbells that are completely hardwired will ring inside the house. And doorbells that are a combination of hardwiring and battery will ring inside the house as well.

Let’s take a closer look at what actually differentiates Ring Doorbells and heavily impacts the ringing sound you expect to hear from a doorbell.

How does the Ring Doorbell get powered?

Identifying the power source for your Ring Doorbell is essential in determining whether your device’s sound can be heard. Your smart device can either be hardwired or battery powered. Following are some general rules about Amazon’s Ring Doorbells.

What are battery powered Ring Doorbells?

Doorbells that are entirely sourced from battery power will be audible outside your house but will not ring inside. Your device could have a removable battery (such as in Ring Video Doorbell 3) or one that is hidden inside and isn’t visible (such as in Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation). 

Battery powered doorbells that are also hardwired to your home’s power supply get charged mildly from it but use their batteries as the primary source of power. This is why they may need to be charged after some time.

What are hardwired Ring Doorbells?

Hardwired doorbells ring inside the house and can be heard while you’re in the house. A hardwired device means that your smart doorbell is connected to your home’s power supply via internal wiring. Such a doorbell may entirely be hardwired without any battery (such as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro), or it may be hardwired with and have an internal battery pack as well (such as the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation).  As mentioned before, a combination of battery packs and hardwiring may require charging from time to time because these devices are primarily sourced from the battery.

Why does my Ring Doorbell not ring inside the house?

There could be several reasons why your smart doorbell isn’t ringing inside. One thing that you need to be clear about is that if a battery pack entirely sources your device, it will not ring inside. If it is hardwired to your home’s wiring or a combination, here are a few possible reasons why you might be facing this issue.

  • Your smart doorbell is disconnected from the WiFi.
  • Your device isn’t wired correctly.
  • Your doorbell isn’t set up in your Ring application.
  • Your device’s battery isn’t sufficiently charged.
  • The transformer of your device may be worn out.
  • Cold weather is negatively impacting your doorbell’s performance.
  • Your internal chime is not compatible with your Ring Doorbell.

How do I get my Ring Doorbell to ring inside?

To get your Ring Doorbell to ring inside your house, you first need to identify the issue you are facing. Check the list mentioned above to determine what problem your device might be facing. Once identified, you can use any of the following solution(s) to fix your problem and get your Ring Doorbell to ring inside your house.

What to do if your Ring Doorbell is disconnected from WiFi?

Read the following steps to know how to re-connect your Ring Doorbell to WiFi:

  • Open the ring application.
  • You will see three lines at the top left corner. Tap that.
  • Tap ‘Devices.’
  • Choose the doorbell you wish to re-connect or check for WiFi connectivity.
  • Tap ‘Device Health’. If your device isn’t connected, you can ‘Re-connect to WiFi’ using your network’s password. If it’s connected, it will show ‘Change WiFi network.’

What to do if your Ring Doorbell isn’t wired correctly?

Suppose you have recently set up your smart doorbell and never enabled the internal Chime kit. In that case, you can check out wiring diagrams from Ring here to pick the configuration you would want.

What to do if your Ring Doorbell’s battery isn’t sufficiently charged?

Ensure that you are fully aware that battery powered or combination doorbells run primarily on battery packs inside them; the hardwiring component provides a minimal amount of power. Hence, you must make sure that your battery is sufficiently charged at all times because if it isn’t, you will not hear your doorbell ring inside your house.

Fully charging the battery can take up between 6 to 8 hours. Setting up and using the device for other settings can significantly drain the battery. Monitoring your battery levels is one of the first things you should do if you stop hearing your Ring Doorbell inside the house. Here is how you can check the battery level of your doorbell:

  • Open the Ring application.
  • You will see three lines on the top left corner. Tap that.
  • Tap ‘Devices.’
  • Choose the device you want to check.
  • Tap the ‘Device Health’ tile.
  • Check your device’s ‘Battery Percentage’ from here.

What to do if your Ring Doorbell’s transformer is worn out?

Contact a licensed electrician. These people can examine your device and guide you about the replacement or repair of its transformer.

Cold weather can negatively impact the performance of your Ring Doorbell. Here’s what you can do:

Battery-powered Ring Doorbells need a secure charging source to ensure that the device’s low battery levels do not compromise the functions of your device. The problem with charging them arises when the temperatures start lowering to extreme levels. These extreme temperatures make it difficult for your device’s battery to gain a sufficient amount of charge. Figures that you need to be wary of are: -5°F (-20.5°C), 32°F (0°C) and 36°F (3°C).

Preventative measures are the solution to this issues. Firstly, make sure that your smart doorbell’s battery is fully charged always. Devices that are charged fully have lesser probabilities of operating ineffectively. Secondly, try to always charge your device inside the house, using a direct USB cord under these weather conditions. The heat from the cord will be transferred to your device and lessen the effect of the cold temperatures. Lastly, be attentive and proactive. Whenever you notice the weather conditions worsening or bordering around the figures stated before, be quick in taking action and following the previous two steps.

Note: Remember that a battery powered Ring Doorbell only rings inside on its own if it is hardwired as well.

Do you need a chime with Ring Doorbell?

You don’t need a chime with your hardwired or combination Ring Doorbells merely to hear them ring inside your house; it isn’t a requirement. You can still hear your doorbell ring inside on these devices.

However, you will need to install a chime kit to hear the doorbell ring inside the house for fully battery powered doorbells. These doorbells will only ring on the outside. It might be a good idea to get a chime for your battery powered device if it can’t be hardwired.

What does the chime do with Ring Doorbell?

The chime is an add-on for your smart doorbell (and all other Ring devices) to enhance your experience with the device. You can install it in any part of your house. From there, it sends you an alert whenever someone rings your smart doorbell or whenever the device wishes to alert you regarding something.

Different chime kits come with different features. You will need to check a chime kit’s compatibility with your particular device before buying one, though. Fortunately, Ring gives you various options to choose from for every one of their smart doorbells.

Does the Ring Doorbell make a sound?

Yes, the Ring Doorbell makes a sound when a visitor presses its button. A sound is heard inside (for hardwired, combination, and chime kit compatible battery powered devices) and outside (for all doorbells) by the visitor as well.

The volume of the sound heard can be altered, but you cannot change the sound itself for a doorbell. However, if you use a chime, you can choose one of the many chimes available for the device. To change the sound heard outside, you will need to install a chime outside your house on a socket as well.

Does the Ring Doorbell ring on your phone?

Yes, suppose you have set up the Ring application on your smartphone and enabled notifications for the app. In that case, you will receive alerts from the device through the application’s servers. You can choose how you wish to receive alerts and notifications from the app on your smartphone- the sound, the banners, and etcetera.

Concluding my thought on does the Ring doorbell ring inside the house!

The Ring Doorbell rings inside the house, and there is so much you can do with it- the company gives you many customization options to choose from. Just make sure that you are well aware of the model and other specifics of your Ring Doorbell to have a complete understanding of your Ring doorbell’s features and capabilities.

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