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A ring doorbell is one of the critical elements needed in a household. Knocking is an option, but you’d have to be Thor to make someone hear you when they are not close enough to the door. Ring Doorbells are great for security, to see and listen to who is outside your house before letting them enter. Installing a Ring doorbell on an uneven surface is not easy, but not impossible either. For example, installing something as rigid as a ring doorbell can be tricky if you have a brick wall. With a few adjustments and using some of your common sense, you should be able to install it.

How to mount a Ring doorbell on an uneven surface?

  1. Find a mount cover or buy one: If you want to install a ring doorbell on an uneven surface, you need to create a flat base first. For that, buy a mount cover or use one at home. It should be on the same side as your Ring doorbell.
  2. Mark the screw holes: Now, take your ring doorbell and mark the screw holes on the covermount. This will help you with precision when you install it on your wall.
  3. Make sure the screws don’t screw with you: It is better to get screws with a flat head so that your ring doorbell secures easily to the mount. Another handy tip is getting longer screws. This will help you with the uneven surface adjustment.
  4. Install it on the protruded area: The area that is more protruded out will help ensure that your ring doorbell is straight. If you, do it on a bent inwards site, it might be slighted or very tilted.
  5. Connect the wires: It does not matter what wire you connect to which screw. Just make sure the cables do not touch each other.
  6. Secure the doorbell: Next, just secure the doorbell on the mount and make sure it sits on it perfectly. You will see tabs on it. Line them with your ring doorbell. Then push it hard into them. Make sure to screw the security screws, which are usually below the bell. This will ensure that your ring doorbell does not fall off.

Does a Ring doorbell need to be on a flat surface?

No, a ring doorbell does not need to be on a flat surface. It is all about making adjustments while mounting your ring doorbell. It does not matter how narrow, wide, or uneven the surface is. It matters how you work with its technicalities.

You can get a ring doorbell installation kit that comes with all the essentials. The tools include:

  1. A Mount
  2. Wedge
  3. Level

Make sure that when you place it on an uneven surface, the camera view is not compromised.

Can you mount Ring doorbell on an angled surface?

Yes! You can mount a ring doorbell on an angled surface. You will need a wedge and a corner kit to make the process easier.

Some helpful steps to install a ring doorbell on an angled surface:

  • Corner kits: You will get a tilt which is 30-40 degrees. These also work amazingly if you want to get a broader view.
  • Leave the door, mount it on the wall: Sometimes, it is much better to mount it on the wall instead of the door. It all depends on the surface.
  • Wedge kits: This can be stacked based on the amount of tilt that works best for you. This kit will allow a vertical slant.
  • Using the door: Rather than a narrow surface or an angled one, mounting it on a door can really work in your favor. This applies if the other options are very turned.
  • Ring pro to the rescue: For a smaller width, a ring pro is an excellent option for you. The width is a comparison to the ring doorbell. If you have a very narrow space, this will be a great option for you.

Can you mount a Ring doorbell sideways?

You can mount the Ring doorbell sideways, but because there is a lack of configuration settings. The mounting process is not different from doing it upright. Just a few adjustments will be needed. Also, because you can’t change the settings, you might have to tilt your head sideways. On the plus side, you will get a wider view.

Does the Ring doorbell work horizontally?

Absolutely! There is no issue if you want to mount the ring doorbell sideways. The only catch is that, for now, it does not have any configuration to rotate the video. One way or the other, you will be viewing a 90-degree angle video.

The good news is that the motion detectors are pretty great. These detect motion that goes to 180 degrees horizontally and from 5-30 feet facing outwards of the fixture. Vertical movements are not as sensitive as compared to the vertical ones.

Can you install a Ring doorbell on PVC?

You can install a ring doorbell on PVC. But the kit does not come in handy when installing the bell on a PVC. Self-tapping screws, wedges, and a corner mount will come in handy. If you use silicon on the base plate, make sure not to use it on the Ring doorbell directly.

It is easier to work with a PVC door compared to a brick or wood surface. Usually, the kit that comes with a ring doorbell has numerous T6 screws. It also comes with a screwdriver that has a T6 tip, along with adhesive, a drill, and a mounting bracket. All of these are not useful when trying to install a ring doorbell on PVC.

Can you install a Ring doorbell on PVC?

  1. Self-tapping screw method: This method comes in useful when working with material that you can access from only one side. They can work with all versions of the doorbell too.
  2. Position: For a full-body view, measure where you want to place it, and it is ideal for placing it roughly 4 feet above the ground.
  3. Thread forming and thread cutting: These are the two methods in the self-tapping screw category.
  4. Pilot Hole: Drill a pilot hole before installing it in to make the process easier.
  5. Place it on: Place the base on the desired location.
  6. Please mark it: Mark out the holes of the base plate.
  7. Fit it on: If you prefer the thread cutting method, drive in the baseplate, or drill in the pilot holes. You also have other sets of options:
  8. Wedge and corner mount: Another option is to use the wedge and corner mounts. Keep in mind the location and shape of the frame of your UPVC surface. For example, if it is wedge-shaped or if the door is inset. Next, use wedge and corner mounts for proper positioning. This will help you get a clear view of good security.
  9. Adhesive method: The adhesive method, which is the no-drill method, as mentioned above, can also be used.
  10. Use Silicon: You can also use silicon on the base plate. Be very careful and do not use the silicon directly on the Ring doorbell. This is because the device generates heat and an outlet is essential for that.
  1. Placement: First, place it on your desired location.
  2. Silicon application: Run a thin layer of silicon on the edges of the baseplate.
  3. Securing: Once it is dry, then just mount the baseplate onto the location and then fit in the ring doorbell.

Can you fit a Ring doorbell to a UPVC door frame?

It is easier to fit a ring doorbell to a UPVC door frame than a wooden or brick surface. The best option, in this case, would be to go with the wireless ring doorbell model. You can use several methods to fit a ring doorbell to a UPVC surface.

How do you install a Ring doorbell without a drill?

A perfect way to avoid holes in your door or wall is to go with the no-drill method.

  1. Use the specific model: You will have to purchase the Ring doorbell video 2020 release model for the no-drill method. You cannot use the first generation or any other model to require a drill for installation.
  2. Clean: Wipe the surface clean before you put on the double-sided adhesive.
  3. Smooth Surface: It is best to install the ring doorbell on a smooth surface rather than an uneven or a brick surface when it comes to the no-drill method.
  4. Double-sided adhesive: The double-sided adhesive will be your alternative for the drill to help it securely fit on the mount. First, use the double-sided adhesive to attach the mount to the surface and then secure the ring doorbell firmly onto it. Use the adhesive for the ring doorbell as well.
  5. Waterproof: The adhesive is waterproof, so you will not need to worry if it’s raining.

Can you install Ring on the door frame?

You can definitely install a ring doorbell onto a frame. If you have the 2020 release model, then you can install it without a drill. If not, then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose where to place it: Choose where you want to place it. 4 feet above the ground is the most suitable to get a full-body view.
  2. Mark it: Mark the holes of the baseplate onto the surface.
  3. Screw it (literally): Screw in the screws and securely place them on the baseplate. After that, firmly place the ring doorbell. Lastly, secure the screws below to secure it on completely.

You can also use other methods that are mentioned above, depending on the surface of your door.

How do you mount Ring doorbell on a narrow door frame?

Using a Wedge Kit:

  1. Choose location: Pick where you want to install the ring doorbell. Then, to ensure that you install it straight, hold your level above the mount. Mark a line on your narrow door frame for additional precision.
  2. Drill it: At the top or bottom of your mount, screw in the screws using the drill or screwdriver that came in the kit.
  3. Secure it: Secure it onto the wedge mount and turn it on to see if you get the desired view.
  4. Adjust the angle if you do not like it: The wedge kit has three spacers which give you the liberty to adjust the angle. You can use one or even two wedges to get your desired angle. You can keep these in place by using longer screws.
  5. Corner Kit: This works best for the Ring doorbell two pro model and also most other models. You have to do similar steps you do with the wedge kit with just one difference:
  6. Stackable mounts: These provide you with the best option when it comes to adjusting the view. You can add multiple mounts to get the desired view.

What is the best place to install a Ring doorbell?

The best place to mount it is:

  • The walkway
  • The surrounding areas of your door
  • A clean, smooth surface
  • An uneven surface would need adjustments

For the best view:

  • 48 inches above: If you install the ring doorbell 48 inches above the ground, the motion sensors in it will work at their best!
  • Corner Kit: This will work best to get you a wider horizontal angle if you need it.
  • Wedge Kit: This is your best option to get a wider angle that is vertical.
  • Test it out: To ensure it is installed in your desired place, you should test the video. You can also see what motion is the ring doorbell able to detect where you have installed it.

Wrapping up my thoughts on installing Ring doorbell on uneven surface!

You have an array of options when it comes to installing a ring doorbell on an uneven surface. The ring doorbell gives you multiple tools in the kit to work with different textures and places. There are also so many ways you can install it. So, familiarize yourself with the surface and then choose a method.

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